TITLE:The Younger woman



RATING:  its not too *dangerous..so..probly just pg13..i think..for
now..hehe..just a little touchy feely at this point.

SPOILERS:   um...it happens after lovers walk..but i dont see that it would
spoil much..

SUMMARY:Spike comes back. nuff said...Its a spike and joyce story.

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from..but I thought it might be interesting...If anyone likes it...ill do
more....or ill try.
        "Hello Joyce"
 The voice was velvet silk.
        {{Oh my god}} Joyce looked up from her reading to see a  familiar
face peering through her bedroom window. What time was it? She
 didn't know. She hadn't been able to sleep all night. She'd been too
        "Spike! Buffy's not here!"  She blurted out {oh my god} She thought
again. {Where's Buffy? Patrolling} her panicked mind filled in for her,
wondering if that were true.
        "Can I get you something? Joyce asked, remembering her manners and
then moaning inwardly. Buffy had told her all about this vampire last time
and how he had gone off in search of the other one…Drusilla.What was he doing
here now?
        Spike shifted his weight and Joyce suddenly remembered that she was
in her bedroom, …on the second floor. She shook her head and took a step
closer, her curiosity making her bold. She craned her neck, trying to figure
out how he was being supported in front of her window.
        Spike gave her an easy grin looking over his shoulder and then back.
        "Don't worry ducks.  I'm fine"
 Joyce frowned, rubbing her hands together in confusion. Spike winked at her
in mock conspiracy. She blushed and fidgeted.
        "Do you want me to tell Buffy you stopped by?"
 She asked, hoping he would go away. Spike shook his head in negation.He
propped up his head on a hand that was laid across the windowsill.
        "Don't worry. I didn't come for the slayer"
 She cocked her head to the side, confused. It made him laugh to see such an
expression, but he let it pass.
        "I just came by to give you my personal thanks…"
 She still didn't understand and said as such.
        "With Dru. You were right…We weren't meant for each other" He
shrugged.  "Oh, she liked the torture well enough"
 Joyce felt her heart speed up as he mentioned something so awful in such a
casual way, but she kept herself still as he continued.
        "She screamed my bloody name for hours…but afterwards."
 Another movement of his shoulders, and a frown. He lowered his voice, an
edge of anger to it…betrayal.
        "She said it was just a fling…nothing more"
 Joyce could see the pain in his face, the way he tried to get away from it.
Her motherly instinct took over, pushing all other facts out of the way.
        "Spike…I really think it's for the best," Joyce tried.
 Spike nodded absently, looking her in the eye.
        "You told me"
 And then.
        "Do you think I could come in?  This isn't the most  inconspicuous
place to be...plus, it's almost day"
 Joyce wanted to say no, was afraid for her life even, but he was in obvious
pain. She just could not refuse him.  She stepped back, wary.
        "Yes. Come in. Your welcome?"
 Spikes giggled as he scrambled to make his way through the window, pouring
himself into a heap on the floor.  Joyce jumped forward to help him and then
back again as he made a clumsy grab for her legs.
        "Oh my"
 She exclaimed. Spike grinned up at her from his crumpled position on the
floor. Clumsily, he rolled over onto his back.  It was then that Joyce
realized that Spike was very drunk, so drunk she wondered how she had
 missed it before. She started to back up then, panic rising as he lurched to
his feet, a crazy exuberance to his movements.
        "Where you going?  I just got here?"
 Now that she listened, she could clearly hear the slurring in his speech.
Spike stumbled forward and Joyce cast about for some kind of a weapon.
                "Now Spike. I really don't want to hurt you."
 She began. She could tell by the way that he smirked that he wasn't  buying
        "You know… I have some of those little marshmallows that you
 like," She tried again.
        He was only a few feet away from her now, a strange leer on  his
face.  She took another step back, coming to a sudden stop when her back
touched the wall. A small sound of surprise escaped her.
        "What have we here?"
 Spike moved in, placing hands firmly on either side of her head.
 She exclaimed, making to push him away. He lashed out with a hand, grabbing
onto her wrists.
        "Oh no…I like you here"
 He leaned in to her, pressing his body forward. Joyce stiffened, trying to
pull away.
        "Now Spike, I really don't think."
 He took that moment to kiss her full on the mouth. She nearly choked and he
pushed his advantage. A cool tongue darted between her slightly parted lips,
trying to coax her into playing along. Muffled noises of out- rage erupted as
he pulled back, swaying with a half-cocked eye on her.
        "Don't be like that love."
Joyce glared at him, stunned and too angry for coherent words.
 "I can't believe you did that...I…You…Get away!"
 She pulled at her hands, still held in a firm grip somewhere about her head.
        "Buffy will kill you"
 Spike smiled archly, making a rude noise at the idea.
        "I'd like to see her try it"
 His free hand came up, touching her through the thin material of her slacks,
outlining her trim waist
        "Sides, she's much too busy with my sire to do anyone any good"
 He threw out with a raspy chuckle. Joyce blushed at the insinuations she
imagined were held in that sentence and decided she didn't want to know. She
closed her eyes, hoping he would disappear, expecting him to go for her
again, but instead she could hear him speaking
        "Its ok love. She's a big girl"
 She trembled at the reminder that her little girl was growing up, no longer
a baby.  She could feel herself breaking down and tried to bolster her
spirits in the face of what was happening now. For a second Joyce was so lost
in her own fantasy that she failed to notice that her had once again brought
his face within inches of hers, until she heard his whisper, cool in her ear.
        "You need your own life peaches. You need to have some fun" He
nuzzled her neck, growling into her ear.
 Her voice rose another notch as she felt him shift his hand up to her
breast.  He let it drop to the bottom of her blouse, slipping it under and up
again, cupping her breast.
        'Oh my god Spike… What are you doing?"
 Spike laughed at the question, his tongue flickering over the flesh oh her
neck. He pulled back slightly and was about to answer her, a witty one liner
firmly on his lips, until he caught a glance of her face. Her eyes were
closed, her head thrown back, her breath coming faster than he had realized.
 "Well, well, then" He muttered under his breath.  "Looks like you are going
to have some fun"
 He looked up, a sound catching his attention. Someone was coming from the
front porch... Most likely the slayer. Damn! He glanced back at the window,
the rising sun lighting it way into the morning sky. He kissed Joyce; tender
on the cheek, thrilled at the small sound that escaped her.
        "Sorry peaches" He murmured, slipping away.
A door slammed and a voice was heard.
        "MOOOOM…I'm home"
 Joyce opened her eyes slowly, blushing. The sun streamed in, spreading
itself over her bed.
 She frowned, wondering why she was whispering. Her daughter's voice came in
from the hallway, getting closer.
 Joyce straightened, moving away from the wall. This was impossible. She
walked over to the window, looking out. No. That would kill him. Was he that
distraught? She shivered as a stray breeze made its way through her hair.
Her door opened, Buffy striding over to her mom.   "Mom?"
 Joyce turned, flustered.  "Buffy?"
 Buffy gave her a worried look.  "We do have a door you know"
 Joyce shook her head.  "What?"
Buffy pointed out the window.  "What's with the ladder? And when did you get
dresses? It's kind of early?"
 Joyce felt her senses popping back into place. She frowned at Buffy.  "Where
were you. I  waited all night for you to come home. I thought you were hurt.
Were you with Angel again? What happened last night?"
 Her words trailed off as her eyes settled on the double door closet, one
door half way open. Was he? How could she have missed it?
 Buffy threw herself on the bed. She hadn't noticed her mother's sudden lack
of communication skills, so lost in the adventures of last night.
 "No.  Unfortunately Angel was a miss. SO…. Same as usual, hellmouthy  wise.
Big evil…big evil gone.  Same old…same old"  She rolled over, waving the
stake she'd had in her hand all along.
        "What a night. I think I'm gonna take a shower. Good thing it's
 Buffy bounded up, flipping her head to the side. She'd forgotten all about
the ladder, as least as far as Joyce could tell. Was that good? Joyce sighed.
        "Well, I'm glad you're ok Buffy. You go ahead.   I'll be there in a
 Buffy nodded again, her eyes flickering to the window, letting it drop for
now.  "Ok mom" She grinned.  "I'm starving"  She declared, making her way
over to the door.
        "I'll be down in a second"
 The door closed as she left, leaving Joyce alone with her thoughts.  Joyce
licked her  lips, wondering why she hadn't said anything about Spike.  She
knew he was in the  closet. She thought he was.
 Joyce stood in front of the shuttered doors, peering in through the crack.
 For a second she didn't hear anything, but then.
        "I knew you wouldn't tell. Something told me"
 She could hear him moving about in the closet. She felt flustered, confused
by her silence.  One hand went up to the place where he had licked her and a
flush crept across her cheeks.
        "You can't stay here. You have to leave"
 Spike chuckled, nestling himself between soft things that she had stacked in
the corner  of the closet.  "I can't leave Joyce. The suns up"
 She looked at the sky and realized he was right. She didn't want him to die,
even if he was a pain in the but and dangerous. Joyce looked toward the door,
leading out to the rest of the house. Softly, she could hear a shower
running. What would Buffy say if she found out? Joyce shook her head.  A
bridge to be crossed when it came up. She turned back to the closet; not sure
what she would say but not surprised when she said it.
        "OK.  You can stay till nightfall. But that's it…OK?"  She heard him,
his voice heavy with exhaustion. He was falling asleep.
        "Ok love. Nightfall"
He was quiet, but she had an idea he was not quite *gone* yet. Joyce frowned
as a strange thought struck her.


Nothing, so she pressed on.

                        "buffy never did the spell...to keep you out. So much
was going on I guess...we never got around to it...Why? why did you..."

His answer came out to the question she had yet to finish asking. Joyce
strained to hear him, her breath caught in her throat.

                                        "I know she didn't, luv.I could tell."

She shook her head, the next question getting itself ready to be asked.

                                        "I dont understand. Spike..What do
you mean?"

He rolled over, speaking so softly she wondered if he had someohow
dissapeared, if she had dreamed it all and was somehow still asleep.

                        "Joyce love...Go downstairs. It doesn't matter"

She stood there, just stairing at the door, unable to speak...and then she
pulled the door shut as carefully as she could.  Inside, her mind screamed at
her, not believing what was going on. It told her to go get Buffy. Now! To
kill this monster that lay
 in her room, so unpredictable and dangerous. A vampire.  A vampire that
could come in any time he pleased. She just had to be crazy.
She walked to the door, leaning her head against the cheap wood.  Spike. What
was she going to do?

Did she really think he would keep his word? Had he ever kept his word?
Would it have made a difference?

She opened the door, moving back, slipping through and closing it behind her.
Quiet settled on the room, the start of another day.

Ok...if you made it to the end..thank you thank yoiu for sticking with it..:>)

oh..boy...that wore me out.


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