Games were Made for Two

AUTHOR:  Kyra Crown (with lots of help from Ahn, one of the best fan fic authors ever!!)
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SPOILERS:  Passion (but no death of Ms. Calendar), BBB
SUMMARY:  Buffy has a plan to pay Angel back and gets a little help from a 'friend'
DISCLAIMER:  Would I break your heart if these guys were mine?  Of course not.  They belong to Joss, the WB, Mutant Enemy, etc.  I am your friend, he is not!!

 Games were Made for Two


Buffy had had it!!  She was tired of Angel and his little games.  Leaving her pictures, coming into her
room at night while she was sleeping, sending her roses and cute little messages on Valentine's Day,
killing Willow's fish, for god's sake.  <What did the fish ever do to him?>  She had been stewing
about this for weeks, but decided that she would not just sit by and watch while he toyed with her
and her friends.  He wanted to play games, well, games were made for two.

She had a plan, a little one that was slowly festering and growing in her mind, screaming to be tried.
After his latest, the picture of her mom, she knew she would have to join the game or kill him and
she wasn't ready to go that far, yet.

She had to set this up just right or he would be the one doing the killing.  Lying in bed, tossing and
turning she had another thought, no she had a whole plan.  She fluffed her pillows and tried to sleep,
resting up for the day and night ahead, and what she hoped would be an excellent pay back for her
former lover.

Buffy dressed for the occasion accordingly.  She had no reason to try and look sexy but, breaking
and entering required certain attire, and she had just the outfit.  Black cat suit, black boots, black
leather jacket, watch cap.  Fastening her cross around her neck she looked in the mirror, absently
twisting the Claddagh ring as she checked herself out.  <Perfect.  When I die its gonna say on my
tombstone "Slayer with Style!">  And with that she climbed out her bedroom window with
determination on her face and a tickle in her stomach at what lay ahead.

Buffy entered the mansion just after midnight.  She had finished patrolling over an hour ago.  No sign
of Angel or Drusilla, but she was sure that if she was going to catch them out, now was the time.

"Probably out making love in the moonlight, celebrating after making a meal of some
innocent teenager."  She whispered to herself trying to calm down, never expecting a reply.

"What's that luv, looking for your boyfriend?  Sorry to disappoint, but Angelus is not home at
the moment, might I leave him a message?  Tell him you were here to make love, right pet?
Isn't that what I heard?"  Buffy spun around, stake in hand, and saw Spike wheeling himself into
the room.

"Oh you.  Look, I didn't come here to fight, not that it wouldn't give me a great big happy to
dust you right now.  I came to leave something for Angel.  Do I have to break your legs, oh,
sorry, already did that, to get you to tell me which room is his?"  She smiled slightly at the
memory of the damage she had done to Spike in the church.

"Seeing as there is no handicapped parking, I'll bet there's no way for you to get to the
bedrooms, so I'd say, he's been spending a lot of time upstairs, with Drusilla."  Mentioning that
made Spike growl and rise out of the wheelchair, shocking himself as much as it did the slayer.

He took a few tentative steps towards her and she resumed her fighting stance, but he only waved a
hand at her.  "Just starting to walk, pet.  Don't want to fight you when I can't kill you.
Although, I'm sure I could hurt you a little, even with my injuries.  I'll make you a deal, you
don't tell anyone I can walk, I'll not only tell you where Angelus' room is, I'll take you there
myself.  Been wanting to have a look around there anyway."  He pointed to the stairs and she
followed him up slowly, checking him out from head to toe while walking behind him, stake still in
hand.  <Whoa girl, get a hold of yourself, you must be desperate, if you're lookin' at Spike's butt.>

Spike opened and closed a few doors until he found the right one, feeling the slayer's eyes on him the
whole time, enjoying it too, if he was honest with himself.  <She must be without a man if she's
looking at me> he thought.  He turned quickly and caught her staring.  "Like what you see then?
What, now that Angelus is souless your finding yourself demonless?"  He laughed as redness
crept from her chest to her cheeks.  <She looks pretty damn cute when she's embarrassed.>

"So this is Angel and Dru's little 'love shack'?"  She asked as she stepped into the room, not
waiting for his answer.  She didn't need one, she could feel Angel's presence in the chamber.  It was
so him.  Dark walls, similar pictures to those in his apartment, red satin sheets.  The same sheets he
had on his bed in his apartment!  <He's fucking Drusilla on the same sheets that we..."

"This seals the deal.  Thanks for the tour Spike, but uh, you might want to leave the room
now, being undead and all.  What I have planned may be a little painful for any members of
the Fang Gang."  She started to unload her bag before he left the room and he cringed at what she
was pulling out.

"Uh, pet, I've been thinking.  I'm all for games, and for punishing Angelus, but I bet if we put
our heads together we could come up with a better plan.  In fact, I think I know just what
game to play."  Buffy turned around.  He had been watching her look around the room, and
discovered that all his 'legs' were in working order.  <Its those damn pants, and the fact that I've
heard Angelus and Dru up here for a month.  I feel like a school boy about to get in a girl's knickers
for the first time.>

"You mean you want to help me hurt Angel?  Well, I guess I can see why, being he has taken
over here, and I do mean taken over.  But why not just kill him yourself, why help me?  What
I have here could hurt you and Angel.  Not kill you, but I believe a little pain is good for the
soul, or soul-less, which ever the case may be."  She watched him closely as he leaned in the

Spike looked at her with crossed arms and mused out loud.  "Angelus has one weakness, luv,
you.  He isn't playing with a full sack when it comes to you.  He's planning to kill you, but first
kill your family, your friends, the stuff he's done so far, child's play.  Anything you love, he will
destroy. anyone you love will destroy.  How about a little love in his bed tonight?  That'll
throw him overboard!!  A lot more than some crosses, garlic and holy water will do.  This kind
of pain will last, remember the last time you had a roll in the hay?  Trust me, baby, this kind
of pain will last."

"Are you suggesting that I have sex, here, in Angel's bed, with you?  If anyone is insane here,
its you."  She shouted and started towards the door, hoping to get out without having to kill Spike.
Spike stepped back cautiously as a wild light entered the slayer's eyes, but he still pressed his idea
on to her.

"Think about it a moment before you go.  He's going to know you were here, I could smell you
from the moment you walked through the door, and I haven't been as 'close' to you as Angelus
has.  He thinks I can't walk, so he'd never suspect me.  It will drive him crazy to know that
you were in his room, in his bed and to never know who with.  Remember what sex did to him
the last time?"  He started to walk towards her slowly, looking  for a reaction to his rough words.

"That was harsh.  Can't I just, I don't know, roll around in the sheets, and maybe, spray some
perfume?"  Her words were jumbled together.  She was looking at Spike while she was talking and
even though she knew this was lunacy, probably some plan to kill her, she couldn't help getting
excited.  She licked her lips, and took a few steps back.

"Vampires can smell everything, luv.  Perfume, blood, sex.  Angelus would know the
difference between a roll and a tumble.  But, if you're not brassed off enough to really pay him
back, I won't stop you from your childish scheme.  He smiled at her and headed for the door.

"Wait.  Why would you ever want to be with me?  I mean, if not for the mortal enemy thing,
or the me hating you and vice versa, you must know I suck in bed.  Like you so nicely pointed
out, remember what sex did last time?"  She flushed again and closed her eyes.  <This is not
Angel, Angel is not coming back.  Why am I even considering this?>

Spike walked to her, a smile on his face, reached for her and gently took her cap off.  "I have no
soul to lose, pet.  You can't hurt me.  Think about it.  For a month I've been downstairs,
listening to them.  Watching them.  Him coming out of this room and her following.  Taunting
me with lewd remarks and little comments of concern.  I hate him, for everything, making her
crazy, making me what I am.  I hate him almost as much as you should.  What better way to
pay him back?  And you know you're pretty cute.  Won't kill me to have a little toss with you.
And as for the 'sucking in bed', I'll be the judge of that.  Maybe you didn't have the right
demon to teach you."

"Well, I'm not really your type, you know, blonde, slayer, not a psycho, human..."  Buffy
stammered and he stopped her with a kiss.

"Doesn't matter.  Right now your my only type.  You're here, you're cute and you're wearing
too much clothes.  Let's see what we can do about all those things."  He crushed her mouth with
another kiss, this one bolder than the first, causing her knees to weaken and any conscientious fear
to leave her body.  She tried to tell herself that this is dangerous, its Spike, to run, but the only thing
she could do was feel.  And boy did she.  She felt like her body was on fire, she was burning up.
And he was ice cold.  <Like Angel.>  She knew he wasn't Angel, but maybe if she closed her eyes
and thought of him she could get through this.

Instinctively Buffy wrapped her arms around his neck, and his hands began to explore her body,
causing her to moan in delight.  <Get a hold of yourself, girl, this is only pay back.  Its supposed to
feel good, just not this good.>  Sensations were overwhelming her, and she started to sweat.

Spike's hands continued to roam her body and he heard her moan into his mouth.  This sent a shiver
up his spine and he started to unbutton her jacket, trying to be slow and casual, but finding himself
wanting to hurry and get this girl naked and underneath him before she came to her senses.  <Get a
hold of yourself, mate, this is after all, the slayer.  She could stake you as fast as look at you.>  But
right now she was just a sexy, beautiful woman who he wanted more than he ever wanted anything in
his long, long life.  He go to the last button and took a step back to look at her.

"What in the bloody hell is that slayer?"  He was looking at her outfit, eyes boring through her
from head to toe.  Her body was covered in a black, clinging garment but seemed as if she were

"It's uh, a cat suit, you know, tight, clingy, black, like a cat.  Perfect for moving quickly,
fighting, and well, breaking and entering."  She stumbled over the words, feeling silly for having
worn such tight, revealing garb, but flushed again when she saw his eyes caressing her body and the
appreciation in them.

"I'll never understand fashion these days, but whatever.  How the hell do you get it off?"  He
took her in his arms again and explored the cat suit.  His cold hands on her hot body were about to
drive her over the edge.  Memories of another time flooded her mind as wetness flooded her core.

Buffy turned slowly, showing Spike the zipper, taking off her cross as she did.  "Okay Billy Idol,
just unzip.  You do know what a zipper is, don't you?  I know you're stuck in the '80's, but they
did have zippers way back then."  She was babbling, almost incoherently as she felt his icy hands
on her back, unzipping, then sliding the suit from her body.

Spike peeled the clothing away, feeling himself harden and twitch in anticipation, and he growled low
in his throat when he finished, the slayer, standing in front of him in nothing but black boots, a bra
and, "What the hell are these?  Are these supposed to be your knickers?  Why they are nothing
but a string of cloth.  I've seen skin baby, especially yours, with the way you dress, but this?
No wonder Angelus can't stay away from you."

"Of course they're my knick, er, underwear.  It's called a thong, you know, G-string, god what
century are you from anyway?  A girl can't wear a cat suit and have panty lines.  Don't you
know anything?"  She stood with her hands on her hips, oblivious to the fact that she was wearing
only a bra, panties and boots.

"Never mind slayer, just come here and let's get on with the show.  I'm not saying I don't like
what I'm seeing, but I'd like it better without any restrictions, little as they are."  He grabbed
her roughly and kissed her hard.

Suddenly Buffy was very nervous.  She was standing in Angel's room in front of Spike and she was
practically naked!  She had only been naked with one person before and look where it got her.
<Here.> she thought again.  She tried to cover herself, but he pushed her hands away and continued
his assault with his mouth and hands.

She was lost.  All rational thought left her when he kissed her again and her hands began to have a
mind of their own.  She began to unbutton his shirt and when she had that off, she started working on his jeans.  She got them unbuttoned and slid her hands down the back of his pants, pushing him
closer into her hot body, feeling his hardness on her pelvis.

"Look whose talking about under garments, pal.  Going commando, are we?"  She touched
his rock hard buttocks and let her hands slip the pants down, getting down on her knees to take off
his boots.  "Ah, finally something from this generation, Doc Marten's!"

Spike groaned as he sat with her head almost between his legs, and let her remove his boots.  The
sight the slayer on her knees before him was almost too much and he was nearly finished before they even started.

He was finally naked and with Buffy in only her skimpy underclothes, he pulled her on top of him and said, "Enough talking and comparing fashions.  I want you.  Open your eyes and look at me.
Can you do this?  If not, go now because if you stay any longer I might not be so nice and let
you leave."

Buffy opened her eyes and seeing no hate in his, answered him by placing her mouth on his and let
one hand rest on his strong chest, the other she let roam.  She stopped short at the hardness she felt
between his legs, but he took her hand gently and wrapped her fingers around him.  She felt shy
again, but touched him anyway and he growled into her mouth, urging her on.  She rubbed him
slowly, taking in the feel of him.  So like Angel, yet not.  After all, one time didn't make her an
expert.  Her mouth left his and worked its way down his body, stopping to lick and bite his neck,
both nipples and his abdomen until she was on her knees again.  Not sure what to do next, she
looked up at Spike and he smiled, "I'm all yours, for the next few hours anyway.  Do what you
will with me."

<God.  This is enough to turn any man into a demon.>  He knew that she and Angelus had had sex,
but never imagined she could learn this much in a night.  He watched in fascination as she licked her
lips and then wrapped them around his throbbing penis.  There was no more thinking after that.  She
began slowly licking and kissing him and he had to stop her before he spilled.

"My turn baby."  He had her on her back before she could blink and was quickly peeling off her
bra and in a fit of irritation, ripped her panties off.  He kissed her then, his tongue exploring her
mouth, while his hands molded her breasts and then went south to her pulsing core.  She was
dripping wet, and she almost screamed when his fingers dipped in and rubbed her.  He ducked his
head leaving a cold, wet trail of kisses down her neck.  She never even thought to be afraid of being
bitten as his lips found her nipples and bit her hard enough to feel wonderful, but not to draw blood.

Buffy cried out when his mouth left her sensitive nipples and she came up off the bed when he kissed down her stomach, into her curls and stopped just above her moist center.  He dipped his head
down and licked her slowly.  She did scream then and continued to scream and moan while his
tongue buried itself inside her, his fingers still there, stroking her at the same time.  She was burning
up, sensations everywhere and her body had never felt so alive!

She came then, exploding into a mind shattering orgasm, her first ever, and moan incoherently until
she started to relax.

Coming to her senses, Buffy started to tense up, and realizing this, Spike lay her back against the
pillows and kissed her again, lowering his body onto hers and spreading her legs wide.  She could
feel his hardness at her entrance and felt hot and cold at the same time, desire flaming through her
again.  Her mind was telling her she was crazy to be this vulnerable with her worst enemy, her heart
was breaking for her lost love, but her body was singing in the arms of this demon and she decided
to quit thinking and just feel.

He entered her gently, knowing without being told that she and Angelus had only done this once, and he didn't want to hurt her.  <Since when am I such a bloody gentleman?>  He asked himself but
didn't wait for an answer.  She raised her hips up to meet his careful thrust and gave up trying to be

Buffy's body was tingling again and she rode the waves of ecstasy that were building inside her and
she came again soon, screaming out as Spike came with her yelling her name as he did.

She knew she shouldn't, but she snuggled up next to him and wrapped her arms around him.  "You
called me a lot of things in our short 'acquaintance', but you've never called me by my name
before.  I like it."

"Don't get used to it slayer.  We're enemies, remember?  This is revenge."  <And it felt sweet.>
As he said the harsh words he knew he didn't mean all of them, but looking down at Buffy, he saw
that she hadn't heard a word he said, she was sound asleep.  He closed his eyes allowing himself to
relax in her embrace and to even enjoy it.  <It's nice to hold someone again.>

Buffy awoke several hours later, still in Spike's arms feeling his eyes burning on her face before she
even looked at him.  "You'd better get up, luv.  Your boyfriend will be home soon and him seeing us together would ruin all the fun."

She got up and started to collect her clothes when he stopped her, taking two of the garments and
helping her find the rest.  "Leave these as a present for Angelus.  Seeing them and smelling you will drive him crazy.  I'll put them somewhere he'll be sure to find them."  Buffy smiled and shrugged.

"Well you are more knowledgeable about the insane than I am.  Whatever.  You'd better leave
the room now, I still have another 'present' for Angel, remember?"  Spike pulled on his clothes
and reluctantly left the room, watching as Buffy bent over to pull on her boots.

<That would drive any man to madness.>  He looked back longingly at her rounded bottom as she
bent over.  Spike stifled a small sigh and headed for the stairs.

Buffy made the bed carefully and then added a few touches of her own to his already decorated
room.  she put her jacket on and the cap and looked at the bed again.  Remembering what she had
been doing in that bed hours ago made her blush, but she forced herself to stop thinking about it, for
now.  <Plenty of time for regret later, if I get out of here alive.>

She walked down the stairs and saw Spike sitting in his wheelchair in the entryway.  "Thanks for
letting me 'play games' with you slayer.  See you soon."

"Yeah, Spike, get better fast.  I need some real competition out there.  See you on the
battlefield."  She walked out of the mansion and didn't look back, wondering is she just sealed her
fate as a dead slayer with the stunt she pulled.

Spike stood slowly, shaking his head at the events that had taken place this night.  He started up the
stairs and smiled as he pulled Buffy's bra and panties out of his pocket.  Entering Angelus' room, he
quickly placed the bra under his pillow.  With a cocky smile and a smug laugh, he put the panties in
his pocket.  "I bloody well love these, G-stringy things.  Angelus can find his own!"


Drusilla and Angel came home just before dawn.  They spoke in staged whispers, pretending to be
quiet all the while laughing at the events of their night of mayhem while walking up the stairs to
Angelus' chamber.  He slammed open the door and went directly to the bed.

He smelled something, perfume and something else, sweat perhaps.

Taking down the covers without turning on the lights, he placed Drusilla on the bed and jumped
when she screamed, "Angel!  There is something wet and slimy in your bed!"

Angel put his hand on the sheets and was rewarded with wet, sticky fingers.  He growled and
remembered where he had smelled that perfume and reached for the pillow to wipe his hand off,
turning on the light as he did.  He pulled the pillow up and the  bra fell to the floor, his other hand
burning as he touched the light and he saw his cross dangling from the switch.

In full game face he growled again, seeing Buffy's cross and her bra lying on the floor.  He screamed
her name like a madman and Drusilla fled the room crying hysterically.

Spike, who was downstairs, listening, turned in his chair and went to bed with a satisfied smile.
Drusilla was quick to follow him in.

The End?

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