The End, Chapter Seven ~ The

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Author: Little Slayer
Title:  The End
Distribution:  Anyone can have it.  Just ask.
Rating: PG – 13.  Lots of fighting and killing stuff.  Plus, there’s
violence between Buffy and Mya.  He-he-he.
Author’s Note:  Yes I do realize that there have been and still are a
lot of beginning of Season Three fanfics out there.  I’m posting it
anyway.  Oh, and I’m a total die-hard B/A fan.  So don’t worry,
everything’s going to be fine for him and Buffy.  Well, maybe.
Feedback:  Yes!  In fact it’s required!  If you don’t send feedback,
I’ll sick Angelus on you.  Oooh, that’d be really nice.  No, actually I
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Disclaimer:  I don’t own him!  Or Buffy, Angel, Giles, Willow, Joyce,
and everyone else.  They’re all in here.  I don’t even own Angel’s
nickname of Peaches.  That’s some other author’s and I don’t remember
their name.  The only thing I own is Mya.  She’s mine.  I created her.
That and the plot.  That’s mine too.  All the Buffyverse people belong
to Joss Whedon and anyone else who legally owns them.

Chapter Seven, The Mansion

        Buffy carefully walked up the driveway to the mansion.  She hadn’t been
there in so long, but the memories were still painful.  *Why do vamps
have to burn in the sun?* she asked herself.  *I really, REALLY want Dru
        “So, what do you think?” Whistler asked.  Buffy looked at him and
blinked.  He gave her a look and she smiled, remembering what she was
        “Well, since there’s a bigger group, we split up.  A Slayer per team.
Same with a watcher.  I’ll take you, Willow, Oz, and Angel.  Giles can
take Mya, Cordy, and Xander.”  She glanced around to make sure this was
alright with everyone.  “Okay, good.”
        “Wait a sec, you mean I have to take orders from *you*?” Mya whined.
Buffy looked at her with a raised eyebrow.
        “Didn’t we already cover this subject a few days ago?” Buffy asked
        “I don’t care if we did, I’m not listening to you,” Mya said
        “Mya, please,” Giles pleaded.  “We don’t have the time…”
        “I don’t care!” Mya erupted.
        “You don’t want to take orders from me?” Buffy asked.  Mya moved to
lean against a nearby tree and shook her head.  Buffy nodded and sighed,
turning away from Mya.  Mya smiled victoriously and Buffy took a step
forward as if she was going to walk away.  She instead spun around and
grabbed Mya by the throat, pushing her against the tree.  “Okay, we have
a small problem.  Usually, Dru helps keep my temper in order, or I end
up doing something like this.”
        “Buffy,” Angel started.
        “No, Angel, it’s okay.  I won’t do any permanent damage.” Buffy told
him then looked Mya in the eyes.  “You don’t want to take orders from
me.  I’m sure as hell not going to take them from a stupid little twit
like you, so…any suggestions?”  Mya’s eyes bulged and she gasped for
air.  Buffy loosened her grip a little.  “Well, do you?”
        “No,” Mya whispered.
        “Okay then.  I have one.  You shut the hell up and cooperate.  You go
with your team, kill the baddies.  I’ll go with mine and do the same.
We don’t have to interact with one another, and I won’t kill you.
There, that works.”  Buffy let go of Mya and took off towards the
        “Bitch,” Mya spat out quietly.
        “I heard that,” Buffy said.  Mya shut her mouth and straightened with
fear.  Quietly, the others followed the very pissed off Buffy towards
the mansion and towards battle.


        “Okay, everyone, split up.  We’ve got our groups.  Go in, kill all,
we’ll meet up out here after their all dead,” Buffy said.  She handed
her crossbow to Giles and then checked to make sure she had a supply of
        “Okay.  Good luck, Buffy,” Xander said.  “Even though, you won’t need
        “Thanks Xand,” Buffy said then looked at all of the others.  “Guys,
there’s just one more thing before we go in there.”  Everyone looked at
her and gave her their full attention.  “Don’t get dead.”
        “Don’t worry, Buffy, I’m sure we’ll be alright.” Giles said quietly.
Buffy nodded.
        “I know, but still…” she said, her sentence trailing off.  “Let’s go.
We attack in two minutes.”  The large group split into smaller groups.
Angel and Whistler stood behind Buffy, each a little off to the side
with Willow and Oz in the middle.  Mya took her group and went to the
front door.  The preset clock ticked on and Buffy slowly made her way to
the mansion.
        “The others are going in the front,” Angel said.  “We can go in through
the garden in the back.”  Buffy nodded and continued.  *Okay, be calm,*
Buffy told herself.  *Gotta get through this.*  Angel sensed Buffy’s
discomfort and quietly took her hand in his as they made their way
around back.  She looked up at him gratefully and then went into full
Slayer mode.
        “We’ve got a little less than a minute,” Oz said as they reached the
back garden.  “Five… four… three…”  Buffy stood by the door and prepared
to kick it in.  “Two…one…” As soon as she heard one, Buffy let fourth a
determined kick and the wooden door crumbled beneath her feet.  A
vampire who was lounging by the door instantly caught fire and
disintegrated into dust.  Buffy smiled evilly as she heard the sound of
the front door being busted open.
        “Rise and shine, people,” Buffy announced.  “It’s play time.”  Whistler
went off to her left, attacking the nearest vampire, and Angel did the
same going off to her right.  Willow and Oz went around Angel and
started to hound on a vamp who was readying himself to attack Angel.
Buffy flipped forward, staking a vampire and knocking another to the
        “Slayer!” he let out, shocked.
        “Slayee,” Buffy snickered and let loose several sharp jabs.  He fell to
the floor and Buffy knelt down, straddling him.  “Where’s Trick?” she
        “Upstairs,” the vampire gasped out.  Satisfied, Buffy jabbed him with
her stake and then got up.  She fell down immediately, covered by a
vampire.  With a quick glance, she saw that all of the others were busy.

        Mya took the vampire she was fighting and flung him against the wall.
She knew that all of the others were occupied and so this was a good
time to start her plan.
        “See that blonde over there?” she asked the vampire.  He nodded in
response.  “Well, you go over there with a few of your buddies, and I
won’t kill you.”  Again, the vampire nodded and Mya released him.
carefully avoiding the others, the vampire made his way into the back
part of the front room, where Buffy and the others had enclosed most of
the vampires.  Mya smiled in satisfaction when he and two others
attacked Buffy, along with the one she was already fighting.  Then her
smile faltered as Buffy easily swung out behind her, her stake catching
in the chest of one of the vamps and then flung another off of her.  Mya
started towards Buffy and then started to run as the three left
attacking Buffy pinned her to the ground.


        Buffy struggled against the three vampires holding her.  A stake was
jabbing into her side and she struggled to sit, but one of the vampires
had her arm twisted painfully above her head.  As one leaned down, Buffy
saw a flash of brown.  Mya raced over and staked a vamp holding her
right arm.  Now free, Buffy tossed another into the wall in front of her
and staked another.
        “Thanks,” Buffy called out to Mya as they both took on their own vamp.
        “Don’t mention it,” Mya replied.  They stake their vamps at the same
time then looked around.  The others looked a bit battered, but alive.
Buffy did a quick count.  There were about half a dozen unconscious
vampires spread out across the room and a lot of dust spread throughout
the floor.
        “Well,” Giles started.  “I believe that went better than I had
initially thought.
        “It’s only cause most of them were fledglings,” Buffy said
distractedly.  “Too young.”  She looked around then up the stairs.  “Did
anyone see or kill Trick?”
        “Don’t know what he looks like,” Oz said.
        “Uh, semi-tall, black, vampire,” Buffy said.  She took a step up the
stairs, frowning.
        “Hey, Buffy?” Whistler called out.  She looked down at him and he held
up an envelope he had found on a table.  The word Slayer was written in
bold print across the front, then in smaller print after it was The
Blonde One.  Buffy descended the stairs and took the envelope.  She
opened it and after a quick scan of the letter, crumpled it up and
        “Let’s go,” she muttered.  She shook out the vampire dust from her hair
and patted her clothes then left through the broken front door.
Quietly, Willow knelt down and picked it up.
        “What’s it say, Will?” Xander asked.
        “ ‘I win this time, Slayer’,” she said.  The others looked after Buffy,
and only Angel and Whistler noticed that she was limping slightly and
holding her side.


        Buffy walked into the hotel room that she shared with Dru and Spike.
Drusilla was sitting awake on the couch, reading a magazine and the
curtains were drew tightly around the windows.
        “How’d it go?” Dru asked Buffy as the petite blonde stripped off her
        “He got away again.  He knew we were coming,” Buffy muttered.  Dru
inhaled sharply when the scent of Buffy’s blood hit the air.
        “What happened?  Are you alright?” she asked, concerned.  Buffy nodded
and lowered the side of her pants slightly.
        “I got pinned and my stake dug into my side.  I’m fine, it just hurts
like hell,” Buffy muttered.  She pulled out the first aide kit from
under the sink and put a bandage on her side.  “See, all better.”
        “And what happened to your ankle?” Dru asked.
        “I’m not sure.  It just hurts a little.  I think that if I put an Ace
bandage on it, it ought to help a little.”  Drusilla nodded and Buffy
sighed.  “I’m just here to grab some supplies.  I’m going to head to the
library to help set up.”
        “When should we be there?” Dru asked.
        “Um, as soon as you can.”
        “Okay.”  Buffy sent a smile at Dru then turned and walked out of the
door, careful not to let in any sunlight.  Dru sighed and picked up the
phone.  She dialed a number and then held the receiver up to her ear.
“Hey, Whistler?  Something’s going to happen to Buffy, and it’s not
good.  Yeah, I’m sure.  I had a vision.  Something about Mya.  Do you
think we can get a camera or something set up in there, so we know
exactly what happens?  I just don’t trust her.  Okay.  Good.  See you
then.”  She hung up the phone and the gut wrenching feeling of something
bad going to happen twisted and turned mercilessly in her stomach.  “Oh
Buffy,” Drusilla whispered, her voice dripping with worry.

Stay tuned, I’m done with it.  Chapter Eight and the Epilogue should be
out momentarily.
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