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Author: Xiola911
Title: Experiences (2/3)
Rating: NC-17
Content:  Sex
Spoilers: Xander and Buffy
Disclaimer:I don’t own any of the characters. They all belong to Joss
Whedon and Mutant Enemy.
Note: This takes place after Diaries of a Group 1&2 If you haven’t read
it, ask someone for a copy.

She gets her bag and puts on her new Victoria Secret under wear and
heads to Angel’s Apartment. She walks in on Angel getting dressed and
says, "Baby, why are you getting dressed. We are about to get
undressed." She then slips out of her outfit and Angel turns breathless
at the sight of her in her Victoria Secret lingerie. Buffy sees him
hardening in the leather pants he happened to be wearing. She reaches in
his pants after unzipping them. She reaches in and grabs his cock
sticking it in her mouth. She then takes off all of his clothes and
chains him to a wall. She asks "How many times did you make love to
Drusilla?" He answers, "20 times." Buffy rubs some hot oil on his chest
and leaves it on for 20 mins. She then rinses him off. "I have to clean
you of your mistakes. How many times did you plot to kill me?" He
answers," 5 times." She takes out a whip and whips his cock 5 times.
"So, who do you love?" He answers," You, Only you."They get on his bed
with him on the bottom. Buffy is riding him and with each thrust of
Angel’s he goes in and out of her. Buffy yells in orgasmic pain, "Cum
now." He goes in her and comes leaving Buffy breathless. They roll over
and sleep embraced in each other.Their bodies perfectly fitting the
others. They wake up the next day and Angel is still Angel. Buffy asks,"
Oh my God. Angel, how come you aren’t dusting? The sunlight is coming
in." She thinks, "I guess the spell worked."
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