The End, Chapter Four ~ The Dream

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Author: Little Slayer a.k.a. LS
Title:  The End
Distribution:  Anyone can have it.  Just ask.
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Rating: Well, it’s a prologue.  There isn’t really anything bad in it.
PG, for now.  There is some graphic things and people die.
Author’s Note:  Yes I do realize that there have been and still are a
lot of beginning of Season Three fanfics out there.  I’m posting it
anyway.  Oh, and I’m a total die-hard B/A fan.  So don’t worry,
everything’s going to be fine for him and Buffy.  Well, maybe.
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Chapter Four, The Dream

        Giles walked down a long, dark hallway towards a small weeping figure.
Buffy was crumpled on the floor in a small ball; blood poured from
wounds on her wrists.
        “Buffy!” he cried out as her body stopped shaking.  He ran to her side,
kneeling in her blood, and gently rolled her onto her back.  Buffy’s
still tearstained face was pale and her dead eyes stared into nothing.
“No, NO!” Giles sobbed into her hair.  “First Joyce, now you.  I just
got you back.”  A hand touched his shoulder and he turned to face a
vamped out Dru.
        “She was suicidal on her 18th birthday,” she snarled at Giles.  “She
was suicidal and now you blame her for this!”  Xander walked up, grim
faced, followed by Angel; Angel knelt down and wrenched Buffy’s lifeless
body from Giles’s arms.
        “It’s your fault she’s dead!” Angel hissed.  “Your fault.”  Mya walked
up behind Giles with an evil smile.  The second she saw Buffy’s dead
figure, the smile grew.  Xander looked at Mya with a look of pity and
        “She doesn’t even care,” Xander whispered then looked up at Giles, his
eyes narrowing.  “She’s dead.  It’s your fault.”  Drusilla’s voice
joined in with Xander’s chant.  “Your fault, your fault, your fault…”
Angel looked up at Giles, his face full of pain and anger.
        “She’s dead and it’s YOUR FAULT!” he hissed at Giles.  Angel placed
Buffy’s body on the ground and stood.  Willow, Oz, Cordelia, Spike, and
Whistler walked up behind Angel, Xander, and Dru.
        “Your fault, your fault, your fault,” they chanted.  Whistler broke off
his chanting and stepped forward.
        “The end of the world,” he said to Giles over the others’ chanting.
“Mya’s not strong enough to win.”
        “The end of the world,” Joyce said from Giles’s side.
        “Joyce!” Giles whispered.  She glared at him and held out her hand.
Buffy rose from the ground and reached for her mom.  She smiled at Giles
and looked around.
        “Mya’s not strong enough to win.”  Buffy took a step toward Giles and
whispered in his ear, “But she’s heartless enough to kill.”  Giles
looked at her only to see her move in front of a vortex that hadn’t been
there earlier.  Buffy stood mesmerized in front of it and then slowly
turned around as Mya shoved her hard into the vortex.  Buffy’s surprised
face looked up at Giles, then her body fell into nothing.
        “Buffy!” Giles cried out and moved towards where Buffy was standing;
everything disappeared.  He looked around to find the group of people
who had surrounded him just seconds earlier were gone, their voices
slowly fading.  He saw another vortex grow in front of him and turned to
run when he felt hands grab his shoulders tightly.
        “No!” he cried out and opened his eyes.  Wildly, Giles looked around
from his position on Angel’s couch and struggled to slow his breathing.
Slowly, everything returned to him.  Joyce was dead and he had blamed
Buffy for it, there was a prophecy that might destroy the world, he
couldn’t stay at home so he had gone to Angel’s for the night, nobody
could get a hold of Whistler, Spike, Drusilla, or Buffy.  Nobody had
seen them for three days.  And nobody could find them, not even in a
town like Sunnydale.  Angel took his hands off of Giles’s shoulders as
he seemed to regain his sense of reality.
        “Are you okay Giles?” Angel asked quietly.  Giles looked up into
Angel’s eyes then looked around.  “You were screaming in your sleep.
Scared me half to death.”
        “My fault,” Giles mumbled, running his finger through his dampened
        “Huh?” Angel asked.
        “We have to find Buffy,” Giles said urgently.  “We have to do it now.
Before she does something drastic that could damn the world.”


        Buffy knew she was supposed to do something.  Something important.  But
all she could do was stare into the vortex at the mansion.  It was
almost exactly what she remembered, only this time there wasn’t a huge
stone demon behind it…She heard a noise behind her and turned around;
she saw that all of her friends were surrounding her.  She saw a figure
flicker in and out of focus and frowned.
        “Mom?” she asked quietly.  The figure exploded into a brief surge of
bright light then dissipated into nothing.
        “She’s dead,” Giles snarled.  “You killed her like you killed him.”
She looked up at him only to look up at Angel.
        “I love you,” he whispered.  Unable to stop herself, Buffy told him to
close his eyes.  When he did, she pulled back her sword that appeared
out of nowhere and plunged it into his chest.  Angel’s eyes wrenched
open with unmistakable betrayal and hurt; he reached out to her.
“Buffy.”  Then, as the tears poured down her cheeks, he laughed.  Buffy
as watched the mansion melted into the cemetery then she realized she
wasn’t holding a sword anymore, but she was holding Mr. Pointy.
        “Wha-?” she started.
        “You don’t get it, do you?”  Buffy looked up into Angel’s face.  “This
isn’t about you.”  Closing her eyes, Buffy waited to the next part to
come.  Instead, Angel walked over to her and gently touched her arm.
“This isn’t about *you*,” he said softly.  “It’s about *her*.”  He
pointed and Buffy turned around, only to be transported into the library
surrounded by her friends again.  She stood there, frozen as Mya came up
and gave her a hard shove.  Buffy, shutting her eyes, flew back and into
the vortex.  She fell and fell until she hit something hard and the
place illuminated with light.  She opened her eyes.
        She had fallen out of bed.
        Dru rushed over to the side that Buffy had fallen to after Spike
flicked on the lights.  He walked over, taking note that it was still
dark out.
        “Buffy, are you okay?” Drusilla asked the stunned Slayer quietly.
Slowly, Dru reached out to touch Buffy’s arm, only to make her jump,
        “Mya,” Buffy gasped out then blinked.  “What the-?”
        “I was thinking the same thing, pet,” Spike muttered.  Buffy jumped to
her feet and pulled on a robe over her boxers and tank-top.  Then she
went over to a door that attached to her room and pounded none too
softly on it.
        “WHISTLER!  WAKE-UP!” she yelled.  She heard a small ruffling of some
blankets then a click as the lamp on the other side of the wall flicked
        “Buffy?  Go back to bed,” Whistler called out quietly.
        “DO NOT MAKE ME BREAK DOWN THIS DOOR!” Buffy screamed.
        “Okay, okay, I’m coming.”  Whistler padded to the door and unlocked it.
“What is it Buffy?” he asked the nerve-rattled Slayer.
        “I had a dream.” she started.  Whistler, knowing that it was a good
idea to trust Buffy’s dreams, listened intently as she described it to
him.  “And then I woke up on the floor,” she concluded.  Drusilla, who
had turned a few shades paler went over to Buffy’s side.
        “Do you think it was prophetic?” she asked.  Buffy looked at her,
        “I don’t know.  I know something bad’s going to happen, but…I don’t
know.  It could’ve been bad Mexican that we had for dinner or it could
be a real warning.”  Buffy looked over at the quiet demon.  “Whistler,
what do you think?”
        “I think it was real.  But why would Mya do that to you?  We don’t have
any proof.”  Buffy frowned as she ran her fingers through her hair.
“That and we only have a few more days left ‘till we go into battle.”
        “Yeah,” Buffy repeated.  “Only a few days left.  We should probably
find Giles and them, get ready.

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