The Return, Chapter Twelve

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Author: Little Slayer
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Title:  The Return
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Rating: NC-17!!!  Warning, this has consensual sex between two characters.  B/Aus.  Do Not Read If You Are Unable.  No flames for that part, ‘cause it’s your own fault if you read it and it disturbed you.
Author’s Note:  Sequel to The End.
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Dedication:  To Paul.  Enjoy, I wrote it special for you. J

Chapter Twelve  (sheesh this thing’s long)

        She couldn’t believe it.  He was dead.  Buffy stalked through the night, unsure of where to go.  She had already decided that the second she laid eyes on Spike he’d be dust, so going to the apartment she shared with him and Drusilla was out.  *Where to go, where to go…* Buffy thought idly.  She wondered around until loud music pulled her from her shocked stage and she realized she was near the Bronze.  *I wonder if Angel’s old apartment is still there.*  She walked past the Bronze and towards the building where Angel’s old apartment was and stared at the main door.  *Well, only one way to find out.*  Slowly and hesitantly, Buffy opened the door and made her way downstairs.
        The apartment was almost exactly how she remembered it, only with less furniture.  The bed was still there, but Buffy had already known that from the night she spent with Angel before she was sent to hell.  The lights didn’t work, but that didn’t bother Buffy much.  She was too exhausted to care.  Just as a precaution, Buffy pulled a long shelf from the wall and secured it under the door handle, then she crawled into Angel’s old bed, falling into a restless sleep.


        Buffy was tired and sore from a long day of work.  Slowly, she entered her apartment, the one she shared with Angelus, and shut the door behind her.  She heard the water running in the bathroom.
        “Angelus!” she yelled.
        “What?” came the muffled reply.
        “Hurry up in there, I’m tired and sore and want to take a long, hot shower,” she yelled back.
        “Fine!  Give me five more minutes!”  Grumbling something inaudible about Angelus always using up all the hot water, Buffy plopped down on the couch and laid down on her stomach.  “I’m out.”  The sudden words pulled her from the light sleep that had crept up on her.  Buffy looked up at Angelus, who was standing by the doorway in a towel.  His hair and body were wet from the shower and the lights from the kitchen seemed to make him glow.  Buffy grunted a reply.  “Oh, poor Slayer.  Hard day at work?”
        “If you can call helping demons keep other demons chained up work,” she grumbled.  He chuckled and then disappeared into his room, only to emerge in a pair of black pants that hung right at his hips.  Buffy cracked open an eye and glared at him through it as he made his way towards her with a bottle in his hand.  “What’s that?”
        “Just something that might help you relax,” he replied lightly.  “Only for it to work, you have to take off your shirt.”
        “You wish,” she muttered.
        “I promise it’ll help and that I’ll behave,” Angelus said.
        “And your promise means what to me?” Buffy asked.
        “Okay, you trust me this once, and I’ll take over for you for a week.”
        “Make it two and you’ve got a deal,” Buffy said.
        “What do you want two weeks off for?” Angelus demanded.
        “I want to brush up on my magic.  So, do we have a deal?”
        “Fine.”  Buffy smirked victoriously and then straightened up a bit.  “What do you want me to do?”
        “Uh, take off your shirt and lay down on the floor,” Angelus instructed.  “I’ll even turn my back if it’ll help any.”  Buffy nodded and he turned while she pulled off her tank top.  When she had it off, she tossed it at him, catching him in his head, then positioned herself on the floor.
        “Okay, I’m done,” she said.  Angelus turned and kneeled down by Buffy and poured to cool liquid onto her back.  She gasped at the contrast of his hands and the oil to her skin.  It made her entire body tingle.  As Angelus rubbed the oils against her skin, Buffy could feel herself growing warmer, especially in her core.  *Stop it with the dirty thoughts!* she commanded herself.  *This is Angelus!  Demon!  All though, he is hot…he’s got Angel’s body too.  NO!  Bad thoughts, BAD!*  Angelus trailed his fingers down Buffy’s spine and then to her sides, bringing his fingers up onto her back just centimeters from the edges of her breasts.  Then he pulled her over onto her back.  “What the hell do you think you’re doing!” Buffy demanded.  Angelus simply smirked at her, then leaned his head down to slide his tongue from between her breasts up to the base of her neck.  Then, he kissed up the side of her neck, stopped to suck on the bottom of her earlobe.
        “C’mon Slayer, I know you want it,” he whispered into her ear.  “I can smell it.”  It was true, Buffy did want him, more than she wanted to admit.
        “Only ‘cause I’ve been down here so long,” she protested.  Angelus chuckled.
        “Doesn’t matter why, just that you do,” he said with another smirk.  It vanished the second Buffy wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth to hers, engaging him in a passionate kiss.  She teased him a bit by nudging her knee up towards his manhood as their tongues dueled.  Angelus moaned slightly into her mouth before pulling away from the kiss to move lower.  He cupped one of her breasts in his hands and took the other into his mouth.  Buffy moaned deeply as he moved to the other breast to continue his assault there and then kissed down her stomach.  He swiftly pulled off her pants only to growl at her panties that she had on under them.  Angelus grasped the edge of Buffy’s underwear and pulled them down her hips, then repositioned himself so he could kiss up her inner thigh.  He did that, trailing soft kisses up the inside of her right thigh, skipping over her throbbing maidenhood, and then going down her left thigh.  He could practically feel her frustration, !
so he moved up again and nuzzled his face into her soft curls.  Buffy arched her body as Angelus’s tongue investigated her folds then flicked over her throbbing little bud.  He kept that up, bringing his hand up and inserting two fingers into her.  Buffy wrapped one leg around his neck as Angelus picked up his pace, his fingers slamming into her.
         “Angelus!” Buffy hissed loudly.  Her orgasm snuck up on her then slammed through her body so hard she could see stars.  While Buffy was recovering from her earth shattering orgasm, he slipped out of his boxers and dropped them somewhere behind them.  Angelus entered her quickly and fully, resting only a moment to let her get used to the feeling of him.  Instead of being slow and tender, like it had been with Angel, it was fast and passion-filled.  Buffy wasn’t sure which one she preferred, but at the moment, she knew she liked them both.  Neither said more than groans and moans as the two picked up the pace, meeting each other stroke for stroke, Buffy’s legs wrapped around Angelus’s hips.  Just as he reached the edge, Angelus’s face morphed and Buffy leaned up, offering her neck to him.  As her blood filled Angelus’s mouth, their bodies rocked in twin orgasms.  Sweaty and panting, they collapsed to the floor next to each other.


        Buffy’s eyes opened wide as she woke up from her dream.  It had been so vivid in her mind, that she could still smell the oil that Angelus had poured onto her back.  Then she did something she had never done, she collapsed in tears from grief for the death of a demon.

The next night…

        Buffy walked through the streets of Sunnydale, her mind focused on one thing, vampires.  Slowly, she made her way through the park and found a vampire skulking through the shadows.  As quiet as possible, Buffy stealthily moved behind him.
        “Hello stupid,” she muttered.  As the vampire turned, she slammed down her stake and it entered his heart.  The vampire crumbled to dust.  “Where’s the challenge?  I mean, c’mon, give me something harder to fight.”  The ground shook in what seemed like protest and Buffy looked around wildly.  The entire area around her shook in the earthquake, car alarms going off all over in the distance and Buffy could hear the glass from the stores nearby shattering.  *What a time for an earthquake,* she thought.  *Right at the threat of…*  Buffy’s eyes grew wide.  *Right at the threat of the Hellmouth opening.*  Without another thought, Buffy raced off into the night towards Sunnydale High School, or more importantly the school’s library where the Hellmouth was located.


        Willow looked up at Giles with wide eyes as soon as the ground started to shake.  He nodded a small encouragement and she continued with the spell as several stacks of books fell and the cage collapsed.
        “Yo hablo el demones de inferno, releasan el gemelo!” she yelled.  As suddenly as it started, the shaking stopped.
        “Did it work?” Spike asked.  They looked up at the rubble in the stacks as a shadow stood.
        “Yeah, it worked,” the shadow replied.

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