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Author: Xiola911
Title: Experiences (3/3)
Rating: PG-13
Content:  mentions of sex
Spoilers: Xander and Buffy
Disclaimer I don’t own any of the characters. They all belong to Joss
Whedon and Mutant Enemy.
Feedback: I have to have or I will never do fanfic again
Note: This takes place after Diaries of a Group 1&2 If you haven’t read
it, ask someone for a copy.

She thinks, "I guess the spell worked." Angel says," Huh? You just
thought aloud I think." Buffy said," Oh well. I read that if I slept
with a  nonvirginal guy and then with the vampire with a soul the
vampire with a soul would change to a human born 20 years ago. I slept
with Xander." Seeing the look on Angel’s face that said, "Xander isn’t a
virgin?" she said, "Faith and Xander slept together." Angel said,"Oh. "
Then he realizes what that meant and said,"Oh." Angel said," Did it mean
anything?"Buffy said, "Compared to you, no. He wasn’t all that good. But
don’t tell anyone I said that." Angel said," As long as I know you love
only me, I won’t." Buffy says,"I only love you. Now me and you can fully
date in front of my mom Since you are only 20." They laugh. "She wasn’t
enjoying you dating someone 220 something years older than you?
Especially someone like me?"Angel asks jokingly She laughs at him then
throws a pillow at him. They have a pillow fight and then kiss and go
back to sleep. Buffy wakes up and calls Willow,"Angel’s a human!" She
then hangs up and goes to sleep. She then  wakes up and sees Angel’s
pieces spread out and body parts all around his room. Buffy screams ,
"No!" Xander says" You lied to me, now you must die too."She feels the
blade on her arms and legs cutting her limbs off. Then as the blade is
about to touch her neck she wakes up screaming. Angel says,"What is
wrong honey?" Buffy said," A nightmare that can never come true since I
did kill Xander."They grin at each other and the newly married couple
goes to sleep.

                The End

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