The Return, Chapter Thirteen

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Title:  The Return
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Rating: PG.
Author’s Note:  Sequel to The End.
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Dedication:  To Paul.  Enjoy!

Chapter Thirteen, The Beginning of The End

        Buffy raced up the street towards the school when the feeling she was being watched fell over her again.  *Okay, stalker-person is out again,* Buffy thought.  She paused in front of the doors, hearing a small rustle to her side, then reached out her hand to grasp the handle.
        “Buffy,” a voice said behind her.  Buffy spun around, stake in hand, ready to kill.  “Hey, wait, it’s just me!”  Buffy’s mind registered the figure in front of her.  Mya.  Buffy’s eyes narrowed.
        “What the hell do you want,” she demanded.  “And get out with it before I kill you.”  Mya’s eyes opened widely.
        “I just, I know you probably don’t believe me about Angelus, just, be careful around him,” Mya said with a pleading voice.  *Hmmm, almost sounds sincere.*
        “He’s dead,” Buffy ground out.  A look of victory passed through Mya’s face, then got covered by fake sorrow.
        “Oh, Buffy, I’m sorry,” she said.
        “Why?  According to you, he raped you,” Buffy shot at her.  Then, before another word could be spoken, Buffy stalked into the school.


Everyone stared as Angelus removed himself from the rubble and stalk threateningly towards Willow and Giles.
        “You know, I’m not really too sure on what the hell you people are on,” he said.  Oz moved closer to Willow, protectively.
        “What do you mean?” the red haired hacker asked nervously.
        “I mean, first you’re all rooting for my death, then that wanker there kills me off and banishes me to hell, and now you guys perform a resurrecting spell,” Angelus said.  “Do you have any idea how dangerous that thing is?”
        “Well, not really,” Willow replied.
        “If you had pronounced one *syllable* wrong, you could’ve opened the Hellmouth yourself!”  His face shifted angrily into his vampiric visage.  “Which might have been the better alternative to what I’m going to do to some of you.”  Willow backed away a few steps.
        “You’re going to kill us?” she squeaked.
        “No, I never said anything about death,” Angelus corrected.  “And you don’t have to worry, Red, you pulled me out of there, so you’re safe.”
        “What happened to the Mr. Happy Angelus?” Angel asked.  “You’re – ”
        “Back to how you remember?” Angelus finished.  Angel nodded.  “Well, you see, when Spiky-Boy offed me, he released the little shred of your soul that was in me.  It feels nice, being a free man again.”  The library doors were pushed open and Buffy stalked in, taking in the damage that had been done to the room.  Angelus’s face visibly lightened.  “Buffy.”  The petite blonde looked up at him, then at Angel, then back at him.
        “Um, I think I missed something here,” she said.
        “You’re *friends* decided they’d like to pull me outta hell,” Angelus explained.  “Don’t really see why, but they did.”
        “He said he was going to kill us,” Xander announced.
        “He’d have wait in line,” Buffy growled.
        “Now I feel like I missed something,” Angelus muttered.
        “She threatened to kill any of us if she saw us any time soon,” Willow said.
        “I thought the Hellmouth was opening, ‘cause of the quake and everything,” Buffy said.  Giles looked up at her, eyes wide.
        “You felt that outside?”
        “Yeah, I was patrolling.  Um, right after I killed off a vamp, the ground started to shake.  I put two and two together and here I am.”  Buffy looked at the room.  “And since there’s no problem I’m going to–”
        “Buffy,” Mya said from the door.  Angelus sunk into the shadows behind him.  Buffy turned to glare at the brunette.
        “What do you want!” she demanded.
        “I wanted to warn you.  When…when it happened, he was talking with Trick about attacking the old factory on Stinson at midnight,” Mya said.  Buffy cocked her head to the side.
        “Thanks for the tip Mya,” she said.  Then some things connected in her brain.  “Mya, go home.  If this happens, you won’t be safe here.”  Mya nodded and slowly left the library.  “Why that lying little bitch.  I’m going to rip her fucking head off.”
        “Huh?” Angel asked.
        “Think about it,” Buffy said.  “In order for this to happen, they need the library.  This is where the Hellmouth will open.”
        “I did hear some things while I was back in hell,” Angelus said.  “Buffy, with astral projection, you can do minor spells, that’s it.  They won’t be able to do this without someone here.”
        “And what better way to get our defenses down, to make it so nobody’s thinking straight than to create a diversion,” Giles said.  “Or to make it so some of the group doesn’t trust anyone else.”  Buffy looked up at the clock.
        “They’ll probably have a whole lot of vamps hiding out,” Angelus remarked.
        “We have four hours ‘till midnight,” she said.  “Spike, how long did it take to make that bomb that we used in Kansas with Kekistoes?”
        “‘Bout an hour,” Spike said.  She smiled up at him.  “I’ll get right on it.”
        “Also, where can we find a whole lot of kerosene and gasoline?” Buffy asked.
        “I can get some,” Spike said.
        “Get to it,” she said.  Spike and Drusilla quickly slipped out of the library and Buffy looked at Giles.  “I have a plan.”
        “Oh great, the blonde one has a plan.  This is gonna be interesting,” Angelus muttered.  Buffy glared at him.  “Okay, what’s this plan?”
        “You gave me a small idea for it,” Buffy started.  “Astral projection.  We set up everything at the factory two hours before midnight, then set up some traps here.  ‘Bout twenty minutes before midnight, we do the astral projection thing here and get to the factory.  Once there, we surround the bomb and when the vamps get there, we run like hell, set it off by remote, and light the kerosene and gas that we’ve poured around it.”  Giles raised a shocked eyebrow.
        “Not that bad of a plan,” he remarked.  Buffy grinned at him.
        “I know.”

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