I think that we should leave now, Wesley said as he wiped at his glasses,
then he licked his fingers.This caramel is actually quite tasty...

Joyce looked at him in horror. Wesley! No! The carmel has some of the potion
in it!

Wesley's eyes glazed over as he took a deep breath and started twirling
around. Oh, my! What a lovely kitchen! It smells so good! I just want to eat

\ldblquote Mom? What's happening? Buffy shouted as she ducked Wesley's outspread  arms.

Joyce grabbed the heavy sauce pan again, ready to swing it as soon as she
had the chance.Buffy, stay away from him! George and the vampires said that
the candy had potions in them to make them do things. The smallest amount
would affect kids and teens, but large amounts to affect adults!

\ldblquote So he's on a magic sugar high? Buffy shouted as she was about to follow the
whirling Wesley to the store front.

Joyce followed him with the sauce pan ready. That's as far as I can tell.
Don't touch the caramel or the chocolate on-oof!

Joyce stumbled forward as she was tackled from behind by Giles who was
splattering chocolate covered kisses over the back of her neck between
words. Joyce! You're here! You're safe! You taste so good! Lets shag

Buffy stared in shock as she saw Giles run his hands over her mother and
splatter kisses all over her mothers neck. Joyce Summers had a pained
expression on her face and said, Ohhh...This is going to hurt me more than
it'll hurt you. Just don't hate me in the morning.

Buffy grimaced as she saw her mother awkwardly swing the pan backwards, and
then winced as the bottom of the pan connected with Giles's forehead.
Tearing her eyes from her fallen Watcher, Buffy looked at her chocolate
smeared panting mother. Mom?  Let's shag again? What was Giles talking

Got me on that. Had to be the chocolate. We have to get Wesley, Joyce said
quickly as she ran to the store front, armed with the sauce pan and her
daughter following her.


And after we knocked Wesley out, who was by the way, wolfing down all the
baked goods in the store, we loaded the jeep up with the candy and destroyed
the baked stuff, and brought George's cooking recipes with us,Buffy grunted
as she adjusted her grip under Giles's arms. Mom? I hate to say this,  but
his butt is sagging. You might have to-

I got it, Joyce said as she shifted the other leg to Willow, then moved to
help carry the sagging body part in question. As they reached the bed, Joyce
sighed. Now, just throw him on the bed.

Throw him? Willow grunted as she tried to get a better grip on Giles's leg,
but was slipping. I don't think that I can-

THROW HIM! NOW! Buffy shouted as she practically flung the man onto the
bed, with Willow and her mother helping her. As Giles landed on the bed, on
his back, the females sighed with relief when the man gave one bounce, then
stayed on the bed. Buffy wiped her forehead. Can we go home now?

Let me just cover him up with a blanket or something, Joyce said tiredly as
she started towards the closet. Then we can all get some shut eye.

Buffy nodded as Willow looked at Giles, then her jaw dropped. Uh, Buffy?
Mrs.Summers? Was-was there something in the pockets of that skirt you
wrapped him in?

Holding the blanket to her chest, Joyce shook her head, then looked at
Willow. Not that I know of. Why?

Pointing fearfully, Willow made a face. That's not what I think it is. Is

Her eyes following to where Willow was pointing, Joyce let out a loud  gasp.
She then unrolled the blanket quickly and started to cover the sleeping man
as her daughter and Willow proceeded to have the wiggins . Buffy shook
herself. Creepy! Giles doing that!

Her face feeling extremely hot, Joyce quickly tucked the blanket around
Giles as she gently tried to calm her daughter. It's not creepy, well,  it's
a natural thing a man does, occasionally when he's...when he's sleeping. It
was probably the chocolate. Or-oof!

Willow and Buffy gaped when they saw Buffy's mother suddenly lying on top of
Giles, then was quickly under him when he rolled over, wrapping his arms
around her waist, his face in her hair, and half his body over hers. MOM!

Gasping, Joyce tried to move from the harm arms that held her.I'm all
right. Let me just try to get out of here.

As Joyce tried to wiggle out from Giles's sleeping grasp, he merely
tightened his grip on her, and murmured, Joyce.

Mom? Is he letting you go? Buffy asked as she tried to grab Giles's arm
again, but it just wouldn't budge. Giles? Can you let go of my mom?

Joyce grimaced as he gripped her closer to him, she moved her head, but was
stopped by Wesley's shoulder. Okay, I'm open to suggestions on how to get me
out of here. Else I'm going to have to sleep like this tonight.

Buffy glared at her mother.\rdblquote How could you think that! You're NOT sleeping
with Giles tonight! HE has an erection!

Joyce tried to glare at her daughter from over Giles's shoulder. Honey, that
the man has an erection is the LEAST of my worries right now. Now, can you
get him to let me go?

Can we slap him awake? Buffy asked as she eyed her Watcher, her hand  ready
to do just that.

NO! Don't wake him up!Joyce ordered as she tried to lift her head again. I
do NOT want him to be awake until I'm out of here!

Why? Willow asked before she could think of it.

Buffy echoed the thought. Yeah. Why don't you want Giles awake?

Joyce sighed. Girls, think about it. On this night, I managed to: knock him
out with a sauce pan, give him a BATH while being unconscious, make him WEAR
a skirt while unconscious, get him to BED WITH WESLEY AND was not in  time to
PREVENT YOU TWO SEE him have an erection. Do you REALLY think that I want
him awake right now? How upset do you think that he'll be if you WAKE HIM

Buffy coughed.I see your point. Will? Got any ideas?

Willow shook her head frantically. Other than you waking him up? No.Other
than leaving your mom there until Giles lets her go.

NUTS?!? Buffy shouted, and was promptly shushed by her mother and friend.
Then everyone froze as Wesley mumbled into the pillow he was hugging and
Giles hugged Joyce closer.

Red-faced, Willow pointed out. Well, she's not alone in Giles's bed.
Wesley's there, too, Buffy.

Buffy stared at her friend as Willow turned redder. Joyce sighed. Enough  is
enough. Buffy, get a blanket and sleep at the foot of the bed. Willow, you
can join her if it's too late for you. Let's all get some sleep, and pray
that we can all get out of here alive when these two wake up.

MOM! Buffy. Not now. I'm tired. I'm sleepy. And I REALLY don't want Giles to
wake up before I can get out of this bed, Joyce sighed as she closed her
eyes. I think I saw more blankets in the closet.

Buffy grumbled as she stomped over to the closet. THIS is *so* wiggy!  My
mother in bed with BOTH my Watchers!

Joyce sighed as she tried to get comfortable, considering she was sandwiched
between the two men. It's only a technicality, honey.

Just hope that he lets her go before  either one of them wakes up, Willow
said as she helped spread the blanket at the foot of the bed. She then laid
down next to Buffy. I don't want to be here when Giles wakes up next to
Wesley and realizes that he has a skirt on.

Joyce yawned. Well, it could have been worse, girls. I could have put make
up on them while they were sleeping.

Great. Watchers dressed in drag, Buffy grumbled as she closed her
eyes. Like I really need that image, Mom. Thanks.

You welcome. Night, honey. Willow, Joyce said as she fell asleep between
the two sleeping Watchers.


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