The End, Chapter One ~ The Return

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Author: Little Slayer
Title:  The End
Distribution:  Anyone can have it.  Just ask.
Rating: Um, I'm gonna hafta stick with PG again.
Summery:  I’m still not going to give anything good away.  This is still
the beginning.  Giles looks back on his converstation with Daniel, his
friend/watcher in Chicago and then thinks about some stuff that has
absolutly nothing to do with anything that's going on in the real
Buffyverse.  And that takes us to...
Spoilers:  I’m not going to name specifics, but up until the end of
B*coming Part II.  Forget all of Season Three!
Author’s Note:  Yes I do realize that there have been and still are a
lot of beginning of Season Three fanfics out there.  I’m posting it
anyway.  Oh, and I’m a total die-hard B/A fan.  So don’t worry,
everything’s going to be fine for him and Buffy.  Well, maybe.
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I’ll sick Angelus on you.  Oooh, that’d be really nice.  No, actually I
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Disclaimer:  I don’t own him!  Or Buffy, Angel, Giles, Willow, Joyce,
and everyone else.  They’re all in here.  The only one I own is Mya.
She’s mine.  I created her.  They all belong to Joss Whedon and anyone
else who legally owns them.
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this is from.

Chapter One, The Return

        Buffy sighed and tried to stretch her shoulders as much as she could in
the small, cramped space of the airplane.  She glared across the aisle
at Whistler, who sat reading a book, and Spike, who was passed out next
to Whistler.  Then she looked next to her at Drusilla, who was staring
out the window.
        “Quite a view,” Buffy said.  Dru turned and looked at her.
        “Yeah.  It’s beautiful.  I’ve never flown this high,” Drusilla said
then turned to look out the window again.  Buffy pulled out her diary
from the bag near her feet and took one last glance at the mesmerized
vampire.  With a small chuckle, she opened it to a new page and began to
November 22, 1999
        Well, it’s been more than a year since I’ve been home.  Now that I’ve
finally adjusted to working for the Watcher’s Council and working with
the only two vampires with souls on the planet they throw this at me!  I
can’t believe they’re making me go back.  I wonder what they’ll say when
they see me.
        I hope Willow’s still into witchcraft.  Whistler found a great book for
me to give her; he mentioned something about having a de-werewolf spell
in there too.  That’d be great.  I wonder what they’ll do when I leave
again.  It’s not like I have anything there to look forward to.  It’s
not like Angel’s there or anything.
        Angel.  God I miss him.  I wonder if he ever found out why I had to do
what I did to him.  I hope he did.  If he didn’t, well, I don’t want to
think about that.
        The overhead light signaling that seatbelts were to be on dinged and
the captain’s staticy voice came on over the intercom.
        “We’re now arriving at Los Angeles International Airport.  Please put
your seatbelts on and make sure all seat backs and tray tables are in
their upright and locked positions.  Please turn off all electronics
while we descend onto the runway.  The weather is currently clear and
temperatures are at 68 degrees.  We hope you enjoy your stay in L.A.,
please fly Norwest Airlines again.”  His voice clicked off and Buffy
looked at the others.
        “Well, I guess I’ll jump off that bridge when I get to it,” she
whispered quietly as the plane landed.  “That’s all I can do.”


        Giles put away his diary and his earlier conversation with Daniel Slye,
a fellow Watcher and friend, ran through his head.
        “Rupert, I know you’ve been looking for your Slayer for quite some time
now,” he had said.  Giles nodded even though Daniel couldn’t see him.
        “No, actually, since the arrival of Mya, we’ve stopped.” is how Giles
had replied.  The young watcher sounded surprised to hear this.
        “You don’t want to know where she is?” he had asked.  Giles swallowed
hard and tried to think of a way to describe what he felt.
        “We do, but, we’ve adapted to living without her.”
        “You do know about the prophecy, right?”  That question had caught
Giles off-guard.  Yes, he knew about it, but he also knew there wasn’t
enough fire power in Sunnydale to take care of it.
        “Yes, I know about it.  But the others don’t.” Giles said quietly.  He
couldn’t help but look up to see if Mya was standing angrily over him.
When he had said Buffy was going to die, she was not happy that he kept
it from her.  He had no choice but to keep it from them.  If he told
them they might do something stupid, then he’d have even less fighters
than he already had.
        “Well,” the other watcher had continued.  “I know where she is.”  Giles
had to blink a few times to let it sink in.
        “Buffy, I know where she is,” Daniel had said.  Giles shook his head
remembering the way he had to practically pick his chin up off of the
        “Where?” was he had been able to manage to gasp out.
        “Right now?  She’s somewhere over the Rocky Mountains,” he had said.
“The Council decided to send help for the prophecy, seeing it’s as
serious as it is.  They’ve had a small group together for a while.  Two
vampires that they ensouled, I believe you know them.  Spike and Dru.
Well, that’s what Whistler called them.  Sit N’ Spin and Dru according
to Buffy.  The Council has been sending them around the world to help
keep humanity safe.  And now the Council is sending them there.”
        “So why are you telling me?” Giles asked.
        “Because I thought you should know.  To prepare your Slayer to meet
her…sister in battle.  I haven’t told Buffy about the new Slayer, but I
do believe she knows already.  If she doesn’t, well, she didn’t strike
me as the type who plays well with others.”
        “Thank you,” Giles said.  “I must go, I’ll tell the others right away.
Thank you Daniel, this could be of great help to us.”
        “Your welcome watcher.  Oh, and Rupert.  She’s still wounded from her
previous experiences in Sunnydale.  It wouldn’t be the most wise thing
to do, hurting her more.  The last thing this world needs is a
hysterical Slayer who can’t do her job.”  Giles took that in and when
Daniel didn’t continue, he had opened his mouth to speak.  Only to hear
the dull sound of the dial tone.
        After coming out of his haze, he picked up the phone again and dialed a
familiar number.
“Hello?  Werewolves are us, Willow speaking,” the answering voice said.
Giles smiled a bit at the irony of her introduction.
“Hello Willow, it’s Giles,” he started.
“The others are here, all but Mya and Angel; they’re on patrol.  We can
be there in less than ten minutes.  Bye.”  Willow hung up and so did
Giles.  He shook his head then tapped his pen impatiently on the table,
knowing that Angel and Mya were to show up soon.  As if on cue, the
doors opened and the two tall brunettes walked into the library.
        “Hey Giles,” Mya said cheerfully.  Angel smiled his greeting and set
down their bag of slaying supplies.  Giles wondered briefly how much
Angel thought about Buffy.
        “Hello.  How was patrol?” he asked, his voice almost mechanical.  Mya
looked at him weird.
        “Okay Giles, what’s up?” she asked.  *The Slayer who’s life you’ve
taken over and replaced is returning to Sunnydale to find that her love
is now out of love with her and in love with you,* he answered in his
        “There’s a new prophecy,” is the way he answered.  At the quiet shock
of the others, he continued.  “It’s not exactly the most promising
either.  I don’t think it’s going to turn out well.”
        “Do you know the details of it?” Angel asked.  Giles nodded.
        “Let’s wait until the others get here, shall we?” Giles said.  Angel
took a small step towards Mya, and stood towering over her protectively.
*Oh Angel,* Giles thought.  *If only you knew already.  If only you
knew.*  Giles was happy to find that he wasn’t going to wait long until
the others got there.  They arrived almost immediately.  One by one, the
rest of the Slayerettes trooped into the library.
        “Hey Giles.” Willow and Oz greeted him.
        “G-man,” Xander said smiling.  Cordelia just studied her  nails.
Taking in a deep breath, Giles prepared what he was going to tell them.
        “You, uh, you may want to sit down,” he started.  All smiled were lost
and the room grew uncomfortably silent.  Quietly, Willow and Oz sat on
the stairs while Cordelia, Mya, and Xander took the table.  Angel leaned
against the cage and looked at Giles expectantly.
        “So, what’s going on?” Willow asked.
        “There’s a prophecy.” he answered.  “And Mya’s not strong enough to
        “What do you mean I’m not strong enough?” Mya demanded.
        “I mean that you’ll end up getting yourself killed.” Giles replied
calmly.  Angel decided to step in and prevent Mya from attacking Giles.
        “What’s the prophecy?” he asked.
        “The end of the world,” Giles muttered.  The room fell silent until a
new voice boomed from the door.
        “The end of the world?  Is that all ducks?  Bloody hell, if I’d a known
that was all it was, I ne’er would’ve bothered.” Spike half-growled,
half-whined from the doorway at Drusilla.
        “Spike,” Whistler hissed.  Then he looked up at Giles and Angel.  “Hey
watcher, Angel buddy.  How’s life on the Hellmouth?”  Giles noticed the
way the three stood, almost as if they were hiding something.
        “Okay Giles, what is the Billy Idol wannabe and the nut-case doing
here?” Xander asked.
        “I am not a nut-case,” Dru said dangerously.  “I’m here to save your
sorry ass, so don’t even go there.”
        “Oh yeah, well, make me,” Xander hissed.
        “Willow says kick his ass,” she replied.  Xander’s eyes grew wide and
his mouth clamped shut.  Mya moved closer to Giles and fingered a stake.
        “Who are they?” she asked.
        “Vampires.” Angel said.  Mya took a few steps forward with her stake.
        “Don’t do that,” Buffy called out from behind Spike.  Mya froze with
curiosity as a small blonde in black leather pants, dark red halter-top,
with a black coat draped over her stepped out into view.
        “Why not?” Mya asked.  Buffy chuckled.
        “Cause if you do, I might have to kill you,” she replied.  As soon as
she was satisfied Mya was stunned enough, Buffy let her eyes wander
around.  She checked on Willow, Oz, Xander, Cordelia, and Giles.  They
seemed to be healthy and of the living.  Deciding they were fine, she
noticed there was someone else in the room.  She turned her head
slightly and her green eyes fell onto a familiar sight.  Angel.  He was
leaning against the cage in an outfit not that dissimilar from Buffy’s;
black leather pants, a dark red dress shirt, and a long black trench

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