The End, Chapter Three ~ The Tragedy

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Author: Little Slayer
Title:  The End
Distribution:  Anyone can have it.  Just ask.
Rating: Well, it’s a prologue.  There isn’t really anything bad in it.
PG, for now.  There is some violence, a lot of vampires die.
Author’s Note:  Yes I do realize that there have been and still are a
lot of beginning of Season Three fanfics out there.  I’m posting it
anyway.  Oh, and I’m a total die-hard B/A fan.  So don’t worry,
everything’s going to be fine for him and Buffy.  Well, maybe.
Feedback:  Yes!  In fact it’s required!  If you don’t send feedback,
I’ll sick Angelus on you.  Oooh, that’d be really nice.  No, actually I
can’t, because…
Disclaimer:  I don’t own him!  Or Buffy, Angel, Giles, Willow, Joyce,
and everyone else.  They’re all in here.  I don’t even own Angel’s
nickname of Peaches.  That’s some other author’s and I don’t remember
their name.  The only thing I own is Mya.  She’s mine.  I created her.
That and the plot.  That’s mine too.  All the Buffyverse people belong
to Joss Whedon and anyone else who legally owns them.

 Chapter Three, The Tragedy

        Buffy looked intently down through the dirty glass of the sky-light.
She heard Angel call down his answer to Mya as to who she was.  All he
said was that she was the Slayer.  The only Slayer who was alive and had
seniority to Mya.  *I wonder if he hates me,* she thought.  Angel crept
up next to her and peered over her shoulder.
        “They’re in a holding pattern,” he commented.  “I wonder why.”  Buffy
put some pieces together as she recognized some vampires who had worked
for Kekistoes.
        “They know I’m here,” she told him.  “Trick must have found out somehow
that I was coming back.”
        “Trick?  Why would he want to kill you?” Angel asked quietly.  Buffy
smirked at him, one that he knew was an exact copy of Angelus’s, and he
        “Because I was born.  Why else?” she replied.  When she didn’t get a
reply from Angel, she yelled in one loud voice, “NOW!” and jumped
through the glass.  She landed on the ground, Angel a few feet behind
her.  The front door flew open and so did the back.  Knowing the others
would get out the civilians, Buffy went to work.  She kicked a vampire
who was rushing at her in the stomach and then twirled around to deliver
a nasty strike to his temple.  The vampire dropped like a sack and Buffy
went after another one.
Angel ducked one attack and swung his leg out to catch a vampire.  He
saw Buffy take out that other one and briefly watched her as she went
after another.
“This way!” Willow called out and a group of frightened people rushed
out the door with Willow.  Spike, still vamped out, swung at a vampire
and then kicked another behind him.  Drusilla and Xander worked back to
back and each took out a vampire.
“Angel!  Get down!” Buffy cried out as she saw a vampire leap at him.
Angel heard her plea too late and felt the vampire land on his upper
body.  His head hit the cement floor with a thud and then he blacked
out.  Enraged, Buffy flung the vampire off of Angel’s body and staked
him in one clean sweep.  She glanced around and saw most of the teens
who had gone to the Bronze that night weren’t there any more and that
they had taken out most of the vampires.
“Slayer!” a voice boomed out.  Mya’s head snapped to a vampire who had
called out her title but was facing the other way.  Buffy looked up from
her spot next to Angel and it seemed as if the activity around her
stopped.  “Slayer,” the vampire said again.
“What?” Buffy asked irritated.
“Good show tonight.  Although, I must admit I thought you’d be here a
little sooner.  We were starting to get bored.”  Buffy stood up and she
glanced around to make sure her friends were still alive.
“You should’ve brought a book,” she muttered.
“Amusing.  Like your mother.”  Everyone’s head snapped in the direction
of the only vampire left alive in the club other than Spike and Dru.
“What?” Buffy whispered.
“Didn’t I mention?  She says ‘Hi’.”  With an evil smile and a brief
chuckle, the vampire breezed past the stunned Slayerettes by the door
and out into the night.  Buffy visibly paled and a chill crept up her
spine.  *This is just like when I found out that meeting with Angelus
was a set up and the others were attacked.  Just like it,* she thought.
“Mom,” she whispered and bolted towards the Bronze door.
“Buffy!” Spike called out to her, but she was already out the door.
“Someone take care of Peaches here, we need to get there now!”
Drusilla, changing her face back to it’s human guise, went over to Angel
and placed her hands on his head.
“Wake up,” she whispered.  *Please,* she added silently.  Angel stirred
out of his unconscious state and looked up at her confused.
“Where’s Buffy?” he asked.
“We need to go, now.” Drusilla told him.  “I’ll explain on the way.”
“Where?” Angel asked as he rose to his feet.
“Buffy’s mom’s house.”


        Buffy ran as fast as she could, away from the Bronze and to her
mother’s house.  She ran up the front lawn and into the house, barely
noticing the broken down door.  *Mom, where are you?* she thought
        “Mom!” she called out.  “MOM!”
        “Buffy,” she heard a female voice say and spun around.  She saw Willow
standing in the doorway with the others crowded around her; Spike
muttered a quiet invitation to Drusilla who then stepped into the
Summers-Giles home.  Taking in a deep breath Buffy ignored her friend
and continued on into the house.  She moved past the stairs and walked
into the kitchen where she found her mother’s crumpled body on the
        “Joyce,” Giles whispered from behind Buffy and pushed past her.  Buffy
stared as Giles knelt down, pulling Joyce Summers-Giles into his lap;
her head slumped unnaturally to the side and Buffy knew her neck was
broken.  *Just like Jenny’s.* she thought.  The others moved behind her
as she stood in the doorway to the kitchen staring at her mother.
        “Mom,” she finally whispered and took a step towards them.  Giles
jerked back and held onto Joyce’s body for dear life.
        “Stay away,” he choked out over his tears.  “Your fault.  If you had
stayed, she’d still be alive!” he ranted.
        “Giles,” Angel had started.  Buffy held up her hand and looked back at
him with an emotionless face.
        “No Angel, he’s right.”  She walked past them and went into the living
room.  She picked up the only picture that hadn’t been destroyed.  It
was a frame that held a picture of Giles and her mother from their
wedding day, and a picture of Buffy before she left.  “It’s my fault,”
she murmured matter-of-factly.  The emotionless, almost uncaring way
Buffy said that scared Angel more than he thought he could be scared.
He watched as she moved out of the house and walked down the street; her
head was only a little lower than normal and she seemed to be walking in
a daze.
        “It’s almost as if she doesn’t care,” Xander said.  He wiped away a
tear and stared down at his friend in disgust.  “Her mother’s dead and
she doesn’t care.”  Angel shook his head as he saw Buffy start to run
down the rest of the street, her shoulder shaking uncontrollably.
        “She cares,” he said sadly.  “She blames herself.”  Drusilla, who was
looking at Giles in disgust, morphed back into her vampiric visage and
        “She blames herself for everything!” she hissed at Giles.  “For every
person she couldn’t save, for every bruise or cut these people got while
working with her, for everything that she couldn’t make right.  When the
Council gave Spike and I our souls and sent us to work with Buffy, she
wouldn’t do anything!  She wouldn’t eat, sleep, anything.  She was
suicidal on her 18th birthday because of what had happened the year
before and now you blame her for this!  You make me sick.”  She turned
to glare at all of the stunned people in the room.  “All of you make me
sick.  I have done a lot, and I mean A LOT, of terrible things in my
life times, but this, this take the cake.”  Angrily, Dru stormed out of
the house and after Buffy.  Spike took off after her and Whistler looked
at the others.
        “She wasn’t lying.  Buffy was so afraid to come back, it took us
forever to convince her.  If this prophecy hadn’t popped up, you never
would’ve seen her again.”  He took a few steps towards the door and
looked at the others sadly.  “I’d stay, but I’m her Watcher now, until
they give her one she’ll actually work with.  I have to make sure she
doesn’t hurt herself or one of the others.”  Angel nodded and Whistler
disappeared down the street after the others.  Giles, who was sitting in
shock with his wife’s body in his arms, was brought back to reality as
soon as Drusilla’s word hit his ears.
        “Suicidal?” he repeated.  “My god, what have I done?  What have I

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