The Return, Prologue A

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Author: Little Slayer
Title:  The Return
Distribution:  Anyone can have it.  Just ask.
Rating: PG.
Author’s Note:  Sequel to The End.
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        Buffy opened her eyes and stretched lazily on her new bed.  She had the
most wonderful dream that night; she had gotten out of hell, killed Mya,
and then made passionate love to Angel.  She smiled at the thought of
all three then looked at her surroundings.  She was in a dark gray room
with black and red furnishings.  It was a very nice looking place that
she stayed in, and if it weren’t for the screams of torture victims, she
almost could’ve believed she wasn’t in hell.  But she was, and because
of Mya, it had been for almost three hundred years.  And to top it off,
she was with Angelus.  Buffy rolled her eyes at the thought of the
annoying demon and thought back to when she first arrived.


Buffy fell through the vortex.  Patches of color surrounded her.  One
moment, she was in pitch black and then next was surrounded by bright
orange and green.  She closed her eyes and then hit the ground in a
painful thud.  Taking in a deep breath, she lay still with her eyes
still closed.  She stayed like that for a moment until a familiar voice
rang through the air.
        “Okay, I know this is hell and all, but this, this is too mean,”
Angelus muttered.  Buffy looked up at him in all of his leather panted
        “Oh, shit,” Buffy hissed.  “I’m so going to kill that bitch.”
        “Nice language, Slayer,” Angelus commented.  “And by the way, welcome
to hell.”
        “Hell?” Buffy repeated.  “How did I get here?”
        “I’m guessing it had something to do with Kelvac there,” Angelus said
and gestured towards the demon’s carcass.  Buffy looked with a raised
eyebrow.  “He wasn’t the smartest demon, but he did know a little magic.
Which is very surprising for a giant worm.”
        “He knew magic?” Buffy repeated.  Angelus nodded and extended a hand to
help Buffy up.  Warily, she looked at him, then took his hand and pulled
herself onto her feet.
        “Yeah,” Angelus replied, then looked Buffy over.  “Like the outfit, but
the way.”  Buffy looked down at her white tank-top, black leather pants,
and tall boots.
        “Well, you inspired it,” she tossed at him.
        “Hmmm, I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not,” he said as if
talking to himself.  “Well, Kelvac had it so if he died, two vortex’s
would open.  I’m not exactly sure how you managed to sucked in the
second one.”
        “Mya pushed me, the stupid little bitch,” Buffy hissed.
        “Mya?” Angelus asked.
        “Why the hell do you care?” Buffy asked all of a sudden.  He chuckled
and began to walk down what seemed to be a sidewalk.  After noticing
Buffy wasn’t following him, he stopped and motioned for her to follow.
She started to walk and was soon at his side.
        “When Angel was down here, and we were still one body, there was a
demon named Schlep.  He had been the gatekeeper for many decades and was
getting bored.  So he arranged for Angel to be released and separate the
two of us.  I’m not sure why, but he chose me to replace him.”
        “Okay, you kinda lost me with the whole gatekeeper thing,” Buffy said.
        “Um, the gatekeeper is the demon in charge of all who enter hell.  I
decide where they go, how much their tortured, and for how long.  Schlep
was the gatekeeper before me.  He separated Angel and me and then passed
it down to me.”  They stopped in front of a door and Angelus knocked.
“You entered through magic, and you’re a Slayer.  What I’m supposed to
do with you is beyond me.”
        “Don’t you hate me or something?” Buffy asked.  He shrugged and the
door opened.  A female vampire looked at him then at Buffy.
        “Gatekeeper.  Nice to see you.  It’s been a while,” she said.
        “Yes it has, Asja,” Angelus replied.  “Is Crenshaw in?”
        “Don’t know what to do with this one?” Asja asked, mocking him.
        “She entered through a magic vortex,” Angelus replied.
        “So, hasn’t stopped you before.”
        “She’s a Slayer,” Angelus said.  Asja’s eyes widened and she looked at
        “I’ll inform Crenshaw of your arrival.  Please, enter,” Asja said and
opened the door.  Angelus entered followed by Buffy and Asja then closed
the door.  She bustled off to a room and went in.
        “Funny, doesn’t fit my vision of hell,” Buffy said.  A series of
pitiful, painful screams erupted from down the street.  “Okay, now it
        “He’s ready,” Asja said, suddenly coming out of the room.  “He said to
leave the Slayer in here and go in alone.”  Buffy sat down in a chair
and crossed her legs, waiting for Angelus to reappear and to figure out
what she was going to do.  After about ten or so minutes, Angelus exited
with a scowl plastered on his face.
        “He wants to see you, Buffy,” Angelus muttered unhappily and sat down
in a chair by Buffy’s.  Buffy stood up and walked into the office.  A
young looking man with pale blue skin and bright blue eyes sat at a desk
in a black suit.  His short white hair was clean and he had a friendly
        “Hello Buffy,” the man said.  “I’m Cryack Crenshaw.  You can call me
Crenshaw.”  He stood and extended a long fingered hand.  Buffy stood
tall and eyed him carefully, in full Slayer mode.  “Do not be afraid
Slayer.  Please, sit, relax.”  He sat back down and gestured to a
comfortable looking chair.
        “I’ll sit, but I won’t relax.  This place is making my Slayer sense go
off the charts,” she muttered and sat down.
        “If you were any other person, mortal person, you would have a reason
to be afraid.  But you did not come here because of your own actions,”
Crenshaw started.  “We’re working on getting you out as we speak.”
        “How long?” Buffy asked.
        “Six months,” Crenshaw said.  “There, in your world.  Here, well, it’ll
be a little longer.”
        “Why not earlier?” she asked.
        “Your people need to find the right spell.  It’s been misplace and will
take some time to locate.”  Buffy thought for a moment.
        “Why not just let me out?” she asked.
        “Not possible.  Unless we want to disturb the balance between good and
evil, we cannot open a vortex out of hell.  That would not only release
you, but half of the population of hell.”  Buffy frowned.
        “That wouldn’t be a good thing,” she said slowly.
        “No, it wouldn’t,” Crenshaw agreed.  “Which brings us to your current
        “Yeah, and why my mortal enemy is acting really, really…odd,” Buffy
        “You mean Angelus?  That one’s easy.  When we released Angel, we
separated the two.  But Schlep wanted him to have a little good in him,
so we left some of Angel’s humanity in him.  Still evil, but he has a
good side two.  It helps him think more rationally.”
        “When you released Angel,” Buffy repeated.
        “When we did that, your Watcher and that redhead were performing a
spell to bring him back.  All we had to do was do the second part of it
and separate the two,” Crenshaw explained.  “It was, unfortunately, a
totally different spell than the one needed to retrieve you.”
        “Oh, joy,” Buffy muttered dryly.
        “So, you can either a, be Angelus’s assistant of sorts.  Help keep
demons in line, learn some magic, that sort of stuff.  Or we can find
something else for you.”
        “Be his…as in work with him?” Buffy asked incredulously.
        “Do I have to?” Buffy whined.
        “Well, no, but what do you want to do?”

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