The Return, Chapter Fourteen

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Author: Little Slayer
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Title:  The Return
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Rating: PG.
Author’s Note:  Sequel to The End.
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Chapter Fourteen, Trick

        “Are you sure they bought it?” Trick asked once again.  Mya sighed in irritation and stalked across the small room.
        “They bought it all right?  Angelus is dead,” Mya growled.  “And I believe I get my reward right about now?”
        “Oh yes.  You want your strength back.  You want to be as strong as Buffy.”
        “Stronger.  I want to be stronger than that little slut,” Mya said.
        “It’ll take a while for the process to take effect,” Trick told her.
        “So make it work faster!  Do it now, damnit!  We don’t have time.”  Trick smiled a toothy grin, his long, sharp fangs glistening in the dim light.
        “I think we work something out,” he said with a savage tone, and yanked Mya towards him.  With an animalistic growl, he sunk his fangs into her neck.  An hour later, Mya’s dead body stirred and then she sat up with wild yellow eyes and unnaturally long incisors.  “Good morning sleepy head.  You’ve woken just in time…for the end of the world.”  Mya smiled at Trick, her sire, then stood with lethal gracefulness.
        “Mmmm, my kind of welcoming,” she said with a smirk.

Two hours and forty minutes later…

        Buffy drew in a deep breath as the others looked at their physical bodies, which were positioned in a heap on the floor, hidden by some desks.  Everyone was there but Whistler.  *He always shows up whenever,* Buffy thought.  *If this is really going to be tough for us, he’ll show.*
        “Whoa, this is…well, I think the only word to describe this is weird,” Xander said.  Buffy shrugged and slung her bag over her shoulder.
        “Yeah.  Okay, there are a few things you need to know.  You can touch physical objects but can’t die.  If you want, you can pass through physical things.  Only, the longer you’re like this, the harder it is for you to get back into your body,” she explained.  “Questions?  Comments?”  Nobody said anything.
        “Okay, let’s get going,” Angelus said.  “We want to be back in time for the fun.”
        “Oh yeah, saving the world from a sick freak who reminds me of you is going to be loads of fun,” Buffy muttered.
        “Well, I was talking more of torturing Mya,” Angelus explained.
        “You aren’t going to hurt her,” Angel said.  “She just trying to get attention.”
        “What the fuck are you on?” Angelus demanded.  “Give me a break, Soul-Boy, Mya is a sick fuck and she needs to be put down.”
        “Language,” Buffy reminded.  Then she sighed.  “We’ll deal with Mya later.”
        “You were so much more fun in hell,” Angelus grumbled.  “Now it’s work, work, work.  You never have any fun anymore.”
        “I have fun!”  Buffy paused then thought.  “Okay, so I don’t.”
        “I can think of a few ways to change that,” Angelus said with a smirk.  Buffy cocked her head to one side.
        “Hmm, so can I.  Sandpaper, kitchen utensil, and you,” she said perkily.  Angelus’s eyes widened and he opened his mouth with a comeback.
        “Will you two stop it?” Drusilla demanded.  “You two are worse than children!  We have stuff we have to do.  Saving the world kind of stuff?”
        “You always spoil my fun,” Buffy pouted.  Then she sighed.  “Okay, let’s get to work.  We need to get to the factory.  Spike, you set everything up, right?”
        “Yeah luv, I did.  Kerosene, gasoline, and a nice little bomb in the bloody center of the factory,” Spike said.  “I feel like I’m talking about making some bleeding soufflé or something.”
        “Oooh, cherry soufflé.  Cryack used to make that,” Buffy said.
        “Yeah, except they weren’t cherries,” Angelus said.  Buffy paled.
        “What were they?”  He looked up at her and then walked over to her side.
        “You don’t want to know.  Trust me.”  Several different possibilities ran through Buffy’s mind before deciding she would take his advice.
        “Okay, I think I missed something here, cause I’m drawing this huge blank,” Xander announced.  Angelus tried not to laugh.
        “Like that’s something new,” he whispered.  Buffy elbowed him.  “What?”
        “Be nice,” she warned.
        “But I don’t to,” Angelus argued.  “It’s so much more fun being evil.  I mean, you get to torture people, get anything you want, have power and control…”
        “And get your head chopped off by me,” Buffy said.  Then she gave him an evil grin.  “It is fun once and a while.”  He rolled his eyes.
        “Back on topic now, please?” Giles asked.  “There is something important we are dealing with right now, commonly known as the end of the bloody world!”
        “Oooh, Giles, language.  Naughty, naughty,” Buffy said teasingly.  Then she put on a serious face.  “Sorry, had to get that out of my system.  I had three vanilla frappuccinos before I got here.  They ought to put warning labels on those things.”
        “Slayer, pet, we best be getting to the factory,” Spike reminded her.  Buffy nodded.
        “Okay.  When we get there, everyone get inside and surround the bomb.  As soon as the vampires show, we run and light the stuff around the building.  When it reached the bomb, well, let’s be far from there by that time.”  The others nodded and as one, the group left the small classroom.


        Buffy knew as soon as they got to the factory that there were vampires already inside.  She cautiously led them through the main entrance and then made her way to the small box that Spike had left on a table in the middle of the large room inside.
        “Okay,” she said a little loudly.  “We’ll just stand around that strange box and wait for the vampires to show up and end the world.  I just hope it’s not a trap.”  The others looked at her oddly, then realized what she was doing.
        “Yeah,” Cordelia agreed, in the same overly loud voice.  “I just had my nails done.  And do you know how much it would cost to have this dry-cleaned?”
        “Cordy, hon,” Xander said, catching on.  “I think we need to worry about being out numbered as opposed to your cleaning bill.”
        “Well, the little lady won’t have to worry about her cleaning bill ‘cause she’ll be dead,” a vampire announced from the shadows.  Several dozen more stepped out of the shadows, surrounding them.
        “Okay, we’re clearly outnumbered,” Angel said.  “Let’s get out of here.”  The others nodded and ran towards the entrance.  The vampires blocking them, braced themselves to hold them back when they passed straight through them.
        “What the hell?” a vampire asked.  Buffy smirked at him and pulled out a match.
        “Is it just me, or does it smell like gasoline in here?” she asked.  “A lot of it.”  Everyone ran far from the building as Buffy lit it then dropped it at her feet.  Flames shot up around her and shot around the room, surrounding the vampires.  “Bye.  Have fun in hell.  Oh, and tell Crenshaw he can go fuck a tree.”  Buffy glanced behind her and saw her friends far in the distance, then said the spell that would reunite her with her body.
        “No!” the leader vampire yelled as the bomb exploded and Buffy disappeared.


        It was weird for him, being on the same side as the demon who destroyed everything he had.  Angel looked over at Angelus, who stooped down to help Willow up after she tripped.  She smiled a thanks at him then looked over at Angel.  He met her gaze for a moment then turned away from her gaze.  Now he had a lot more than he ever did, and yet, he didn’t have what mattered most to him.  Buffy.  She was almost Angelus’s possession.  They smiled, teased, lobbed insults at each other…they seemed to be the closest of friends.  It frightened Angel to think of Angelus’s attitude when they had first pulled him from hell earlier in the night as compared to what it was after Buffy showed up.  He saw the way Buffy looked at Angelus, as if he was the only person she could trust, as if he was the only one who was there for her, as if he was –
        “What took you guys so long?”  Buffy’s voice snapped him back out of his thoughts with a savage interruption.  She was leaning against the wall in a patented Angelus stance.
        “How did you get here so fast?” Angelus asked her.  As usual, he was the first one to talk with her, getting out his thoughts before everyone else.
        “I know the reversal spell.  Come to think of it, so do you Peaches,” she tossed at him.  Angelus blinked.
        “I know that.  I just…I wanted to make sure they got here safely,” Angelus said.  Buffy snorted then looked at Angel with a bemused smile.
        “Whatever.  Well, let’s get everyone back in their bodies.  We have a party to crash,” she announced.
        “We don’t have any weapons,” Giles suddenly realized.  A wicked grin spread over the Slayer’s lips.
        “Did I mention that I picked up a few toys to bring to the party?” she asked then held up a large bag.  “Two swords, two crossbows, a couple of daggers, some spell books, holy water, crosses, stakes…did I forget anything?”  Giles shook his head.  “What can I say, you’ve taught me well.”
        “Have I mentioned how nice it is to have you back Buffy?” Giles asked.  Buffy’s features softened and she looked at the floor, trying to avoid her friends’ gazes.
        “Actually, not really.  You all just sorta went, ‘Hey, she’s not dead.  Cool,’ and went on your ways.”  The room grew silent and buff straightened.  “You guys can gush over me later.  Right now, we have a world to save.”
        “Yeah, and being in our physical bodies might help out a bit,” Oz pointed out.
        “Just might,” Buffy agreed.
        “Okay, so, what do we do?” Xander asked.
        “Hold hands,” Angelus instructed.  Willow grasped onto Xander’s and Oz’s hands, Xander grabbed Cordelia’s, who had held onto Angel’s hand.  Angel held out his hand for Angelus to grab onto, which he did and then held onto Drusilla’s hand.  Dru grabbed Spike’s, who held Giles’s.  Giles and Xander completed the circle and they surrounded their bodies.  Buffy stood in the middle.
        “I’ll do the spell,” she said.  Swiftly, the words flew from her mouth and soon the circle disappeared and the heap of bodies shifted and sat up.
        “Okay, I take it back,” Xander announced.  “Looking at our bodies while not being in them is not weird.  Being put back in them is.”  Buffy smiled.
        “It’s a lot to get used to,” she agreed.  “Now imagine doing it surrounded by demons and someone who tried to make you go insane.”
        “How many times do I have to apologize!” Angelus demanded.  “I bent over backwards to make you happy in hell.”  Buffy frowned and scratched her temple, resisting the urge to say, ‘Yeah, you bent over backwards as well as many *other* directions.’
        “I just like to tease you about it,” Buffy said instead.  “It’s fun for me.”
        “Well I’m glad one of us enjoys it,” Angelus muttered.  “Can we go kill things now?”  Angel nodded.
        “As much as I hate to agree with him, we probably get to the library before they figure out we aren’t dead or still at the factory,” he said.  “A few vamps are bound to have lived.”  The others nodded.
        “Okay,” Buffy agreed.  Angelus moved next to her and pulled out a sword.  Buffy picked up the other one and let Giles take the bag to distribute the other things she had grabbed.  Her eyes met with Angelus’s as the both held up their swords in a position similar to one they used while fighting after Angelus had released Acathla.
        “Déjà vu,” Angelus whispered.  Buffy shivered.
        “Let’s do this,” she announced and stalked out the door.  Angel fell into step next to her, handing her a dagger and a stake.
        “I’m really glad you’re back, Buffy,” he whispered.  “I missed you, I just didn’t know how to say it in front of him.  When he…when we shared a body, he’d belittle me for loving you.”  Buffy looked up at him.
        “I missed you too,” she admitted.  “If we, no, when we win this, we’ll go somewhere and have a nice long chat, okay?”
        “Okay,” Angel replied.  They stopped in front of the library and peeked in the windows.  Buffy turned to talk to the rest of the group.
        “Mya’s in there, so’s Trick and about a dozen vamps,” she whispered.
        “What are they doing?” Willow asked.
        “It looks like they’re trying to end the world.”


        “Hablo el inferno.  Hablo el inferno pero distruciones el globo,” Mya chanted as she glanced down at the old book Trick held out for her.  The vampires around her stood still, staring at the spot where a small vortex had begun to grow.
        “And the thing I can’t get over is that this is our library and we weren’t even invited,” Buffy said.  Mya turned, wide eyed to stare at the new arrivals.  *This is not good,* she thought.
        “No!” Trick urged.  “Keep going or you’ll destroy the equilibrium!”
        “I don’t think so,” Buffy hissed.  Angel and Giles shot their crossbows, each taking down two of the fourteen vampires.  Buffy and Angelus charged into the crowd as Trick’s minions attacked them.  Mya struggled to finish the spell.
        “Uh, I call upon you, leader’s of hell, open this gate and swallow the world I call you from!” Mya yelled.  “I ask you, oh mighty leaders, spread your evil across this gate and oomph!”  Buffy tackled Mya, her arms around Mya’s waist, bringing her down the ground in a heavy thud.  Mya’s head slammed on the stone floor and a trickle of blood seeped from the place of impact as she passed out.  Buffy leaped up and began to go one on one with Trick.
        “Well, well, Slayer, we meet again,” Trick sneered.  “I didn’t think you had it in you to outsmart me.”
        “Did it before, I’ll do it again,” Buffy hissed as she caught Trick’s fist.  She pushed it back at him and shoved him into Angel’s waiting stake.
        “NOOO!!” Trick screamed then his ashes fell to the ground.
        “Thanks,” Buffy said.
        “No problem,” Angel replied.  Taking in a deep breath, Buffy looked around the room.  Her friends looked back at her, dust covering them and the library.
        “Hey Slayer!” a deep voice called out.  Startled, the Slayerettes, vampires, and Slayer turned as one to look at the vortex.  Buffy smiled.
        “Cryack,” she greeted.  “How are things?”
        “Well, Kelvin and Crenshaw are in…custody,” the large demon said with the closest thing to a smirk his mouth could make.  He was about nine feet tall, covered from head to toe in blades.
        “What is that?” Xander whispered.
        “The most educated Hork-Bajir you will ever meet,” Angelus said.
        “I’m hoping the nicest too,” Xander said.
        “No, most are like him,” Angelus explained.  “His kind was created to help keep hell in order.  The blades are really for cutting down trees and stuff.”
        “Hey, no telling our secrets,” Cryack said with a grin.
        “So, Crenshaw and Kelvin are taken care of?” Buffy asked.  Mya moaned and rolled over.  She slowly sat up, then her memory snapped back and her eyes opened wide.  Buffy smiled a dangerous grin.  “How would you like a new addition?”
        “What’s going on?” Mya demanded.  “Who are you?  Why’s the world still here?”
        “We saved it you ninny,” Spike growled.
        “I see that you arrogant worthless excuse for a vampire,” Mya snapped.  Buffy walked over to Mya and leaned up to whisper in her ear.
        “We won,” she said.  “That means you’re not in a position to threaten or to make rude comments.”  Mya’s eyes widened.
        “Oh, yeah,” she stuttered.  “I don’t suppose you’d be really nice and decide to forgive me, would you?”
        “Not really,” Buffy replied.  “But I’d be willing to introduce you to my friend, Cryack.”  Mya looked up at the tall demon and her eyes grew even larger.
        “Hi,” Cryack said.
        “I’m sure he’ll take real good care of you,” Buffy said then latched onto Mya’s arm.  “In hell.”  With a hard yank, Buffy flung Mya towards Cryack.  He caught her arm then smiled at Buffy.
        “Be seeing you Slayer,” he said.  “C’mon Mya, I’ll introduce you to my friends.”  They disappeared into the vortex and Buffy’s smile disintegrated.
        “That was interesting,” she muttered.  “Anyone else want to go home and sleep for about a year?”  Xander walked over to her and flung an arm over her shoulders.
        “Nah, then you’d miss all the fun that is the Boca de Inferno,” he said.
        “Oh, yeah,” Buffy muttered.
        “But we can go home and sleep for at least twelve hours,” Xander said.
        “Oh at least,” Buffy said with a chuckle.  Three pairs of Slayerettes, Xander and Cordelia, Willow and Oz, and Spike and Drusilla left the library, carrying on their own conversations, all promising to drop by the next night.  Buffy stood between Angel and Angelus, Giles kneeling on the floor, leafing through some of the books that were discarded on the floor.  Buffy put her arms around both Angel’s and Angelus’s shoulders.
        “Well, I probably should get home,” she said.  “Which one of you want to walk me?”
        “I will,” Angel said quickly.  Buffy smiled.
        “Okay.  I’ll see you tomorrow night, Angelus.”


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