TLC III -  Steam Heat

by Kyra Crown
SUMMARY:  Angel follows Buffy into the shower and...
DISCLAIMER:  Would I break your heart if they were mine?  Nope, but Joss would cause there his and he can.  I am your friend, he is not!

Steam Heat
Angel stepped into the shower as Buffy was washing her hair and a smile crept to her face.  She knew he would follow her in if he was able to.  She felt a little guilty for not letting him rest and recuperate, but then again, showers were good for the healing process and she turned to him and wrapped her arms around him, feeling his weight upon her as he tried to stay upright.  She felt his erection against her stomach and shock and excitement clouded her brain.

"Angel.  Are you sure your up for this?"  she asked him with a concerned frown.

"Baby.  You can *feel* how up for this I am, can't you?"  he whispered to her softly and assumed the duty of washing her hair for her.  Feeling his hands massaging her scalp, mixed with the steaming water and his body pressed up against hers sent lust surging through her and soon she was leaning on him for support.  She reached blindly for the bar of soap and lathered her hands then brought them gently to his chest to wash him.

Chest to chest she washed the oils from his body slowly running her soapy hands up and down, turning him to reach his back.  As she slid her slippery hands down his buttocks, he growled softly and leaned his forehead against the shower wall.  She turned him again until he was facing her and sank to her knees before him, water streaming down her face as she reached for him and gently began to stroke his painfully hard cock.

Grumbling and muttering again under his breath, he leaned back and closed his eyes in pain and pleasure.  He jumped when he felt her hot mouth trailing kisses up his thighs until her mouth met her hand and she kissed the tip of his penis.  Taking him into her mouth inch by inch, he ran his hands through her wet hair and held on.  After ingulfing him almost entirely, she began to alternatively suck slowly then run her teeth against him as she moved him in and out of her mouth, almost letting go then enveloping him again.

He was on the edge and she knew it and she felt incredibly powerful knowing she could invoke this response.  He was about to come and the overwhelming need to please her took over his earlier exhaustion and he stopped her and scooped her up slamming her against the wall of the shower.  Leaning back against the wall, she wrapped her legs around him and held on tight as he moved her waiting body down and pushed all the way into her in one thrust.  She rocked up and down on him hard and he found that he didn't even have to move.  Buffy was doing all the work and by the sound of her squeals and the feel of her around him she was enjoying it immensely.  She had one hand wrapped around his neck and was holding on for dear life, and he watched her slowly slide the other hand between their joined bodies to further pleasure herself, rocking harder when she reached her goal.

Her pace quickened and he felt her heart beat accelerating and he knew she was close as was he, and he let her glide him to release, her clenching muscles draining every drop from him.  Waiting for her to come back to earth, he let her slide gently down his body and when her feet were firmly planted on the shower floor, he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her softly.

She was as exhilarated as he was exhausted and she turned the shower off and dried him, then herself and led him to the couch to sit while she changed the oil soaked sheets and made the bed.  Helping him get into the bed she noticed her bag of goodies and remembered the one thing she had left to surprise him with.

"Um, Angel..."  she turned to see her lover sound asleep in the bed and she sighed.  <I guess I'll have to save that little bit of TLC for later.>  She smiled in anticipation and snuggled up next to him and turned out the light.

The End!

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