The End, Chapter Six A and B ~ The
                   Night and The Preparation

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Author: Little Slayer
Title:  The End
Distribution:  Anyone can have it.  Just ask.
Rating: NC-17!  Don’t read if you’re a) under…what’s the age again?  18
or 21?  Or b) will be disturbed by consensual sex between Angel and
Buffy.  The second part is PG again.
Author’s Note:  Yes I do realize that there have been and still are a
lot of beginning of Season Three fanfics out there.  I’m posting it
anyway.  Oh, and I’m a total die-hard B/A fan.  So don’t worry,
everything’s going to be fine for him and Buffy.  Well, maybe.
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and everyone else.  They’re all in here.  I don’t even own Angel’s
nickname of Peaches.  That’s some other author’s and I don’t remember
their name.  The only thing I own is Mya.  She’s mine.  I created her.
That and the plot.  That’s mine too.  All the Buffyverse people belong
to Joss Whedon and anyone else who legally owns them.
Other:  I used the Making The Computer Nervous challenge.  I know it’s
old, but it works good.  He-he-he.  That and the “He called me a scrub!
What’s a scrub?” challenge.  Oooh, two birds with one stone…and teacher
makes three.  Sorry, couldn’t help myself.  I was watching re-runs last
night with my friend.

Chapter Six A, The Night

        Buffy led Angel into his house and stopped only long enough for him to
close and lock the door.  bending down to kiss her passionately, Angel
wrapped his arms around Buffy’s lithe body.  Moaning softly into his
mouth, Buffy thought briefly if she was doing the right thing.  *Well, I
might die in a few days, there’s no curse, and I haven’t seen him in
more than a year.  Plus I love him…good enough,* she thought.  Angel
moved down the hall and into a room.  When he hesitated outside the
door, Buffy knew he was thinking if he should push her any further.  She
knew that he was reluctant the first time and she didn’t want to make
him do something he didn’t.
        “Are you sure?” she asked quietly.  “I don’t want to make you do
anything you don’t want to.”  Angel took in what she said and smiled
        “I’m sure,” he whispered next to her mouth then captured it with his
own.  Together, they blended into the bedroom, only taking enough time
to flick on the bedside lamp then concentrated on each other’s clothing
and mouths.  Buffy pulled at the buttons on Angel’s shirt, patiently at
first, then practically tore it off of his chest.  She could feel him
pressing into her thigh and felt her core burn with more desire than she
thought possible.  Angel pulled off her jacket and fumbled with her
tank-top.  Separating their lips, Buffy pulled back and grabbed the hem
of her shirt.  She pulled it off and Angel pulled her close to him
again.  Buffy stretched back onto the bed and Angel moved over her,
began to un-button Buffy’s jeans.  With a playful growl, Buffy flipped
him onto his back and feverishly kissed his mouth.  She snaked her hand
down and stroked him through his pants.  A low moan escaped from Angel’s
lips and Buffy smiled.
        “Buffy,” he whispered as she peppered his neck with kisses.  She moved
lower on his chest, stopping to lick and suck on his pert male nipples.
*Okay, kill me now and I’ll still be a happy man,* Angel thought as
Buffy began to unzip his pants.  Moving back up to his mouth, Buffy let
Angel flip her back on to her back and pull off her black jeans.
Carelessly, Angel tugged at Buffy’s black lace bra, tossing it onto the
floor nearby.
        “Angel,” Buffy whispered when Angel reached down Buffy’s body and
slowly stroked her through her matching panties.  He could barely keep
himself from ripping them off of her body and entering her, pumping her
until she came mercilessly around him.  *Not a bad idea,* he thought.
But he decided to make it last as long as he could possibly stand.
Buffy however, wasn’t as patient.  She squirmed under him, feeling his
arousal on the inside of her thigh and pulled off her underwear with
inhuman strength.  *I ripped them, damn,* she thought.  *Oh well.  It’s
worth it.*  “Angel, if you don’t stop torturing me, I’m going to chain
you to the bed and have fun all by myself,” she whispered.  Angel took
the hint and finally entered her.  He went in slowly and hit a small
blockage.  Angel realized with a harsh reality that Buffy hadn’t been
with anyone else but him.  Buffy emitted a small whimper and then
groaned in pleasure.  He pushed in all the way before pulling out almost
the entire way.  He moved his head down and took one of Buffy’s perky
nipples in his mouth.  Arching in pleasure, Buffy felt her breathing and
pulse speed up as Angel picked up his pace.  She could feel herself on
edge and wrapped her legs around his waist.  “Angel, Angel, Angel,” she
chanted over and over.  Angel added to her pleasure and moved a hand
lower to grind against her clit.  With barely a touch, it send Buffy
over the edge and she shuddered around him, screaming out his name.
After taking a second to recuperate from her nerve-rattling orgasm,
Buffy started to move faster around Angel, wanting desperately to feel
him come in her.  With numerous screams and moans, Angel was soon ready
to join Buffy.  He could feel her muscles clamping onto him, pulling him
deeper and deeper into her endless warmth.  He grew closer and closer to
the edge with every pump into Buffy.  Buffy dug her nails into Angel’s
back and then pulled his head up to her mouth.  She gave him a hard kiss
then attacked his neck.  Overwhelmed with feelings, Angel dropped over
the edge, emptying himself into her endlessly.  Exhausted, the two
reunited lovers collapsed into a sweaty heap on the bed, still
intimately joined.

Chapter Six B, The Preparation

        BRRRRRRRIIINNGGG!!!  BRRRRRRRIIINNGGG!!!  Buffy sat up in bed and
blinked as her eyes adjusted to the light.  BRRRRRRRIII–  The phone
stopped ringing in the middle of it’s third ring and Buffy let out a
long breath.  Then her eyes opened wide and she looked around the
unfamiliar room where she was lying unclothed on a bed.  Slowly, the
events of the night before came back to her and she smiled, realizing
that was the best night’s sleep she had gotten in a long time.  After a
few moments, she crawled out of bed to go find Angel.  She opened a draw
in the dresser against the wall, then not finding what she was looking
for, went to the next one.  She smiled and pulled out a pair of black
silk boxers and pulled them on.  Then, Buffy pulled on the shirt that
she had striped off of Angel and pulled it on.
        “Okay, bye,” she heard Angel’s deep voice mutter as she stepped out
into the hallway.  He was sitting in the kitchen at the table drinking a
glass of orange juice; the paper was set out on the table.  *Okay, I
have seen some really weird things, but this has to be the most bizarre
of them all,* Buffy thought to herself.
        “Good morning,” she rang out cheerfully and smiled.  Angel raised an
eyebrow when he saw what she was wearing.
        “Morning.  I like the outfit.”  She smiled and walked over to him.
        “Really?  It’s sort of one of those things I just put together.  It’s
really comfy though,” she said and gave Angel a quick peck on his
        “That’s all I get?” he asked, semi-hurt.  She frowned and stretched.
        “Morning breath is a yucky thing,” she said and then looked around.
“Where’s your bathroom?”  Angel smiled and pointed down the hall.
        “The door across from the bedroom,” he said and she sauntered off to
it.  *God, she is so beautiful, even first thing in the morning.*  He
heard the water running in his bathroom then Buffy walked back into the
kitchen.  *And, she looks great in direct sunlight.*  “So, do I get a
real kiss now?”  Buffy chuckled and sat down on his lap.
        “But of coarse,” she whispered playfully then moved in to kiss him.
Their lips met in a sizzling kiss and only parted from lack of air.  “I
really hate having to breathe,” Buffy muttered.  Angel chuckled and
looked up at Buffy, amused.
        “Dru called a while ago, said to call her when you got up.”  He paused,
frowning.  “You wouldn’t by any chance know how she knew you were over,
would you?”
        “She’s physic,” Buffy said shrugging.  “That was who just called?”
        “No,” Angel said.  “Giles wants us to go to the library in an hour.
Well, actually, he wanted me to go over and get you then go to the
library.  I think he’s avoiding you.”
        “Library, hour, got it,” she said and turned around, still on Angel’s
        “Buff, we need to be there in an hour,” Angel repeated.
        “Your point being?”
        “If you stay on my lap much longer, we’ll take a lot longer getting
there than Giles would like.”  She glanced back at him and sighed.  “As
much as I want to stay here with you, research duty calls.”
        “Being a Slayerette sucks, doesn’t it?” she asked.
        “Immensely,” Angel replied.  Reluctantly, Buffy slid off of Angel’s lap
and let him get up to go shower.
        “Guess that means separate showers, huh?” she asked coyly.
        “Yup,” Angel said.  “And a lot of cold water for me,” he muttered under
his breath.


        Giles paced back and forth in the library.  He had told Angel to be
there in an hour, which was twenty minutes ago.
        “Giles, sit down.  You’re making the computer nervous,” Willow
muttered.  She looked back at the computer screen where she was in a
pagan chat room.  “Hey!” she suddenly burst out.  “He called me a
scrub!”  She glared at her computer then looked up at Oz, puzzled.
“What’s a scrub?”
        “Nothing that you should worry about,” Oz soothed.
        “Still, I’m going to curse him or something,” she pouted then went back
to work on looking for clues to defeat the demon.  Buffy walked into the
library, with Angel in tow.
        “See, we aren’t that late,” she muttered.
        “Where on earth were you?” Giles demanded.
        “Well, we had to take turns in the – ” Buffy stopped in the middle of
her sentence, and looked up at Angel with wide eyes.  “My bathroom was
acting all weird and so I had to get ready in Dru’s and when Angel got
there, he had to use it and I wasn’t ready, so, I didn’t get long enough
to get ready.”  Giles blinked at the sudden rush of words that escaped
the Slayer’s mouth and he cocked his head.
        “You had to be there,” Angel said in a half-embarrassed whisper.  “So,
what’s so important that it couldn’t wait until I was supposed to get
here in three hours?”
        “It’s happening tonight,” Giles blurted out.  Xander and Cordelia
stopped their conversation, Willow stopped typing, Oz and Mya looked up,
and Whistler emerged from the cage.  The entire library was swept under
a silence and Giles continued.  “The demon…I don’t know quite how to
describe it.  Willow, do you remember that demon that emerged from the
Hellmouth when Buffy killed the Master?”
        “The one that almost ate me?” Willow asked.
        “Yes.  Well, it’s like that, only one big head, not many small ones.
You’ll need to pierce a certain spot on it’s skull, Buffy.  There really
won’t be anything for the rest of us to do.”
        “Unless Trick and his boys attack,” Buffy said.  Giles nodded.
        “Yes.  If we attack them now, during the day, we may stand a chance.
Then tonight, when it rises, Willow, Whistler, Drusilla, and I can
perform several binding spells.”  Buffy nodded.
        “Do they have to be done inside the library?” she asked.  Giles shook
his head.
        “No, why?”
        “I don’t want any of you in here.  If it kills me, then it does, but
not until after I kill the SOB.  I don’t want the rest of you in here,
its too dangerous.”
        “I’m staying,” Mya piped up.  “It’s my duty too, Buffy.  Sharing is a
good thing sometimes.”
        “Okay, fine, you can stay.  Your death won’t be on my conscious though.
But the rest of you, no,” Buffy said firmly.
        “I’m not going to let you fight alone,” Angel said.  It was clear to
the rest of them that some issues had been cleared up between the two.
        “Yes you are,” Buffy said evenly.
        “No, I’m not,” Angel replied.
        “Angel, if I have to knock you out and tie you to a tree outside, I
will.  But you will not be in this library while I’m fighting.”
        “But –” Angel started.
        “It’s pointless to argue with her,” Whistler muttered.  “Believe me,
I’ve tried.”  Defeated, Angel turned slightly away from Buffy.  Moving
closer to him, she put her hand on his shoulder.
        “I just don’t want anything to happen to you Angel.  If I survive and
you don’t…I don’t know what I would do with myself,” she whispered.
        “Alright,” Angel said.  “Just…don’t do anything stupid, okay Buffy?”
        “You know me,” she said half-smiling.
        “I mean it.  I just got you back.”  Buffy nodded and then looked at the
        “It’s settled then.  We go, kill Trick, then come back here and save
the world.”

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