Enemies Are To Be Feared

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Author: Little Slayer
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Title:  Enemies Are To Be Feared
Distribution:  Anyone can have it.  Just ask.
Rating:  PG-13.  There is a whole lotta swearing in it.
Author’s Note:  I had to work out some of the anger from Enemies, so,
here you go.
Feedback:  Yes!  In fact it’s required!  If you don’t send feedback,
I’ll sick Angelus on you.  Oooh, that’d be really nice.  No, actually I
can’t, because…
Disclaimer:  I don’t own him!  Or Buffy, Angel, Giles, Willow, Joyce,
and everyone else.  All the Buffyverse people belong to Joss Whedon and
anyone else who legally owns them.
Other:  I hate Faith, Xander, and Wesley.  If you like any of those
people, don’t read this.  If you don’t like them and do read it, don’t
send flames.  I warned you.


Giles walked into the mansion, looked around, then walked up the stair
case.  He hoped he could remember what room Angel had.  He walked down
the hall and pulled open a door.  He smiled when he saw Angel asleep and
then saw the large windows next to Angel’s bed.  He walked over and
kicked at Angel’s bed.
        “Angel, wake up,” Giles said, none too softly.  Angel stirred and
blinked.  Giles tugged at the cord next to the curtain and Angel sat up,
        “Giles?  What are you doing?” Angel asked.  Giles pulled harder at the
cord and Angel began to panic.  “Uh, Giles?  Vampire, sun, not a good
combination.”  Giles ignored him and the curtains opened; sunlight
filtered into the room.  Angel shut his eyes hard and waited for the
burning to begin.  Nothing happened.  He opened his eyes and looked at
Giles then out the sun-filled window.  “Huh?”
        “You’re human, now get up,” Giles said.  Angel blinked and then shook
his head.
        “Human?  How, may I ask, did that happen?!” Angel said, his voice
rising at the end of his question.
        “The shaman.  Part of his agreement was to help us set up Faith, part
was a spell.  He did it before he left.  Now get up, we have to go to
school.”  Giles went over to Angel’s dresser and pulled out a pair of
black pants.
        “School?  Giles, I’m 243.  I don’t go to school.  And the last time I
checked, I don’t go out in the sun.”  Angel ducked as Giles tossed a
shirt at him and then pulled it on.
        “Well, now you’re human, and we’ve got to get to school before Buffy
causes serious harm to Wesley.  The Council wants him in good condition
when he goes back,” Giles muttered.
        “Okay, I know I’m sounding repetitive, but huh?” Angel asked as he
stood and pulled his pants on shyly over his black silk boxers.
        “I was restored as Watcher.  You’re the only one that knows.  Let’s
keep it that way.”  Giles turned and walked out the door, Angel
        “Why’d you do it?” Angel asked.
        “Buffy needs to be happy.  You make her happy.  So, I have to…make it
easier for the two of you to have a relationship.”  Angel stopped and
pulled on his boots then tentatively followed Giles out the door.


        “Stupid fucking skanky ho.  Make moves on *my* boyfriend.  Stupid
little bitch.  Better Slayer?  Not a chance in hell,” Buffy hissed as
she slammed vicious kicks and punches on Wesley.  He put up his arm as a
signal to Buffy to take a break.
        “Buffy, perhaps we ought to stop for today,” he wheezed.
        “No!” Buffy said.  “It’s your duty as my Watcher to put up with this
while I train.  If you can’t handle it, your in the wrong profession.
Giles always dealt with it without complaints.”
        “Well I’m not Giles and I do not have to put up with it,” Wesley said.
Buffy sighed, turned, then flipped around raining Wesley with a nasty
roundhouse kick and then several hits to the gut.  “Oooh,” he groaned
when she stopped.  “Perhaps you could…train on the dummy for a while?”
        “If we can dress it up like a slut like Faith, sure.  I’m having
problems visualizing you as her.”  Wesley raised an eyebrow and nodded.
Buffy went to the cage and pulled out the heavy steal, iron, and wooden
        “It’ll do,” Buffy muttered and continued her attack.  “Pathetic whore.
Kiss my Angel?  Try and make him happy?  Not a chance, stupid bitch.”
Giles walked in the library doors, Angel right behind him.  Buffy didn’t
even notice as she continued to attack the defenseless dummy.  “I’ll get
you, stupid bitch.  Bad childhood?  Well, Miss *Faith* you’ve met your
worst nightmare.  Turn on *my* friends.  Beat up *my* Watcher.  Kiss
*my* boyfriend, in front of *me*?  Skanky ho.  Go find your own vamp
fuck toy, Angel’s taken.”  Giles looked up at Angel, who was resembling
a fish with opening and shutting his mouth like he was.
        “Mr. Giles, good, you’re here,” Wesley muttered.  “She’s a bit…feisty.”
        “So I see,” Giles muttered.  “Buffy?”  Buffy leaned over and delivered
a hard kick to the side of the dummy’s head.
        “What?” she ground out.
        “Could you stop for a moment?  I have a surprise for you,” Giles said.
Buffy stopped, but didn’t turn to face Giles.
        “Faith’s dead?” she asked hopefully.
        “No, not that,” Giles replied.  Buffy cocked her head for a moment,
then shrugged.  She raised her arm to go at the dummy again when Angel
        “Buffy?  Are you okay?” he asked.  Buffy froze, looked up at the
sky-light, then turned to look at Angel.
        “Okay, I’m getting a major case of the wiggens.  See, usually day plus
vampire equals dead vampire.  When did the rules change?”  Angel didn’t
move from his spot, his eyes full of obvious pain.
        “Since my shaman friend had a second part to the bargain,” Giles
informed her.  “He made Angel human.”  Buffy blinked and calmed down a
        “Human?  As in, not a vampire?” she asked.
        “Well, Buffy, generally when one is human, they cannot be of the
undead,” Wesley explained.
        “Shut up you spineless twit, before I rip off your kneecaps,” Buffy
hissed.  Wesley’s eyes widened in terror then in realization.
        “You heard that part?” he asked.
        “Uh-huh, and if you keep it up, I’ll make sure you’ll never have
children by using a sharpened grapefruit spoon.”  Wesley let out a
high-pitched noise then backed further away from Buffy than Angel was.
Buffy started to giggle then scratched her forehead.  “The food scene.
I think that was a grapefruit spoon.”
        “It might have been a soup spoon,” Angel muttered quietly.
        “Yeah,” Buffy said, quieting down.  “Um, Giles.  I’m done training,
I’ll go change.  Maybe show in class.  You know how Snyder’s been.
Spineless little troll…so, Angel.”
        “More like…interesting.”  Buffy nodded and a silence swept over the
library.  Willow walked in and went over to the computer, setting her
books down.  She straightened up, turned, then walked back over to
        “Anyone want to explain?” she asked.
        “He’s human,” Giles, Buffy, and Wesley muttered.  Willow raised her
eyebrows then smiled at Angel.
        “Wow.  Cool.  You going to stick around for the day?” she asked.  Angel
nodded.  “Cool.  You can have lunch with us and mock Xander for the
bruise you gave him.  Honestly, how rewarding was it to do that?”
        “Very,” Angel said.  “Uh, lunch?”
        “I don’t know Will, we don’t want to traumatize him with school
cafeteria food,” Buffy muttered.
        “I wouldn’t mind.  Probably won’t eat anything, but, I don’t mind,”
Angel said.  Buffy remembered a previous conversation and smiled.
        “Yeah, you can have lunch with us, hear my lame jokes and many
complaints, and see, I don’t look that good in direct light,” she told
him.  He smiled and nodded.
        “Yes you do.”  Buffy smiled and walked towards the door to go and
change into her normal clothes.  “Hey Buffy?”  She stopped and looked up
at Angel.
        “Go find your own vamp…uh, toy?”  Buffy blushed.
        “I was mad and in my own little world and I’m going to stop now,” she
muttered and turned towards the door.  She stopped and went over to
Giles, wrapping her arms around him.  “Thank you.”
        “Your welcome, Buffy.  Oh, and Angel, I do believe you’re still as
strong,” Giles said as Buffy let go of him.
        “And I know a great way to test it,” Buffy muttered.
        “What’s that?” Giles asked.  She turned another shade of red and looked
up at Angel wide-eyed.  He scratched his temple, nodding slightly to
Buffy, and looked down at her feet.
        “Nothing Giles, just…I’m going to go now.”  She stood up on her toes
and gave Angel a kiss, slowly teasing him by sucking on his lower lip,
then pulled away.  “See you guys in a few.”

        Buffy walked back into the library and found Giles and Angel reading
over a book.  Willow and Oz were talking quietly in their own little
world.  A low moan came from the cage and, frowning, Buffy looked in
through the door.  Xander was slumped over against the wall with a
bruise on his right cheek that matched the one on the left and the one
of the left cheek of Wesley.
        “Awe, man, you guys had all the fun,” she muttered.  Angel chuckled and
shook his head.
        “No, Buffy, we saved the best for you,” he said and Giles gestured
towards his office.  Cautiously, Buffy took a step towards the office to
find Faith bound and gagged to a chair.  She smiled widely and looked up
at the others.  Then she stepped closer to Faith and smacked her
viciously across the face.
        “You know, Faith, bondage is a good look for you.  But the outfit is
all wrong.”


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