Wicked Game
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First off Buffy doesn't belong to me. Joss, ME and WB owns everything. No infringment intented. This story is rated R for graphic sexual comments and for VERY harsh language. No sex but the language is cable rated. Buffy and Angel
Summary: Buffy is stuck between a rock and a hard place dealing with Angel. Songs and lyrics from Stone Temple Pilots "Sex Type Thing" and "Wicked Garden" Songs and Buffy used without permission.

Wicked Game

Buffy sat at the table in the Bronze with her friends. She was there but her mind wasn't. She scanned the crowd of gyrating bodies, groups of friends laughing and talking. Most unaware of the dangers that lie just beneath them. Some knowing something was definitely different about their small town but not knowing what to do about it.

She also knew Angel was there. Watching. Passing by unsuspecting guys and girls who didn't know that under that beautiful face lies a man so evil and void of humanity that he could kill a child and not think twice about it.

For the past three weeks he had been tormenting her and her friends. Not to mention her mother. Everyone was trying to not let it get to them more than they liked, but it was obvious. It had to be. The conversation tonight lacked emotion and excitement. Everyone was just talking and you could tell minds were elsewhere. Last night she had intercepted a box of black roses that were meant for her mother. "I wonder if mother and daughter taste the same" was what was scrawled on the note in Angel's handwriting. That was the last straw for Buffy. After killing Jenny everyone thought it was to late for him to be resurrected but Buffy was still holding on. Holding on to the small hope that it could be done. But she knew now that it was wrong for her friends and family to have to go through all this hell on earth because she couldn't let go of what was. Something had to be done.

"Buffy? what are you thinking?" Willow's small voice brought her back to the present. Buffy shook her head faintly as if that would shack all the bad thoughts away. She looked at the worried faces and hopeful glances at the table. Worried for her, but hopeful that she had finally come to a conclusion about Angel. Well, she had.

"I'm fine Will," she assured her. Xander patted her shoulder and moved her hair off her shoulder. "Really?" he asked.

"Really," Buffy answered. "I've decided that we can't let Angel run our lives anymore." Willow perked up. "Are you saying you don't want me to try the spell again? Because I would do it for you Buffy." Buffy smiled at her best friend and noticed her other best friend avert his eyes and avoid looking in her direction. His tight expression showed he was more than ready to see some Angel dust. Cordelia said nothing. "Willow I just know he's after me. Only me. He wants to rattle me as much as possible. If I show him that his little tricks aren't keeping me up at night he'll stop. With all of us."

"When was this confirmed?" Xander spoke, an edge of ice on his voice. Buffy looked over at him. "I know Xander. That's what he wants. To have me afraid of him. When he sees that I'm not, he'll lay off. This will give me time to...." Buffy trailed. She was so sure she wanted to get rid of him. For good. But if Willow could do the spell when he would least likely suspect they would there could be small chance of an ambush. The range of emotion and looks around the table went from surprised, confusion, anger and betrayal. Buffy's blue eyes locked with Xander's brown ones. 'Please trust me' They begged.

Xander took another sip of his drink. Buffy lowered her eyes in sadness. "I'm on your side Buffy you know that, do I agree with it? hell no. But you're my best friend and I love you." Even Cordelia's face couldn't match the surprise that Buffy had on hers. "Xander.." Buffy whispered. Her voice cracked as she leaned over and hugged him. "I love you to." She leaned back and looked at him. "Thank you." She looked at everyone at the table, stopping at Willow. "I love all of you and you know I would put no one in front your safety." Everyone's eyes softened as they came to terms of their situation.

If Buffy wasn't ready she wasn't ready. No one could force her. But they could support her and love her and help her. Willow was ready anytime she was.

Buffy sniffed back her tears of joy and emotion as she got off her stool. "I think I'll scan the crowd a moment then call it night," she said. Xander glanced at his watch. "Whoa it's 12:30 in the morning." He downed his drink and stood also. Cordelia and Willow did to. "Come on, I'll walk you guys home," he said. He showed Buffy the stake he had tucked in his pants as he winked at her. "Never leave home without it," he said. Buffy laughed. "I've taught you well young jedi." Cordelia and Willow laughed as they hugged. Xander lead Cordelia and Willow out of the club with one last wave to Buffy.

After they were gone Buffy re-focused on the crowd and the dance floor. She had a sixth sense that Angel may be watching tonight, she wanted him to be. She walked to the dance floor getting into the rhythm and beat of the music as she moved. Despite her complete engrossment in the music she was still very aware of her surroundings and if Angel might appear. I am, I am, I am I said I wanna get next to you,/ I said I gonna get close to you/ You wouldn't want me have to hurt you too?


Buffy jerked her body to the rave alternative music, but she was still aware of the evil presence in the room. Angel watched her from afar. His hateful, concentrated gaze never leaving her luscious body that was shaking and wiggling in time to the music. The club had gotten darker than usual and it was perfect for him. He eased through the crowd slowly making his way toward her. Her eyes were closed and she rubbed herself with her hands. Hair flipping and body shaking. Despite Angel's morbid intentions he couldn't help but slow down and give her a longer look. She looked out of control, un-abandoned. It excited him more than he would like. The music got louder and Angel got closer. Just then Buffy opened her eyes and stared right into his. Her movements didn't even falter. She looked like she had known he was there all along. A deep angry hum came from the pit of Angels stomach as he realized she wasn't scared, or even surprised to see him. He neared her as the music blared. Their eyes remained locked. I ain't, I ain't, I ain't A buyin' into your apathy I'm gonna learn ya my philosophy/ You wanna know about atrocity?/ I know you want what's on my mind/I know you like what's on my mind/ I know it eats you up inside/I know, you know, you know

Buffy continued her fast movements, running her hands through her hair, sweat beginning to trickle down her blouse. She licked her lips and narrowed her eyes at him. Angel's anger mounted. No way on this hell called earth was he going to let this human make him feel any type of emotion. She had done it once and he never wanted to feel that way again. He was close to her now. So close that she was bumping him and brushing against him with her body with every shake of her hips. He stood right in front of her. Eyes unfeeling, clouded with nothing but loathing for her. Buffy looked up at him, her eyes doing a good job of betraying what she was feeling inside. At that moment she wanted to grab him and kiss him. She wanted to tell him she loved him and cry on him for leaving her for so long. But feelings were not on the menu tonight. If she was going to convince him she wasn't afraid anymore she had to convinve on the outside as well as the inside. "Do you like to watch Angel?" she asked breathlessly. She twirled around and ended up a few inches away from him. " I know you do, that's why you're here," she cooed up to him. A grin tugged at the corners of his mouth, nowhere in connection of having feelings but with cocky attitude. "Don't get your hopes up," he sneered. "Even if I did want you, you couldn't handle it." Buffy continued to rub herself, her short skirt rising and falling as she did so as the music neared the last chorus and the end of the song. "Really?" she smiled. "I bet I could." Angel's eyes shot through her's like cold steel.

  I am a man, a man, I'll give ya somethin' that you won't forget/ I said ya shouldn't have worn that dress/ I said ya shouldn't have worn that dress/ Here I come, I come, I come/ Here I come, I come, I come

Angel watched as she waggled her fingers at him indicating for him to come to her. She returned the cocky smirk that he offered minutes ago. Her eyes laughed at him. Her confidence mocking him. With one step he was in front of her again, but this time he grabbed her by the waist, bending one arm behind her. "You think you can beat me? You judge my intentions toward you and shrug me off like a bothersome fly. You try to tempt me with this seduction then expect me not to follow. You're playing on dangerous ground Buffy. Be careful what you wish for."

Buffy's gasp was swallowed up by the music, her beating heart only heard in her own ears. She pushed him off her boldly and roughly. "Don't underestimate me Angel, you don't know everything about me." She pushed through the crowd and made her way outside. She walked away quickly from the club. She wasn't going to let him get to her. That's what he wanted. Buffy entered the first block of neighborhoods when she felt his presence behind her. She stopped. "Want something?" she said dryly. "Yeah, I want to know what your insides tastes like." Buffy whirled and faced her enemy.

"Don't think I won't kill you," she said. Angel smirked. "Please, if you could you would have done it already." He stuffed his hands in his pockets. His ankle length leather coat swayed around his leather pants and black boots. His dark blue silk shirt was unbuttoned to reveal a hint of his upper chest. The same upper chest that once bore the mark of her cross as they had kissed. She flinched from her own heart wrenching memories and got back to the problem at hand. "Dressing more and more like Spike these days aren't we?" Buffy said, her voice laced with humor and hate. Angel looked down at himself. "Hmm, ya think? This doesn't make me look fat does it?" His tone made Buffy roll her eyes. She sighed. "You know Angel, Angelus, whatever your name is. You should just face the fact that if you wanted me dead you would have had the balls to at least try, I mean you wouldn't have succeeded but at least you wouldn't look like such a pussy skulking around at night and watching me in my bedroom window while jacking off in my bushes." She crossed her arms and stared at him. Angels chest started to heave. He came close to her, Buffy didn't move. "Don't EVER compare me to Angel. Your boyfriend is gone. As much as you wish he weren't he is." Buffy stared him down, refusing to be phased by him. He backed up a couple of feet. "And believe me, I'm not getting off on watching you." Buffy scoffed at that. She put her hands on her hips. "Come on Angel, you want me. I don't care how much you fight it."

"You've been hit in the head a few to many times," Angel said. "Don't deny it," Buffy continued. "Angel is still inside of you. He always will be. And he'll always want me. As much as you don't want to admit it, you want me to. That's why you watch me all the time isn't it? Why you sneak around and look into my window. Listen against my walls. Sneak into my room at night and watch me sleep. That's why you came to the Bronze, to see me. To be close to me. To be part of me."

"I will never feel that way again. That's for humans, not me. Angel is not a part of me...I'm warning you.." Angel snarled. "Warning me to what? Stop stating facts?" Buffy smirked at him again.

Angel looked her over. Her short skirt seemed to have gotten even shorter in the last 5 minutes. Her shirt tugged and gathered under her arms where the fabric fought to stretch across her ample bosom. Cleavage stared right at him while her delicious neck stretched above it. Veins were not visible but he knew they were there. Her blonde mane was wavy and limp since the curls she had earlier had been sweated out by her dancing. Her legs, smooth and long ended in perfect feet that were encased in black platform heels. No doubt, she looked hot. Despite his abhorrence for her he couldn't believe he was getting excited about it. He hated that and actually didn't know where it was coming from.

Buffy clasped her hands behind her back and started toward him. Her breast jutting forward. Angel could see her nipples straining to be released from her bra and he wondered where these horrible thoughts were coming from. Buffy was inches from him, she could feel his breath on her face. "Tell me Angel, tell me you still want me. I know you can still feel me around you, that night will never go away." Angel glared down at her. "Don't pat yourself on the back, it wasn't that great. You didn't even give me head." Those words hurt Buffy more than she liked and she was set off track for a moment. "What?" she whispered, her voice croaking. Angel smiled. "Oh don't get me wrong, you were a great lay. A warm body was all I needed." Buffy composed herself and met his icy stare. "Well, even though I was a virgin Angel, I could have sworn it was supposed to last longer than that." His evil glare almost overpowered her. She had never seen so much unbounded hate. She winced in shock that someone who was once so sweet, so loving could have ever been so..cruel. Instead of gracing her with a comeback he just stared at her. Almost daring her to back down. Buffy licked her lips and was pleased to see his eyes follow every move. "Let me ask you something. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fuck a Slayer? I know you have. I know you've wondered about me."

"I don't ever want that vile taste in my mouth again." He said simply. "Although..." he wrapped his arm around her like he did in the Bronze and pulled her close. She immediately grabbed his arms for support. She felt his hard dick and knew that was something he had no control over, it was now obvious he wanted her, weather he liked it or not. "The though of consuming all that power is tempting." He glared down at her, his lips a fraction of an inch away from hers. "What would you do to me Angel? I want to know." Angel reached his other hand up and grabbed her chin. He turned her head roughly and licked up her face. He placed his mouth close to her ear and whispered. "I would fuck the shit out of you until you're whimpering for me to stop, then I'd take a bite out of your lovely thighs to see what you blood tastes like." He let her face go and stared down at her. Buffy wondered if he could feel the stake at the small of her back. If he could he was ignoring it. She wondered how she would get it if she needed it. "That's all? That's not much. I was expecting more of an S&M scenario from you, Angel."

"You would like that wouldn't you? You're such a tease Buffy. You get Vampires and men alike worked into a frenzy, then you do nothing to satisfy."

"Are you saying I work you into a frenzy?" Buffy asked of his comment. He tightened his grip on her. "What would you like me to do Buffy? You want me to throw you on my bed and rip your skirt away? Shred you panties in order to get to you hot, wet, dripping folds?" Buffy played along, finally getting him where she wanted. "Yes, I do. I want to feel your rock hard cock inside of me. Ramming into me with a Vampire Power that only you could posses." She smiled when she saw the lust start to cloud his eyes. "I want you to taste me and tell me what I taste like. Describe to me what it feels like to be inside of me. Fuck me up the ass hard and fast." Angel brought his other hand up and squeezed her breast, hard and roughly. He pinched the nipple and made no attempt to try to be gentle. Buffy bit her lip but didn't stop him. "You like to live on the wild side Buffy? You really wanna know how it feels to fuck a Slayer? You want me to tell you? Oh baby, then let the games begin." He lowered his mouth and kissed her harshly. His tongue filled her mouth and tasted every part of her. He sucked her tongue and licked her lips. He opened his mouth and licked out his tongue far for her to taste on her own. She covered the quivering flesh with her warm mouth and sucked it like a lollipop. He tasted every inch of her mouth twice over before he finally pulled back. "One thing," Buffy stated. Angel just looked at her. "I want my Angel to fuck me."

Growling like an animal Angel pushed her away from him. "I told you, he's gone! There's only me!" He raged at her with yellow eyes and newly formed fangs and claws. Buffy whipped out her stake and got ready. Angel looked at the stake and back at her, he didn't move. Buffy started to back away down the street. "Give it up Angel. Face it. Angel is in there, and so am I. You can kill me and all my friends. But as you live the rest of your eternal life...I'll always be with you. I'm inside of you Angel and you'll never be rid of me. She turned and headed home. Her heels clicking on the sidewalk.

Angel watched her retreating form disappear down the street, engulfed by the shadows and darkness. He felt his erection pushing against his pants and felt dirty, ill even that he let her get to him that way. He stuffed his hands in his coat pockets and pulled the coat in front of him. As he turned to head back the other way he thought about what she said. He knew she was right.

Once she was away from facing him the tears flowed. She put up a great act tonight but she knew she couldn't keep it up. It was too much, her love for Angel would surpass anything. She had a choice to make. And she had to make it soon. She either loved him or hated him but she couldn't do both.

  Can you feel pain inside?/ Can you love? / Can you cry? I wanna run through your wicked garden Heard that's the place to find you/ But I'm alive/ So alive now Out of the dark that blinds you

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