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Author: Little Slayer
Title:  The End
Distrabution:  Anyone can have it.  Just ask.
Rating: Well, it’s a prologue.  There isn’t really anything bad in it.
PG I guess.  For now.
Summery:  I’m not going to give anything good away…yet.  This is just
the beginning.  Basically, Giles is writing in his Watcher’s Diary about
what happened at the end of season two.  Which brings us to the…
Spoilers:  I’m not going to name specifics, but up until the end of
B*coming Part II.  Forget all of Season Three!
Author’s Note:  Yes I do realize that there have been and still are a
lot of beginning of Season Three fanfics out there.  I’m posting it
anyway.  Oh, and I’m a total die-hard B/A fan.  So don’t worry,
everything’s going to be fine for him and Buffy.  Well, maybe.
Feedback:  Yes!  In fact it’s required!  If you don’t send feedback,
I’ll sick Angelus on you.  Oooh, that’d be really nice.  No, actually I
can’t, because…
Disclaimer:  I don’t own him!  Or Buffy, Angel, Giles, Willow, Joyce,
and everyone else.  They’re all in here.  The only one I own is Mya.
She’s mine.  I created her.  They all belong to Joss Whedon and anyone
else who legally owns them.
Just for the heck of it:  “The breakfast of champions!” I said,
gesturing my bowl of Frosted Mini Wheat’s and can of orange pop.  My
brother raised his eyebrow.  “No,” he said and set down a paper
Starbucks cup and a plastic bottle in front of me.  “No, actually,
Starbucks and Prozac is the breakfast of champions.”


        Giles sighed after hanging up with a friend of his in Chicago.  He
stared at the wall for a second then walked into his office.  Quietly,
he pulled out his Watcher’s Diary and a pen.  With one last sigh, he
began to write.
November 22, 1999
As long as there have been vampires, there has been the Slayer.  One
girl in all the world, to find them where they gather and to stop the
spread of their evil…the swell of their numbers.  All throughout the
years, there have been many Slayers.  Too many to count.  Too many to
even weep for.  So many young girls have lost their lives, and I fear,
soon will another.
This takes us to 1997 where the most unorthodox Slayer to ever be known,
the strongest, died.  Buffy Summers drowned in a small pool when she
went to fight and kill the Master.  Her friend, one of the Slayerettes,
Xander brought her back from the dead with CPR.  During that time,
another was called.  A beautiful young Caribbean girl who seemed to
live, breath, and nothing else slaying.  It was her whole life and she
dedicated her to it.  I don’t believe she ever had any other friends
than Buffy.  Kendra was killed while helping us during the last end of
the world threat.  She met her match very early in her career.  A
vampire named Drusilla is the one responsible for the death of a Slayer
under my care.  Drusilla was made by the vampire Angelus.
 That name has new meaning for me now.  He is no longer some old vampire
who existed a hundred and fifty years ago, earning his reputation as the
‘Scourge of Europe’.  For I have met him, and I do not wish to ever meet
that monster again.  About ninety years ago, Angelus became what I know
him as now.  Angel.  He was cursed with his soul.  He then renounced
everything human he could physically, emotionally, and mentally stand.
Then he met Buffy.  I couldn’t believe it at first.  My Slayer, falling
for one of the most evil vampires ever known?  Impossible.  But it was
true.  Until the night of her 17th birthday and they almost lost each
other.  That was when they decided to consummate their relationship.
And in that night, Angel lost his soul, becoming a monster once again.
Poor Buffy.
I didn’t think she’d make it through that.  Angel is now with us, human
even, after spending quite some time in hell.  The new Slayer, Mya, what
a bright young girl.  She tries, but she’s not Buffy.  Not anything like
her.  Mya’s too dependant, and most certainly not as strong.  I can’t
help but notice that the only thing that she and Buffy have in common
besides their birth rights is their attraction to Angel.  I know he
tries not to, but I can tell he’s developing feelings for the girl, and
I know Mya likes Angel a lot.
The original Slayerettes Willow and Xander still help out as much as
they can; they continue to put their lives on the line for no reason.
The two new additions, Cordelia and Sunnydale’s resident werewolf Oz,
help as much as they are able also.
And I, the watcher, I am now married to Buffy’s mother Joyce.  What a
delightful woman.  She’s kind, caring, strong-headed, stubborn.  I can
see where Buffy got her personality.
As for the petite blonde Slayer, we haven’t seen her in more than a
It’s now 1999 and the last time we saw her was the last time the world
was threatened.  The last she saw of us was not a good memory.  Willow
was in a coma in the hospital, Xander had a broken arm, Joyce was so
confused and scared that she lashed out at Buffy, banning her from ever
going home.  I never saw her.  I was in the mansion being tortured by
Angelus.  The only thing I saw was her fighting him.  As for Angel,
well, she did get to see him one last time before running him through
with a sword.  His soul was restored at the last second and once again
fate ripped him from Buffy’s grasp.
She hasn’t been seen since.
Until now.

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