The Return, Chapter Ten

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Author: Little Slayer
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Title:  The Return
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Rating: PG.
Author’s Note:  Sequel to The End.
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Chapter Ten, The Untitled Chapter

        Angelus paced in the library.  Buffy was supposed to be there ten minutes ago and frankly, the people he was surrounded by were creeping him out.
        “Could this be any more boring?” he muttered.
        “Well, you could stand over there and we could use you for a dart board,” Xander suggested and pointed by the doors.
        “Or you could stand over here and I could break your neck,” Angelus retorted.
        “You wouldn’t touch me,” Xander said confidently.  “If you do, Buffy’ll kill you.”
        “Really?  Would you care to make a wager on that?” Angelus asked.  “I think that she could care less.  But then again, spending three hundred years with someone really helps you forget all of the little people you used to know.”
        “So, were you and Buffy close?” Willow asked.
        “If we weren’t, I wouldn’t be here.  I’d be out helping Kelvin and you’d all be dead,” he told her matter of factly.
        “Where did Buffy say she had to go?” Giles asked.
        “I’m not sure.  She said her spidey sense was going off the charts and that she was going on a scouting mission.  She took Spike and Dru with her and sent me here.”
        “So…what did you two do in hell?” Cordelia asked.
        “Like…” Cordelia said with a small movement of her hand.
        “Well, whenever we saw each other we’d drop to the ground and fuck like bunnies,” Angelus said in a serious tone.  Angel dropped a book and the library was silent, everyone looking at him.  Xander coughed.  “I’m lying.  We’ve never done that…not that it wouldn’t be fun, but she’s not my type.  She’s too arrogant and stuck-up, not to mention irritating.  Everything she does it right.  And everything I do is wrong.  Well, that and the whole Slayer/vampire thing.”  He looked directly at Angel.  “Not that that’s ever stopped her before.”
        “What’s never stopped me before?” Buffy asked as she, Dru, and Spike walked into the library.  Angelus smirked at her.  “What have you been telling them?”
        “He said that you guys…slept with each other in hell,” Cordelia supplied.  Buffy raised an eyebrow.
        “No, she’s got it all wrong,” Angelus protested.
        “Oh really?” Buffy asked, not able to keep the sarcastic tone from her voice.
        “Yeah.  I never said we slept with each other.  I said that we dropped to the ground and fucked like bunnies,” Angelus told her with a grin.
        “Numerous times,” Angel said.
        “Lies, all lies,” Buffy said.  “The closest he’s ever gotten to me was when I kicked him between the legs after my 17th birthday.”  Angel and Angelus winced at the memory.
        “Don’t remind me,” Angelus muttered.  Spike cleared his throat.
        “Are we going to get on with this already?  We’ve wasted enough time as it is,” he grumbled.  “I want to go and kill the bad guys.  I don’t really fancy your mate sucking us into hell for all eternity.  The fact he hates you is enough to get my bloody balls chopped off!”
        “Okay, okay, we can go now,” Buffy said with a bored tone.
        “I find it very comforting that you think of this as a walk in the park,” Giles commented.
        “It’s not that…it’s just, when we were on our way here, my spidey sense was going off the charts.  So we went on a little scouting mission, and, well, we saw what looked like Mya meeting with a group of vampires.”  Everyone looked at Buffy, and she continued.  “So we went closer to see what was up, and saw it was our little friend Trick that was with her.”
        “But,” Drusilla said.  “We never got a good look at the girl he was meeting with.  All we know is she’s about the same height and build.”
        “A lot of people have the same height and build,” Angel pointed out.  “You look a lot like Mya.  Same height, same weight, same hair color.”
        “That’s the problem,” Buffy said.  “We can’t be sure.  Just, be on the alert when she’s around.  Something’s up and I intend on finding out what.”  Quickly, the group gathered their weapons and left the library.


        Buffy paced in the library.  Her arm throbbed and her hair was dancing across her face; she ignored them both and glanced again from the clock to the doors.  It had been almost ten minutes since they had escaped.  She still couldn’t figure out how the vampires knew that they were coming.  It was as if someone had told them.  Buffy shook her head, she didn’t like the idea of a traitor in the group.  She turned her back to the doors and peeled off her jacket.  Fresh blood oozed down her arm and she noticed several bruises on the other arm.  Her wrist was sore and she could barely use her right shoulder.  *I got hurt worse than I thought,* Buffy thought to herself.  She knew she should probably bandage everything quickly before the others saw; they always went nuts when she hurt herself badly.  Taking in a deep breath, pressed her left hand against her shoulder to see if it was broken.  Tears fell from the corners of her eyes from the pain and she pulled out some bandages from t!
he first aide kit on the counter.  Since it wasn’t broken, she wrapped it carefully and then made it so her arm would sit against her side.  Then she slipped her jacket onto her shoulders and began to pace again.  The first to enter the library were Spike and Dru.  Buffy went over to them and looked them over for any serious damage.
        “You two okay?” she asked.
        “Yeah.  And you?” Dru asked.  Buffy sighed and decided she shouldn’t hide anything from the two vampires.
        “I’ve been better,” Buffy said and let her jacket slip off of her shoulders.
        “My god, are you alright?” Spike asked.
        “Nothing’s broken, at least, I don’t think anything’s broken.  My shoulder hurts like hell and I can barely move it, other than that, just a few cuts and bruises,” Buffy told them.  “Don’t tell the others.”
        “Then you’d better be putting on your coat, ducks,” Spike told her.  “They’re almost here.”  Buffy put on her jacket again and stood silently as her battered friends walked into the library.  She looked over them and realized it was a miracle that they made it with their lives.  She made a quick head count to see if everyone was there.  *Okay, I’m here, so’s Spike, Dru, Whistler, Giles, Xander, Cordy, Willow, Oz, Angel, and…* Buffy frowned and looked counted again.  *Me, Spike, Dru, Whistler, Giles, Cordy, Willow, Oz, Angel, and…*
        “Has anyone seen Angelus?” Buffy asked quietly.  Several heads shook no.
        “We were talking Buffy,” Giles said.  “Nobody has seen him since earlier tonight.  He wasn’t in battle with the rest of us.”
        “In fact, he disappeared right before we left,” Angel said.  She looked at them.
        “What are you saying?” she asked.
        “Buffy, they knew we were coming,” Giles told her.  “Someone told them.”  She looked at him and then at the faces who refused to meet her gaze.
        “If you’re going to accuse my *friend* of something, come out and say it Giles,” Buffy told him.  Her voice lost the tenderness it held moments earlier when she was making sure Drusilla and Spike were safe.
        “We think he warned them,” Angel told her.
        “He wouldn’t do that,” Buffy protested.
        “He’s a demon,” Xander said.
        “He’s my friend,” Buffy said again.  “He wouldn’t do that to me.”
        “I lived with him in my head for a hundred years Buffy,” Angel said quietly.  “You have no idea what he’s capable of.”
        “He’s changed.”
        “Obviously not enough,” Angel said.  Buffy lifted her face and stared him coldly in the eyes.  She then let her gaze travel around the room and found nobody looking at her.
        “Do you have any proof?” she asked.
        “The prophecy,” Oz responded.
        “Do you care to elaborate or are you just gonna leave it at that?” Buffy asked sarcastically.
        “‘And one the Slayer is connected to shall betray her and she shall die,’” Angel said, quoting the old book.  She raised an eyebrow.
        “‘And one the Slayer is connected to,’” she said.  “And in rough translation, it means someone I know who knows that I’m the Slayer.”
        “It could mean that,” Giles murmured after a few moments.
               “‘But prophecies are tricky creatures. They don't tell you everything,’” Buffy whispered.  “The Master told me that before he killed me.  If I hadn’t gone down there, he wouldn’t have been able to leave.  Now you are accusing my friend of doing something that anyone could have done.  We barely got away with our lives.  I suggest that you read more thoroughly about this prophecy, then get back to me.  That is, if I’m still talking to you.”
               “You can’t just do that,” Giles protested.
        “Watch me,” Buffy said and pushed her way through Giles and Angel.  Angel reached out to stop her and grabbed her right shoulder.  Buffy cried out in pain and whipped her body away from Angel.  He recoiled, shocked that his touch could cause her so much pain.  Unsure if her tears were from pain or betrayal, Buffy ran from the room.  Angel took a few steps to follow her, but Giles stopped him by placing his hand on Angel’s shoulder.
        “No Angel, let her go,” he told him.
        “But Giles, what if we’re wrong,” Angel protested.  “What if he’s not responsible.  She’ll never trust us again.”
        “All the facts point to it,” Giles said.  “Soon, she’ll see it also.”  Angel let his gaze flow out the library doors and sighed.
        “I hope so,” he whispered quietly.  “I hope so.”


        Angelus slowly regained consciousness and the memories of what happened flooded back to him.  He had heard a strange noise and pulled away from the group to investigate.  Then he was surrounded by vampires and hit over the head…repeatedly.  Growling, he stood only to find he was chained to a wall.  *Oh this is just great,* he thought.  Mya stalked in front of him, holding a bottle of holy water.
        “Why hello sleepyhead,” she greeted.  “How are you?”
        “If you’re going to threaten me with that holy water…I’ve had worse,” Angelus spat.  She glared at him and threw the bottle at his feet.  It shattered into the wall and slashed up his legs.  Angelus clenched his teeth together.
        “You see, if you’d been nice, I would’ve just staked you and got it over with.  But now, now I’m gonna have to make you scream,” she said.
        “Good luck, not even the Slayer could do that,” Angelus replied.
        “I’M THE SLAYER!” she yelled.  “Not that *BITCH* Buffy.  Me.”
        “No, actually, you’re not.  You seem to forget that small thing where you sent her to hell for three hundred years and had your powers revoked.  You are helpless,” Angelus replied calmly.  “There’s nothing you can do to me.”  Mya just grinned wickedly.
        “Already done,” she said and sauntered over to two vampires Angelus hadn’t noticed.  She handed him a set of keys.  “Wait five minutes then let him go.”
        “But – ” one started.
        “DO IT!” she screamed then stalked out of the room where he was being held.  After five minutes, the vampire who had the keys walked over to where Angelus was chained.
        “Now I’m just following orders,” he said.  “You aren’t going to kill me, are you?”
        “Nah, just let me out of here and I’ll forget I ever saw you.  If you cross me a second time though, or the blonde Slayer, you won’t live to cross us again,” Angelus threatened as his chains were unlocked.  As soon as they dropped from his body, Angelus jumped forward at the two vampires; they flinched.  Shaking his head in disgust, the angry vampire stalked from the mausoleum and off towards the abandoned warehouse where the others were supposed to be.

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