The Return, Chapter Eleven

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Author: Little Slayer
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Title:  The Return
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Rating: PG.
Author’s Note:  Sequel to The End.
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Dedication:  Saber.  Ha-ha!  I told you someone would die… *EG*

Chapter Eleven

        Whistler pulled away from the mausoleum just as Mya stalked inside.  He pressed his ear, curiously against the door and listened to the exact words that were exchanged.
        “DO IT!” Mya screamed from inside and then stormed out of the room, just as Whistler dove for cover.  *Thank the gods she doesn’t have her powers,* he thought.  He hurried off into the night, in search of Buffy.


“Where the hell are they?” Angelus asked himself angrily after discovering the warehouse was full of vampires.  There had obviously been a small battle there and he could see small trails of blood leading off into the night.  So, he did the last thing he could think of and made his way towards the library.


        Mya padded into the library, her hair tousled and bloody, and several bruises on her face and arms.  Everyone in the room looked up at her and gasped.
        “Oh my god,” Angel said and rushed over to her.  “What happened?”  The second he touched her shoulder, she flinched and scrambled as far away from him as she could.
        “Don’t…I won’t let you hurt me again,” she mumbled.  Then she looked at the others.  “Please, don’t let him…I know you don’t…like me much, but don’t let him do this.”
        “Do what?” Giles asked.  “Angel has been with us all day.”  Mya frowned and looked at Angel, as if something was clearing up for her.
        “Angel?” she asked.
        “Yeah, it’s me.  I won’t hurt you,” he said gently.  Mya broke down with tears.
        “He…he beat me,” she whispered.  “Angelus, he, he caught me before you went to the warehouse.  I heard him talking with Trick and was trying to get away…and he caught me.  He beat me…and…”  Her voice dropped down to a whisper.  “He raped me.”  The room was silent with shock and nobody could take their eyes off of Mya.
        “Mya, I’m so sorry,” Giles said.
        “I’ll kill him,” Angel growled.  “I will rip his fucking head off.  With my bare hands.”
        “No!” Mya said.  “Then he’ll know I talked to you and he’ll just come after me again.”  She backed into the doors then turned, and fled the library.  Angel looked at Giles.
        “What should we do?” he asked.
        “I’m not sure, but we cannot allow him near Buffy.  Who knows what he’ll do to her,” Giles said as the doors flew open and Buffy stalked in.
        “Damned vampires,” she hissed.  “Broke my…what’s up?”
        “Angelus attacked Mya,” Angel said.  Buffy looked up into his chocolate eyes and cocked her head to the side.
        “Did anyone here witness it?” she asked.
        “No, but she said that – ” Xander started.
        “What she said means absolutely nothing.  Doesn’t anyone remember the small little white lie she told last summer?  You know, the one about me dying?  Am I ringing any bells?”  Buffy looked expectantly at them.
        “This looked like something he’d do,” Angel muttered.
        “Oh really?” Buffy replied.  Once again the door was pushed open and Angelus moved silently into the room.
        “Oh, good, I’ve found you,” he said to Buffy.  Ignoring the rest of the room, he turned his back to them and pulled Buffy aside.  “Buff, there’s something you need to know.”
        “Yeah, that you’re a lousy son of a bitch,” Spike growled.  Before Buffy’s eyes, Angelus’s form melted away into dust.  She looked wide eyed at Spike, who was holding a stake and standing right behind where Angelus was standing.
        “You killed him,” she whispered.  Then she glared back up at him, a stake in her hands in a flash.  “You stupid son of a – ”
        “Woah, there is a lot of tension in this room,” Whistler said from the doorway.  “What’s going on?”  He looked from Buffy, who was holding a stake ready to kill Spike, then at Spike, who was also holding a stake.  Then his gaze settled at the pile of dust that was between them.  “And who’s that?”
        “Angelus,” Buffy growled.  “Spike killed him.”  Whistler looked at him with a frown.
        “You did?” Spike nodded.  “Why?”
        “He attacked and raped Mya,” Spike spat.  “I wasn’t going to let him near Buffy.”
        “Wait a sec, attacked and raped *Mya*?  That’s not possible.  I saw them both about ten minutes ago.  Angelus was chained up in a mausoleum by Mya’s vampire groupies, and Mya was stalking off to do whatever.  They were both fine, just a little pissed,” Whistler said.
        “He could have done it in the past ten minutes,” Angel pointed out.  Whistler shook his head.
        “No, he was only released about five minutes after Mya took off,” Whistler told him.  Buffy stared down at what used to be Angelus.
        “I don’t believe it,” she whispered.  “I’ve been around him so long…he can’t be dead.”
        “Well, technically, a vampire is never alive,” Giles pointed out.  Buffy closed her eyes, her fingers gripping her stake so tightly her knuckles turned white.
        “You do the research,” she hissed.  “Call me with an exact time and date of when and where I have to be to kill of Kelvin.  If I see Mya, she’s dead.  If I see Spike, he’s dead.  Hell, if I see any of you and it’s like you’ve been tailing me, there’ll be a lot less Slayerettes around.  Got it?”  Without waiting for a response, Buffy turned on her heels and walked out of the library.

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