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Author: Little Slayer
Title:  The Return
Distribution:  Anyone can have it.  Just ask.
Rating: PG – 13.  Sexual inuendo and threatening towards characters.
Also, strong language.
Author’s Note:  Sequel to The End.
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else who legally owns them.  Anybody who has been either A) mentioned
on BtVS, or B) seen on BtVS, I don’t own.  I do own a few people but
am too tired to name them.

Chapter Four, The True Purpose

        Buffy made her way, silently, to the Bronze.  Taking in a
deep breath, she reminded herself that there were others following
and that she needed to slow down for them to catch up.  Buffy slowed
to a stop in an alley by the Bronze and glanced behind her as Xander,
Oz, Giles, and Angel all struggled to catch up.  The three vampires,
Angelus, Drusilla, and Spike had kept up fine and Whistler was a few
feet ahead of them.
        “Well,” Giles said as he neared Buffy.  “I think it’s safe to
say you’ve kept in shape.”  Buffy only gave him a small nod then
started off for the Bronze, her senses on full.
        “We’re close,” she said.  They came up behind the Bronze and
she looked up to the roof.  “Do they still have that skylight?”
        “Most of it’s boarded up after the last time there was an
attack,” Angel told her.  “They didn’t want to shell out the cash to
fix the glass after we broke it.”
        “But there’s still a way to get in?” she asked.
        “Well, yeah.”
        “So, what’s the problem.  We do like we did before, split up.
There’s nine of us, so three groups of three.”  Buffy looked around
at the others for preferences.
        “Slayer,” Spike said.  She looked at him and he stepped
closer.  “Dru, Whistler and I haven’t been here in a while.  The
three of us are more used to working with you and Angelus there.”
        “Good point,” Buffy said.  “But, we need firepower.  No
offence, but having just one really good fighter in the group and two
okay is the perfect way to get everyone killed.  We need to balance
the groups.”
        “Okay, so Xander, Oz, and Angel each in a separate group,”
Giles said.  “I’ll go with Xander and we can take Whistler.”
        “Okay, that’s good,” Buffy said.
        “Then we can split up the rest of you.  Spike and Dru can go
with Oz,” Giles said.  “Which leaves you two with Angel.”
        “Fun,” Angelus muttered.
        “Shut up,” Buffy hissed.  “You’re gonna have to get used to
this, like it or not.”
        “Not,” he told her.  Buffy closed her hands into tight fists
and closed her eyes as an attempt to control her anger.
        “Please, just cooperate.  Just this once,” she asked quietly
with her eyes still closed.  She opened them and saw him nodding.
Her face hardened.  “Okay.  My group gets the roof.  Spike, you take
you and yours around front.  The rest go in through here.”  Without
another word, she pulled herself up onto some boxes and then jumped
up to the roof.  Angelus followed and Angel started up the boxes.
        “You know,” he said.  The others on the ground looked up at
him.  “I thought being an ex-vampire was weird.  Now I get to go
fight with my…well, I’m not sure what title Buffy has, but I get to
go fight with her and my evil alter ego.  Who, by the way, has some
sort of relationship with Buffy.”
        “Yup, just another day on the Hellmouth,” Xander said.  Angel
pulled himself up onto the roof and felt a small twinge of jealousy
rush through him when he saw how Angelus stood over Buffy.  She
looked down the hole in the boards and then smirked up at Angelus and
he chuckled.  They were obviously friends and Angel didn’t know how
to react.
        “You gonna stand there all night?” Buffy asked quietly.  Her
eyes met his, and for a moment, he could’ve sworn he saw love
reflecting in them.  Then it was gone.  Angel tried, but he couldn’t
find any flicker of emotion in her face.
        “No, I was just…” Angel stopped at a loss for words.
        “Thinking about how utterly bizarre this is?” Angelus asked.
        “I’m having a conversation with my evil twin,” Angel said
bluntly.  “No, I don’t think bizarre covers this.”
        “Well, you two can plan the family reunion after we do this,”
Buffy said.  She pulled up one of the boards and then glanced down.
“I’ll go first, you two follow.”  She dropped her legs into the hole
and sat on the edge.  “One more thing.”
        “What’s that?” both Angel and Angelus asked at the same time.
Buffy raised an eyebrow but shrugged it off.
        “Don’t kill each other,” she told them.
        “Hey, you know me,” Angelus told her.
        “That’s exactly what I’m talking about.  Touch him, and I’ll
make you wish you were still in hell,” Buffy said.
        “I already do,” Angelus shot back.  “Anything’s better than
having to help you save the world.  Including hell.”  Buffy rolled
her eyes then dropped down into the Bronze.  She grabbed onto some
ropes and climbed down them against the wall un-noticed.  Angelus
followed behind her, and Angel behind him.  They glanced around and
Buffy’s eyes settled on Kelvin.
        “Hey, over there,” she muttered.  Angelus and Angel looked
        “Dammit,” Angelus cursed.
        “The girls are over there,” Angel said and gestured towards a
nearby table.  Buffy nodded and then sighed.
        “Let’s get this done,” she murmured and took a few steps
forward.  “Kelvin!”  The demon in the dark blue robe turned and his
image flickered with the movement.
        “Well, well, well, look who decided to show,” Kelvin
muttered.  Angel moved behind her and out of the corner of her eye,
Buffy saw Angelus move along the wall.  “And look, you’re pet Angelus
is with you too.”
        “Well, actually,” Angelus said from the other side of Buffy.
“That one’s Angel.”
        “How interesting,” Kelvin said snidely then turned his
attention to Buffy.  “I was waiting for you to show up.  I have
something to tell you.”
        “And what’s that?” Buffy asked coldly.
        “The world…it’s gonna end,” Kelvin told her.  “And it’s your
fault.”  Buffy froze for a moment, her face a picture of confusion.
“We knew, Crenshaw and I, that we needed the other part to the spell.
But the Watcher’s Council had it and we knew they wouldn’t give it to
us.  Unless, of coarse, we had something they valued.”  Buffy’s eyes
        “Like me,” she whispered.
        “I knew you weren’t as stupid as you looked,” Kelvin said
victoriously.  “We told them that the most powerful Slayer was in our
custody and that we needed the other part to the spell to release
her.  They needed some time to track it down, but eventually, we got
the spell and they got their Slayer.”
“More powerful that before,” Buffy said.  “I’m stronger, you know
“Doesn’t matter.  The world’s gonna end and there’s nothing you can
do about it.”
        “So why all the vamps here holding these people hostage?”
Angelus asked.  “If all you wanted to do was give her a message?”
        “I needed to get her somewhere where I could talk with her.
Somewhere where she wouldn’t do anything rash to threaten the lives
of these people she’s so passionate about protecting.”  Kelvin waved
his hand through the air, gesturing the frightened and some
unconscious people about the room.  “My deal was, they hold the
people and keep them from leaving, and as soon as I’m done here, they
have fun.”
        “Why?” Buffy asked.
        “Because, I’m evil, it’s what I do,” Kelvin muttered.  “Be
seeing you, Slayer.”  His form flickered again and then was gone.
Spike and Dru rushed in the front entrance, shaking a bit of dust off
of them, and Giles and Whistler busted down the rear entrance.  The
others filed in.  The vampires looked warily at their old masters,
Spike and Dru, and of coarse, Angelus, then at the two slayers, Mya
and Buffy.  Buffy let out an angry breath and then started to
        “Okay boys, you want a fight?  I’ll give you one,” she
challenged.  With a toss of her hair, Buffy pulled out a stake and
then looked out at the others.  “Get these people outta here,” she
commanded.  Nobody needed to be told twice to leave and suddenly the
Bronze was empty, not including the slayers, vampires, and
        “Slayer,” one vampire started.
        “Bored now,” Buffy hissed and chucked the stake at him.  The
stake landed in his heart and he disintegrated.  “Who’s next?”  The
vampires were frightened.  They weren’t sure why, but they were.  A
few of them had gone up against Buffy before and knew that she was
powerful.  But she had never acted that way during a battle.  Never.
Even more confusing was the fact that she had Angelus on her side.
The vampires knew for sure that he didn’t have a soul, they could
read it in his eyes, but then why would he work with Buffy?  After
getting no reply other than the vampire’s confused stares, she dove
at the nearest one.  Nobody moved as he dropped into a fighting
stance and Buffy stopped a few feet away from him.  He swung at her,
she ducked, he kicked, and Buffy caught the blow in her stomach.
        “Buffy!” Angel and Angelus called out at the same time.  They
glared for a moment at each other then rushed to help Buffy.  She
ignored both of them and released several furious blows to the
vampire.  He received all of them; the ones to his face, stomach, and
chest, were all taken in, his body absorbed them all.  But it was
hurting him.  Buffy could see this.  Other than the sounds of the
fighting, the Bronze was silent.  She suddenly stopped and turned,
the bloody vampire falling unconsciously behind her.  A few vampires
moved on the other side of the Bronze towards the table where Willow,
Cordelia, and Mya were sitting.
        “Slayer!” a brave vampire called out to her.  Buffy’s eyes
met his with a defiant glare.  He brought a knife up to Mya’s neck.
“Surrender or this one dies.”
        “So?” Buffy asked, shrugging.
        “Buffy,” Angelus hissed.  Buffy rolled her eyes then looked
at him with a smirk on her face.
        “You don’t stand a chance against us,” Buffy said to the
vampires behind her, still keeping eye contact with Angelus.
        “Then we’ll take these ones with us,” the same vampire
        “Then I have only one thing to say,” Buffy said and an evil
grin fell upon her face.
        “What’s that?”  Buffy turned and looked at him.
        “I have a lovely bunch of coconuts, deedley, deedley, dee,”
she sang out.
        “Spike, Dru!  Down!” Angelus called out.  Unsure of what was
going on, the vampires all looked startled as Spike and Dru did what
Angelus did, dove for cover.  Then they saw a bright light spread
from Buffy’s palm to her fingers.  She raised her hands out in front
of her,  then in a flash to everything that was chest level to Buffy
was incased in the light.  The vampires screamed while all of the
humans in the room felt a warmth rush through them.  Then, it
stopped.  Buffy’s arms dropped and she sunk to the ground.  Angelus
was up in a flash and at her side.  “Are you alright?”
        “Yeah,” Buffy replied.  “It just takes a lot out of me.  Are
they dead?”
        “How did you know?”
        “That you were doing that spell?”  Buffy nodded.  “Practice.”
Buffy smiled a bit and then, with Angelus’s help, raised to her feet.
“Are you sure you’re –”
        “I’m fine,” Buffy said.  “If you keep asking me that, you’ll
end up like that vamp over there.”
        “Okay, anyone care to explain?” Willow asked suddenly.
“Buffy’s over there with an Angel clone.  How did that happen?  She’s
supposed to be dead.  And what was that blue light?”
        “I’m not dead.  You were…” Buffy stopped and looked pointedly
at my.  “Misinformed.  As to who this moron is, don’t worry, he
doesn’t bite.  And if he does, he’ll answer to me –” she looked
sideways at Angelus “– and my grapefruit spoon.”
        “Hey, you keep that thing away from me.  That is just…evil,”
Angelus said and glared down at the petite blonde Slayer.
        “You would know,” Buffy shot back.
        “I have never, in all of my…lives, done anything that
extreme,” Angelus protested.  “What is it with you and sharpened
utensils?  I’m just glad they don’t have sandpaper in hell.”
        “No, they have sandstone, which is better.  It’s easier to
get a chunk of sandstone on the inside of a melon-baller…I haven’t
told you about that one, have I?”
        “I don’t want to know.  I don’t want to know,” Angelus kept
chanting.  Buffy rolled her eyes and smiled a wicked smile at him.
        “Chicken,” she muttered.
        “Well you know what they say, everything this side of the sun
tastes like chicken,” he said slyly.  Angel’s eyes nearly popped out
of his head and Buffy just raised an eyebrow.
        “Keep wishing, *Peaches*, keep wishing,” Buffy said to
Angelus.  They stood there, eyes met and deadly expressions playing
on their faces.  Slowly, Buffy’s emotionless face transformed into a
        “I’m going to take a wild guess here and say he’s Angelus,”
Cordelia said.
        “Well, at least she’s not as stupid as I thought,” Angelus
muttered lowly as Buffy turned to face her.  Hearing this, the Slayer
jabbed her elbow back and caught him in the stomach.
        “Unfortunately,” Buffy muttered.  The Bronze once again fell
silent and Buffy let her gaze wander around the room until it settled
on Mya.  Angelus smirked at the room and then silently bent over
Buffy’s shoulder, pretending to move in to bite her.  She stomped
backwards on his foot then brought her fist up to crush his nose with
her strength.
        “Ow!” he muttered.
        “Well stop leaning over my shoulders.  Gives me the wiggens
just having you around, just stay out of my personal bubble or I’ll
shove my stake where the sun don’t shine,” Buffy threatened.
        “The sun doesn’t shine anywhere on me,” Angelus replied.
        “If you don’t shut up I’m going to take this stake,” she
pulled a stake from her boot.  “And shove it so far up your ass,
you’ll have to throw it up to get it out.”  Angelus’s eyes went wide
for a moment then he frowned.
        “Is that even physically possible?” he asked.  Buffy growled,
shook her head, then walked towards Mya.
        “Well, well, well.  Look what we have here,” she muttered.
Slowly, Buffy circled around Mya like a bird of prey circling in on a
        “Buffy.  You look…good,” Mya stammered.
        “Take a good look, because if I get my way, you won’t have
any eyes left when I’m through with you.  In fact, you won’t really
anything left at all.  I’m going to rip your body –”
        “As much as I like the visual, Buffy, why do you want to kill
her so much?” Xander asked quietly.  Buffy looked up at him and gave
him a sad smile.
        “I’m not the one to tell you.”  Buffy looked at Mya with
venom in her eyes.  “She is.”  Mya opened her mouth and Angel,
Xander, Oz, Willow, and Cordelia looked at her for her answer.  The
others just watched sadly, already knowing what Buffy was talking
about.  “Well?”
        “I can’t,” Mya said.  “I can’t.”
        “Well, I hope you’re happy.  Not only did you get rid of me…
temporarily, but you’ve also managed to succeed in signing the
world’s death wish.  Kelvin was wrong, it’s not my fault that they
have the spell.  It’s yours.  And I hope he kills you.  Because what
I’m going to do to you will be much, much worse.”
        “Great, now I’m hungry,” Angelus muttered.  “I’m going to
take a wild guess and say I’m going to be bag fed, huh?”
        “Yup,” Buffy answered.
        “Damn,” Angelus hissed.
        “C’mon.  We’ve got patrol to do and then get you situated for
the night,” Buffy whispered.  She looked one last time around the
Bronze and then walked silently out the front entrance.
        “Oooh, not good.  The last time I saw Buffy this pissed was…”
Angelus frowned, trying to remember the details.  “I’ve seen her a
lot less angry and it’s been death for every one of her opponents.
Sorry Mya, but you’ve signed your own death certificate yourself.
She’ll kill you.”  He looked directly into her eyes then smiled as he
morphed into his vampiric visage.  “If she doesn’t, I will.  Three
hundred years.  Hell has been redefined.”  Mya’s body shook and tears
streamed down her face.  Angelus did nothing but smirk at her then
leave to catch up with Buffy.  Giles walked over to Mya and glared
down at her.
        “It is my honor to announce that you have been officially
fired by the Watcher’s Council.  You’re powers will be taken away,
and you’re life left in Buffy’s hands,” Giles told her.
        “No, please,” Mya pleaded.  One by one, everyone in the
Bronze left.  The only ones who remained were Angel and Mya.
        “I can’t believe it,” Angel said, his tone harsh.  “All this
time and you’ve been lying to me.”
        “I’m so sorry,” Mya told him.
        “Because…she can’t make you happy,” Mya said shamefully.  “I
        “You’re too late,” Angel said.  “She made me happy long
before I even heard your name.  Long before the two slayers before
you died.”  Angel shook his head.  “The only thing I feel for you is
pity.”  He turned and left the Bronze, in search of Buffy.  *I only
hope I’m not too late,* Angel thought as he moved through the
darkness.  *I only hope.*

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