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These Stories are for adults only. If you are not 18 or above please do not click on the links below. By clicking on the links you are stating you are 18 or Older, are not offended by erotica and sexual material, and reading erotica is legal where you live.   These stories are copyritten by the individual author.  Please contact the individual Author for comments and distribution rights. The newest stories are on the top of the list... see posting dates for most recent!

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The new Uploads to the Archive as of  4/9/00

Brave New World was posted to the list and is available at Kendra Boyles' site at:

The Uploads to the Archive as of  7/27/99

The Return
Author:Little Slayer

Enemies Are To Be Feared
Author:Little Slayer

All Work And No Play
Author:Sarah Heart

I'd Do Anything For Love But I Won't Do That

Wrong Baby

The Study Break
Author:Cydeny Williams this is a Willow/Oz Fic


The End
Author:Little Slayer




Comfortably Numb

Reaping The Rewards

Into The Shadows
Author:Brianna Devlin

Surprise Birthday Present for Mom and Extra Surprise for Me

Taking Hold Of The Future
Author:Katie Hammill

A Typical Day In Sunnydale

Buffy's Valentine Present

In The Beginning
Author:Cloey Marks

Some Other Beginning
Author:Brianna Devlin

The Younger Woman

Piper  Ahn
(link broken)
There's a mischiveous little demon that plays a flute which causes havoc on Buffy's love life.

Chocolate Lust by : Ahn
Summary: Angel decides to get some revenge on the Scooby gang for all the
indignities that he has suffered so far. Problem is, things didn’t quite go as planned... 

Bill and Monica have fun with a cigar!  Azziel Savament
Plot: Spike reads about a cigar.

Chained  Lady Raven
Guilt-ridden at Jenny's death, Buffy ran away to live with relatives after
the events of 'Passion'.  Two and a half years later, Angelus has found her at the worst
possible time.  Buffy must use all her wits-and her body-to save her life and those of her
two friends.

Feel the fever  BY: Lady Raven
 When Buffy battles a succubus, it has an effect on her relationship with
Angel that no one could anticipate.

Mistress Angel stories are excellant and can be found on her site:
(link broken)

The Chesire Cat's Tales he runs toward Slash M/M stuff but it's good:)

Willow The Domiatrix: Careful What You Ask For
Plot, we don't need no stinkin' plot.  Males response to male erotica challenge!

Virgin No More, or Xander's Been A Good Kitten  Lex, who is scared by her own mind.  Really. 
(link broken)
m/f (Xander/Drusilla), oral sex, intercourse

Lullabies  Ahn
The twins are having trouble falling Buffy and Daddy are singing.

The Other Side by Kyra Crown
Buffy's been battling and banging Angelus for months, what  happens when Angel's back and remembers this?

Untitled Smut   Author: Jill
 B/A PWP, a little blood play.

Washing away the past : Lady Raven SUMMARY:
After their return to Sunnydale, Buffy and Angel give each other the comfort and absolution they need.

Wicked Game Mistress Angel

earlier updates:

Games were Made for Two Kyra Crown
SUMMARY:  Buffy has a plan to pay Angel back and gets a little help from a 'friend'

Consequences by Kyra Crown
SUMMARY:  Angelus pays Buffy back for her tryst in his bed in Games Were Made
for Two

TLC I- by Kyra Crown
SUMMARY:  Buffy's tired, Angel rejuvenates her!

TLC II - Aromatherapy by Kyra Crown
SUMMARY:  Angel's hurt and Buffy tries her hand at healing him with some interesting

TLC III -  Steam Heat By Kyra Crown
SUMMARY:  Angel follows Buffy into the shower and...

Hi, Your In Hell! by Azziel Savament
SUMMARY: Angelus is in hell, and makes a little deal.

Demon On My Mind by Lex
CONTENT:  m/f (Buffy/Angelus) semi-nonconsensual intercourse
SYNOPSIS:  The night after "the night after", Buffy runs into her nemisis/lover in an alleyway.  You can figure out what happens next. NOTE:  This is the sequel to "Demon In My Bed", which can be found at The Naughty Slayer, (link broken)

In the arms of sleep by Azziel Savament
Plot: Angelus will drive Buffy insane at any cost. Warning: Tissue Warning! This is really sad, and if you like happy endings, go away now!

The older stories:

Meeting The Demon
(link broken)
Anglus bondage Challenge: Buffy /Angelus

Aramats Stories that are posted to the list are avalible at her site at: 
(link broken)
Check them out!

"Batteries not included" Series  by Azziel Savament  [very humorous!]
(All links broken except Barbie Girl)
Humming  Angel gets a bit horny, and everything that can go wrong,  does.
Murmurs  Buffy's mom hears what  Buffy was doing, but was it really what she thinks?
Mice Make Better Lovers  Buffy and Angel are caught screwing in the movies...
Shut Up, I'm Watching This! What happens after Buffy's mother catches them in the act?
Barbie Girl   Angel is less then fresh, when he is seen by Joyce.
My Little Shirtwaist Fire   Angel is caught by Joyce...what happens?
Mood Swing Buffy and Angel turns the tables on Spike and Drusilla
Trust All Stars Angel is horny when Buffy goes to sleep alone...
Why do I lie  Angel and Buffy have dinner with her mom..sorta

MORE THAN (NOT QUITE) FRIENDS by Snyder's Woman, aka Jennifer Whildin
Cordelia, Willow
(link broken)

Waking Up   Amy
(link broken)
Content:  m/f sex. Willow /Angel.

 Midnight Walk... by Ahn
(link broken)
What can happen when a 1700 century guy takes a midnight walk with a 20th century slayer?  

Salvation By Teri Leigh
Angel and Willow help each other through difficult times.

Expectations By y Tamara
 [Buffy/Spike] consensual sex, oral sex

All Tied Up by Mistress Angel
Yet another try at Angel being the aggressor. Buffy/Angel. Bondage and several bad words.
Mistress Angel's Stories  at were posted to the mailing list.  There are easily found on her web site, check here for them!  They're damned good!
(link to this site is broken)

Telephone Calls By Ahn
(link broken)
Angel gets a bit frisky in Buffy's house...

 The Second Time Is Always Better By Pamela Thompson
In response to the Angel the Aggressor challenge