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Uh, hi!  Sorry it’s taken so long for my next part to get sent out.  It
took me forever to get over my mild case of writer’s block that I had.
But, here it is.  Chapter two’s a bit short, but it’s good.  Everything
changes in this chapter and the truth gets told!  Only to…uh, just read
and you’ll find out.

Author: Little Slayer
Title:  The Return
Distribution:  Anyone can have it.  Just ask.
Rating: PG.  Just a little swearing.
Author’s Note:  Sequel to The End.
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on a bone.  Or in her case a dog on a…okay, I’m not going to finish
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because of one really important reason…
Disclaimer:  I don’t own him!  Uh, her.  Or Buffy, Angel, Giles, Willow,
Joyce, and everyone else.  They’re all in here.  I don’t own Angel’s
nickname of Peaches.  The only thing I own is Mya.  She’s mine.  I
created her.  And so I can easily destroy the skanky little…uh, oops.
All the Buffyverse people belong to Joss Whedon and anyone else who
legally owns them.  Anybody who has been either A) mentioned on BtVS, or
B) seen on BtVS, I don’t own.  I do own a few people but am too tired to
name them.

Chapter Two, The Retrieval

        Angel walked nervously into the school.  The sun was setting and he had
run into the Slayerettes on his way down the street.  They had told him
that Giles said not to disturb him tonight, he had research to do or
something.  Angel moved down the hall and stopped at the library doors.
Quietly, he pushed them open and walked into the library.
        “Ah, you’re here,” Giles said then turned around.  “Angel?  What are
you doing here?” he asked startled.  Quickly, he pushed something behind
a stack of books and Angel frowned.
        “I needed to talk to you,” Angel said.  “About my dreams that I’ve been
having about Buffy.”  He stopped talking, his voice catching on the
‘dead’ Slayer’s name.
        “Can they wait until tomorrow?” Giles asked hurriedly and glanced out
the window at the darkened sky.  “I’m expecting someone very important.”
        “But –” Angel started.
        “And, I have something to tell you about Mya.  Something that I’m not
at liberty to explain right now,” Giles said quietly.  Angel opened his
mouth to speak.  “And it’s about Buffy.”  Angel paled and stood frozen
to his spot.
        “Is Mya responsible for Buffy’s…death?” Angel asked slowly.  Giles
didn’t respond.  Instead, he drew in a deep breath and sighed.
        “I’m not at liberty to discuss it,” he repeated.
        “Giles!” Angel said.  “Tell me!  What happened?  What really happened
to Buffy?  Please, I need to know.”
        “Mya…she…Buffy’s not dead.  Not like we were told,” Giles said.
        “Then where the hell is she?” Angel asked.
        “That’s exactly what I’m talking about.  Hell.”
        “No,” Angel said.  Giles nodded.
        “Do not tell anyone what we spoke of,” Giles said.  “I’m expecting some
people who will help bring Mya what she deserves.  All will reveal
itself in due time.”  Angel blinked then, with his head lowered, he
started for the door.
        “I can’t believe it,” Angel murmured.
        “I have proof, and soon, I will have Buffy,” Giles said.  “Come back
tomorrow, Angel, perhaps we can discuss this more then.  But now, I need
you to leave me in peace.”  Angel nodded, and still in shock, left the
library.  He had intended finding out what his dreams meant, but this,
this was too much!  Buffy was alive and the one person he allowed
himself grow close to was the one responsible for her death.  He got to
the door then stopped.  No, he wouldn’t leave.  He’d stick around and
see exactly who was so important that Giles couldn’t tell his closest
friends about.  Slowly, Angel found an unlocked room and hid away in the
dark.  After about an hour, he heard voices go past the room and down
the hall towards the library.  Quietly, he crept out of the room and


Giles paced throughout the library.  It was almost an hour after sunset
and the others were getting suspicious as to why they couldn’t be in the
library.  He had told them there wasn’t anything to be worried about,
but they saw right through him.  Maybe if he had just left and kept the
doors locked…
        “Watcher?” a hesitant female voice asked.
        “Sorry, Giles isn’t home right now.  Please leave your name, number,
and brief message after the tone and he’ll get back to you as soon as he
can,” Spike muttered.
        “What?  Oh, uh, hello,” Giles said as he turned, startled, and faced
Spike, Drusilla, and Whistler.  “How long have you three been here?”
        “Not very,” Whistler said casually.  “We needed to pick up something
that Spike here…destroyed.”
        “It was an accident!” Spike exclaimed.  “I couldn’t help the fact you
put it in a tube that resembled my hair dye!”
        “Calm down, Spike,” Drusilla murmured.  “We know it was an accident.
It wasn’t your fault.”  Giles suppressed a grin and looked at the
        “Well, we have all of the supplies.  Let’s get started, shall we?”
Spike and Dru nodded and both Giles and Whistler got out a bag of sand.
It was dark green mixed in with some shimmering white bits.  They drew a
circle around the area where Buffy had been shoved into hell and
Drusilla lit some candles.  Spike silently took a bottle of a strange
oil and poured it into two wooden bowls.
        “Spike, when I say, you need to light those, okay?” Whistler asked.
Spike got out his lighter and nodded.
        “We’re almost ready,” Giles said.


        “Ready?” Crenshaw asked.  Buffy strengthened up and nodded.  Crenshaw
handed her a long black velvet robe and she slipped it on over her
clothes.  Next to her, Angelus paced in the confined area that they had
to be in and also put on a robe.  Buffy rubbed the velvet against her
cheek then pulled up the hood.
        “I can’t believe it,” he muttered.  “I have to act like the Slayer’s
damned lap dog!”  Buffy sighed and then looked at him through narrowed
        “Don’t even start,” she hissed.  “I don’t like this any more than you
        “Ha!” Angelus said.  “You’re going to love this!  Not only do you get
to order me around, but you’re going to have two Angel’s around to do
your bidding!”
        “If you’re thinking what I think you are…” Buffy threatened.
        “Face it Slayer.  The thought of both Angel and I in bed with you makes
you all hot and bothered,” Angelus said.  “It’s a good thing that Angel
gave you a bit more experience though, because I don’t want to repeat
that night of your seventeenth birthday.”
        “I’m sick of fighting with you,” Buffy said slowly.  “Take it back, or
I swear on my mother’s grave you will never live long enough to leave
        “Oh that’s right, one of my creations killed that annoying little
twit,” Angelus said cruelly.  Around them, two bowls of oil were lighted
and two demons in robes started to chant.
        “And I’m going to hunt him down and make him wish I’d kill him,” Buffy
growled.  “And I’m going to practice on you.”  Angelus laughed and Buffy
pulled out a stake.
        “Oh come on Slayer, you couldn’t kill me before, what makes you think
you can now?” he asked, mockingly.
        “Well, if you think I’m not going to be able to kill you, let’s do
this.  Stay in the weird green sand, and we’ll fight,” Buffy said.
        “We aren’t even out of hell and already you’re ordering me around!”
Angelus growled.  His face morphed into it’s vampiric visage and Buffy
kicked at him.  Bright blue light surrounded them and Angelus looked at
it, mesmerized.  Buffy took the advantage and raised the stake to plunge
it into his chest.  White light burst through the circle and Buffy,
blinded, jammed her stake down into the vampires chest.  He howled in
pain and then the light died.  Buffy looked around and was semi-startled
to stare into the face of Giles.
        “Hi Giles,” she said perkily then glanced down at the vampire who she
had jammed her stake into.  He was lying on the ground, the stake deep
in his stomach.  She bent down to check if he was conscious and then
stood up.  “Damn, I missed,” she muttered, her hood still covering her

Angel crept to the library doors and he peered into one of the circular
windows.  His eyes widened as a small black figure crouched over a
larger one, then straightened up.
“Damn, I missed,” it muttered.  The larger black figure from the floor
stood and pulled a sharp wooden stake from his stomach.  Some light fell
onto his face and Angel stood in the doorway, reflecting the black-clad
figure holding the bloody stake.  *My god,* Angel thought.  *Angelus.*
The short feminine figure walked into the lighted part of the library,
but Angel didn’t even look at it until his demon counterpart talked to
        “Dammit Slayer, why’d you have to go and go that?” Angelus hissed.
        “Why’d you have to go after my friends after my seventeenth birthday?”
Buffy asked.
        “No matter what I do, you always come back to that,” Angelus grumbled.
Angel slowly looked at the blonde Slayer who hopped up onto the counter
and did a double take.  Giles said he’d get Buffy soon, but…*Buffy.*

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