AUTHOR:  Kyra Crown
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SPOILERS:  Passion (but Ms. Calendar is not dead) and after
SUMMARY:  Angelus pays Buffy back for her tryst in his bed
DISCLAIMER:  Would I break your heart if they were mine?  Nope, but Joss will because they belong to him and he can.  I am your friend, he is not! This story follows the Games Were Made for Two story I sent a couple weeks ago.  If anyone is interested, email me and I will send it.  This will make more sense if you read the first.


Angel was raging.  After coming home to Buffy's little presents, he had screamed and ranted for days on end.  Questioning everyone in the mansion, killing many of his minions in fits of anger.  No one had seen the slayer enter or leave.  No one knew who was with her.  No one knew anything and he was pissed!  Drusilla hadn't been back to his bed since that night, choosing instead to snuggle up next to Spike during the day and hunt alone at night.

Angel was unreachable.  Unable to listen to reason, and was approached warily only when it was absolutely necessary.  No one knew where he went at night, leaving alone, coming back alone and going directly to his chamber.  He couldn't believe her insolence, the utter disregard for her own life or the thirst for revenge had allowed her to enter his home, have sex in his bed and make sure he was aware of it.  If Buffy had balls, they would be cast iron!

He lurked in the shadows, following her, tailing her idiot friends, going to the Bronze, but never did he see her with anyone that he could imagine her bringing to bed, his or anyone else's.  Truth was, he couldn't see, or better yet, didn't want to see her in bed with anyone but him.  He assumed her love for his alter ego wouldn't allow her to sleep with anyone else.  And that in itself was enough to set him off again.  He did not confront her, didn't trust himself himself not to kill her, that would be too easy.  He wasn't done playing with her yet, didn't want to spoil the fun.  He was waiting for her to relax, let her guard down and then she would pay for her indiscretion.

Meanwhile, Spike was loving every minute of Angel's misery.  Of course, he too felt the wrath of Angel for a few days, he screamed and threw things at him for not knowing the slayer was there, who she was with, blah, blah, blah.  But being in a wheelchair and everyone thinking he was weak had its advantages.  It made him the picture of innocence, no one thought he could walk much less bed the slayer, so he was off the hook.  And Dru was back.  His princess had come back to him and this should have made it all worthwhile.

He was restless and not sure why.  Waking during the day with Drusilla beside him yet longing for something he couldn't put a name on.  The slayer?  Surely not, that was business.  Sure it was fun.  Who wouldn't have fun with a human who could match the strength and stamina of a vampire, especially one as beautiful as Buf...  He stopped himself before the erotic pictures of her under him in the heat of passion took him away.

When no one was around at night, he would walk up and down the stairs remembering the night he shared with the slayer and the part he'd played in Angelus' torment.  he smiled a cocky, satisfied grin with each step he took. 

Buffy hadn't told anyone about her hot night with Spike.  She had no plans for a repeat performance and had gotten out of the mansion alive, so there wasn't really anything to tell.  When she woke up from dreaming about it she told herself it was great sex and put it out of her mind.  She loved Angel.  Would do anything to get him back, and wouldn't mind doing some of the new things she'd learned from Spike to Angel.

She was extra careful when she left home, whether it was going to school or patrolling.  If Angel had figured out what she'd done he was sure to be furious and out for revenge.  She was surprised when a month went by and he hadn't sought her out.  Maybe she, or correction, Spike underestimated his feelings for her.  Giles actually thought she had given up being social and that slaying was now her life.  Yeah right.

She just didn't want to run into Angel in a dark alley, or cemetery or anywhere after the stunt she'd pulled.  Oh, well.  Maybe he forgot about her.  He hadn't come to her home, left her anything or bothered her friends since, and that was good.  Or maybe, bad, depending on how you looked at it.

She warned Willow et al to be on guard, and never leave home without the tools of the trade and so far so good.  In fact, she was beginning to think that she was being overcautious.  It was time to loosen up and maybe even have some fun again.  Not fun, like she'd had with Spike but wholesome fun with her friends.  For the 20th time that day, she pushed aside her lusty, nasty memories of her night with Spike and the fear of the consequences she was yet to face and got ready to go to the Bronze.


Angel was also getting ready for a night on the town.  He had come to some conclusions about Buffy and her mysterious lover.  There was only one person stupid enough to have followed her into his home, would follow her to the ends of the earth.  Had proven it time and time again.  He smacked himself for not seeing it sooner and then smiled as he thought of torturous ways to exact his revenge.

He hummed to himself as he descended the staircase with a bounce in his step.  Spike, Drusilla and those still in residence (or alive after his recent tirades) were in shock.  After weeks of tantrums and fits of anger, Angelus was back to his old self.

"What's got you so happy, mate?"  Spike asked cautiously, knowing that if Angel was smiling it could be nothing good.

"Nothing much, roller boy, just figured out who Buffy brought here."  He said with a demonic grin.  Spike panicked for a moment, then relaxed as he realized that Angel was fixated on someone else, not him.

"What makes you so sure, my Angel?  Miss Edith won't tell me a thing."  Drusilla asked in her sing-song voice.  Happy to have her smiling, evil Angel back as she wrapped herself around him.

He pushed her away, not too gently and she was stung.  Her Angel was again wrapped up in the Slayer.  She couldn't win.

"There is only one moron stupid enough to come here with Buffy, I was too angry to see it before.  I'll see you two in the morning.  I'm going hunting...first for dinner then for morons!"

"Uh, Angel, how about letting us in on the plans, seeing as we all live here.  Is the slayer going to burn this place down too, because if she is, we'll start packing now."  Spike was starting to wonder if his romp with the slayer had been worth the trouble it was going to cause them both.  <Who am I kidding?  I'd do it again in a bloody instant.>

"You'll see soon enough, Spike my boy.  I plan on having a guest by tomorrow morning.  The slayer will come, unarmed and begging before tomorrow is over."  He left on that note and Drusilla stood whimpering in the doorway with Spike watching behind her. 

PART III - The Bronze

Buffy, Willow and Cordelia were waiting for the guys at the Bronze later that night.  They were on the dance floor rocking out when Oz arrived alone.  He took a seat and watched admiring their moves, and Willow as she let loose and enjoyed herself.   The song was soon over and the band was taking 5, so the girls went for drinks then joined Oz at the table.

"Cordy, where's Xander?  I thought you said he'd be here by now.  He's way late."  Buffy glanced at the door while speaking, looking for her friend.

"You know Xander, Buffy.  He's such a woman.  He had to shower, fix his hair and pick out clothes.  One of those things could take him all day, but all three...sheesh!  Not that he puts much thought into any of them, I mean, take for instance the shoes he had on today.  I keep trying to tell him..."  Cordelia continued to ramble about Xander's lack of style but Buffy tuned her out, getting more and more worried as the clock ticked by.
"I get the picture.  I'll give him a few more minutes then I'll start looking.  He shouldn't be this late."   She didn't want to get everyone worked up for nothing, but was quietly chastising herself for letting her guard down. 

Xander was practically running to the Bronze.  He was late.  Way late and he knew that Buffy and Willow would be worried and Cordelia would be royally pissed.  He had taken too long to get ready, again.  <Maybe Cordy is right, I am a woman.>
He was so busy concentrating on getting where he was going, he never saw Angel who was behind him the entire way.  He got almost to the door, when he was hit from behind and dragged away.

Angel left Xander lying in the alley behind the Bronze, gave a note to the doorman and took his captive home, to wait.. 

An hour later and still no Xander, Buffy was practically climbing the walls.  She was putting on her coat and about to go looking when the bouncer approached.

"Um, Buffy.  Sorry, I got busy and forgot to give this to you.  Your boyfriend left it for you."  His face was red and he grinned sheepishly at her, embarrassed that he had forgotten.

"My boyfriend?  I don't have a..."  Oh God, Angel!  She briefly read the note he had left her and ran from the club, out the door and into the night, leaving the others to wonder what the hell was going on.

Cordelia pulled her cellular out of her backpack and tried again to call Xander.  Still no answer.  Understanding covered Willow's face and her heart sank as she realized what was happening.

"Guys.  Let's all call it a night.  We've got school tomorrow and it's late.  Buffy will be all right."  She didn't want to let on what she thought was going on and ushered everyone to the door quickly.  She called Giles as soon as she got home and he was as upset as she was.  They decided to stay put until they heard from Buffy.  Easier said than done. 


Xander woke up and tried to rub his aching head, but found he couldn't due to the fact that he was shackled to the wall.  <Where the hell am I and what happened?>  He asked himself, but couldn't remember more than being late and running to the Bronze to meet the gang.  He looked around and discovered that he was in someone's bedroom, chained to the wall.  <Under different circumstances, this could be a good thing, but....>  He didn't even get a chance to finish his thought as Angel stepped into the room. 

Buffy ran from the Bronze all the way home.  <How could I have let this happen?  Thirst for revenge and raging hormones, that's how.  I am such an idiot.  I'm not going to have any friends left if I keep putting them in mortal danger on a weekly basis.>  The note said that Xander would be alive until sunset tomorrow and she'd better be there a half an hour after. 

PART V - The Next Night - Sunset

Buffy opened the door to the mansion, not bothering to knock.  She knew she was expected.  What she didn't expect was to see Spike sitting in his wheelchair at the bottom of the stairs reading the newspaper..  <Still playing possum as I walk to my doom.  Jerk.  He got me into this mess.>  She knew she was as much to blame if not more.  She observed him quietly wondering what he was thinking.  <Does he think I'll give him up to save Xander or myself?  Would Angel believe me if I told him?>  She ascended the stairs as if were her execution and it probably was.

Spike watched her walk the stairs slowly, feeling tightness in his groin and he crossed his legs uncomfortably and put the paper in his lap..  <She's about to go to her death to save an idiot and I've got a bloody hard-on.>

He found himself hoping Angel wouldn't kill her, but knew his thoughts were futile.  Angel was ruthless and if she came willingly, with no armor, she was a dead slayer, strong or not.  He was glad Drusilla had gone hunting and was not here to see the slayer entering Angelus' chamber. 

Buffy knocked on the door to Angel's bedroom.  Wouldn't do to break it down and piss him off already.  She was about to knock again, when he slammed the door open and threw her inside.  She landed on the bed and looked up to see Xander beaten, bloody and chained to the wall next to the bed.

"Buffy?  What the hell is going on?  Dead boy seems to think you and I have something to tell him.  I know I don't, do you?"
"It wasn't him Angel.  It wasn't anybody.  It was a joke, you know, pay back.  Revenge.  You seem to know how to dish it out, but you can't take it.  Let him go and deal with me."  Her voice was strong but her eyes betrayed the fear she felt.

"You seem to forget, lover, that I know what you are like in the heat of passion, what you look like, what you smell like.  As nauseating as it is, I remember it all.  I know you had sex with this imbecile in my bed.  The reason I know is because he's the only person desperate enough to enter my home just for a piece of ass."  Angel worked his way across the room to Xander and backhanded him again.

Xander couldn't believe what he was hearing.  "Much as I dream about it, and pray for it, man.  I don't know what you're talking about.  Buffy, did I miss something?  Will somebody tell me what the hell is going on!!"

Buffy rolled off the bed and placed herself between Xander and their captor.  She turned to Xander with eyes full of unspoken apologies.  Something in the way she looked at him told him he'd better shut up now, or whatever was going on would probably get worse.  He nodded and she smiled a guilty smile in thanks and faced Angel.

"Okay Angel.  You're here.  We're here.  I'm sure you didn't invite us over for a repeat performance.  And as many times as I tell you I did not bring Xander to your home, you won't believe me, so what do you want?"

"For someone as close to death as you are, you sure have a smart mouth."  He slapped her hard and she fell onto the bed again.  "What I want is simple.  You will do with me what you did with him and he'll watch.  He'll see that he's no match for me, physically, sexually.  He'll see who it is you love, demon or not.  He'll see whose touch it is you crave.  Because, you may not say it, you may not even think it, but you want me Buffy.  Even if you think its your precious Angel, you want me.  Your eyes betray you."

As Buffy contemplated what he was saying to her she knew she had no choice.  If there was any chance of getting Xander out of here alive this was it.  She took a deep breath and stood again to answer the demon who wore the face of the man she loved.

"Buffy, don't let him touch you.  Its not worth it.  He'll only kill you anyway, this is just more fun for him.  Please..."  Xander was livid and was pleading with her, for her and for himself.  He would rather die that see Buffy in the arms of that animal.  She silenced him with a look, telling him there was a lot more going on that he didn't know and probably didn't want to.
"Oh, go ahead Buffy.  Give your boyfriend a kiss before your cheating heart and body betray you."  He growled and shoved Buffy over to Xander and she fell at his feet.  She tried to turn away from Xander, her eyes filling with tears and her heart breaking with the guilt of putting him in this position.  "I said kiss him, you bitch!  And make it a good one.  Since it'll be his last, make it worth his while."

Buffy touched Xander's cheek softly, willing him to close his eyes.  Even with death looming he was mesmerized by her.  She reached up on tip toes and kissed him lightly, but let it linger to appease the angry demon watching.  "I'm sorry."  She whispered as she pulled away.  He looked in her eyes and saw that she was.  He wondered again what she had done to put them in this deadly situation, thinking it must have been something pretty damn good.

Angelus applauded obnoxiously as Buffy grit her teeth and faced him.

"Very touching.  Now let the real fun start."

"What do you want?"  She spit at him through clenched teeth.

Angel closed the gap between them and took her face in his hands.  She cringed as he lowered his lips to hers but was surprised when he kissed her gently and then looked into her eyes.  Confusion blurred her vision and she was caught off guard.

"You're going to put on a show for us my love.  You will show me what you did with him.  And you will show him that its me you love.  If you perform well, maybe you'll leave here in the morning.  If not, you'll be punished.  Either way I win."

"Angel.  I told you that Xander didn't..."  Again his actions were rough as he slapped her face to silence her.

"No more talking.  I know the two of you did more than just talk.  Do not say another word or I'll kill him and give you to my children to play with."  With that he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight to his chest.  Memories of being comforted in these arms flooded and she shook herself to clear her head.  <He is playing games with you Buffy.  Trying to make you respond by touching you like Angel used to.>  He was using their memories to his benefit and she would do the same.
She willed herself to relax in his arms and let her body and her heart work for her.  She could do this, could and would do anything to try and save Xander.  That was her duty.  She had let these people into her lives and now she was going to get him killed.  Bringing her hand up to touch his face, she smiled at him and pulled his head down for a kiss.

Xander watched Buffy willingly kiss Angel and felt violently ill.  He could not watch Buffy give herself to this monster but couldn't seem to not watch either.  He knew her emotions were guiding her and if they got out of here alive, he wasn't sure it would be worth what she was losing at this moment.  He tried not to look at her lips on Angel's, tried not to wish that they had done whatever dead boy thought they did to get them here, and tried not to wish that it was him she was kissing.

Buffy wrapped her arms around Angel's neck and rubbed herself against him, feeling his hardness against her stomach.  She moved a hand to caress him inside his shirt and began to unbutton it as she stroked his chest.  That done, she pulled his shirt out of the tight leather pants and tossed it aside, both hands now exploring his sinewy chest and abdomen.

Angel's hands were slowly working Buffy's clothing off and soon she stood before him in just a bra and panties.  He let her go for a moment and she reached up to remove her bra and he stopped her.  "Leave it.  When we're finished I'll keep it.  I seem to be acquiring quite a collection."  Redness crept from her cheeks to her chest as she remembered leaving her underclothes with Spike.  <I guess I know what he needed them for.>

As her hands went towards Angel's zipper Xander felt as though he had the wind knocked out of him and when she got down on her knees before him, he felt faint.  The erection that had already been straining against his jeans was about to burst and he was embarrassed for feeling this way in such a horrible situation.  But who wouldn't.  God, Buffy was even more incredible looking in the buff, so to speak, than he could have ever imagined.

The sound of Angel growling woke Xander from his daydreams and he looked up to see Buffy on her knees still, but now her hands were wrapped around Angel's cock and she was licking her lips as she lowered them to envelope it.  The living proof of yet another of his inadequacies was threatening to explode as he stared at Buffy with Angel's cock in her mouth.

Angel looked over at the squirming boy chained to the wall and smiled at him as Buffy licked and sucked his rock hard cock.  He loved to have this done and to torture Xander made it twice as good.  The thought did cross his mind that the little twit couldn't have taught her this, but then she cupped his balls and almost swallowed him whole and the idea left his mind as fast as it came.

Buffy wasn't sure if her actions were earning her points or signing her death warrant.  She had never done this with Angel.  He was sure to wonder where she learned it.  She looked up briefly and saw the smile on Angel's face and continued, one hand still cupping him, the other rubbing his thigh softly.  He was getting tense and jerking spastically and Buffy knew he was about to come but she was ready for it.  Taking a last deep breath, she took him fully into her mouth and he grabbed her head as his cold semen poured down her throat.  She could hear Xander groaning from his corner of the room and found that she couldn't look up and meet his gaze.  Embarrassment gave way to lust as Angel pulled her up from the floor and took her in his arms again and thoughts of Xander left her as soon as his lips touched hers.  She could not believe that this was the same man who had tormented her endlessly, hunted her like she was prey.  Wanted her dead.  Right now he not only looked like Angel, he felt like him too and she would have to use that to the best of her ability.  Even if her mind couldn't, her traitorous body had craved this for too long and would allow her to get through this.

Buffy opened her eyes briefly as Angel studied her intently.  He could see the lust and the love written all over her face.  He knew he should leave her unsatisfied, but that would make him look bad.  Besides, he was enjoying the comfort of her warm, willing body more than he dared to admit.  He'd take this over fighting with her any day.  He'd use her until he grew tired of her and then he would kill her.  She wouldn't dare deny him now.  Once she learned that she was alive only because he allowed it, it would break her.  And that would be the end for her.  But for now, he'd take pleasure in her, mind, body and soul.  Even if he had to play the part of the soulful lover to do it.

Angel carefully lay Buffy back against the pillows of his bed.  He stood at the edge leering at her almost naked body and a surge of lust hit her so hard she wanted to swoon.  She jumped when his hands touched her stomach and then after peeling her tiny panties down her legs and he tossed them aside, managing to hit Xander with them before they fell.  He held her foot in his hand and rained tiny kisses on each toe, then worked his way slowly up her leg to her drenched center.  He could smell her arousal and hoped her idiot boyfriend could too.  When he dipped his tongue into her waiting entrance, she screamed and bucked against him.

With a wink and a smirk at Xander, he continued his assault on Buffy's hot, wet core and soon she was coming and screaming and begging him to enter her.  He did so swiftly and was soon too caught up in her hot, aching tightness to remember anyone else existed in the world, let alone whomever was in the room with them.  She felt exactly the same as she had the first time they'd done this, only this time there was no blood.  He felt them both riding the waves towards ecstasy and he flipped her over on top of him and she impaled him time and time again until they both came crashing together.

Xander, who had a full view of Buffy bouncing up and down on Angel's cock, had come too, and was now hoping his shirt was long enough to hide the telltale wetness.

Angel pulled Buffy down and into his waiting embrace.  He kissed her softly and felt her relax against him.  Her breathing slowed and she had started to come down.  Like he had thrown her panties minutes before, he tossed her off him and onto the floor.  Reality of what she had done and what was to come next hit her like a bucket of ice water.

"You've still got a lot to learn about men.  Must be your teacher, Buffy.  Somehow I just never thought you'd go for high school guys, but beggar's can't be chosers, right?  Sloppy seconds and all that."  She blinked remembering the tenderness she felt in his arms only seconds before.

"Take off that bra, you slut.  Get dressed.  I'll decide what to do with you then."  He approached Xander, picked up Buffy's panties slowly, touching Xander's face with the wet center of them and then threw them at Buffy.

<He only wants the bra?  What the *hell* did Spike do with my panties?>  Buffy thought frantically as her face remained blank.  She bent to retrieve her clothing and began getting dressed when she heard a screech coming from downstairs.  It sounded like someone had wounded a cat and needed to put it out of its misery.

Angel dressed hurriedly, knowing full well what the racket was and was walking towards the door.

"Don't even think of leaving.  I'll be back after I take care of something."

Buffy continued dressing in silence, not able to look Xander in the eye after what he had just witnessed and whatever was to come next.

After a few minutes went by and Angel still hadn't returned, Buffy's mind started to imagine the things that Angel was going to do to her.  To Xander.  All because of onher one moment of lust with Spike.  She had started pacing and fear was numbing her body when the door opened quickly and Spike entered the room.

"Oh great.  What now, another plan that will lead to the death of me and/or some friends."   Buffy spat at him as she glared looking like she wanted to scratch his eyes out.

"Look pet, there's no time for chit chat.  Drusilla came home and knew you were here.  Your boyfriend and just about every other person here had to take her out to stop her from slitting your throat.  You've got about ten minutes to take that idiot and get the hell out of here."

Xander couldn't not believe what he was hearing and seeing.  Buffy and Spike, allies.  Spike saving his life.  <This must be a nightmare and I'm going to wake up soon.>  The wetness in his pants and the fact that he was still chained to the wall told him it wasn't.  His fear was giving way to anger and he rattled the chains impatiently to get their attention.

"Oh, yeah.  Forgot all about your friend.  Here's the keys.  Give them back on your way out."  Spike left the room as quickly as he came.  Buffy wasted no time unchaining him and helping him to stand.  They warily left Angel's room and headed down the stairs.

"Looks like you owe me one, luv."  Spike leered at Buffy as she handed him the keys roughly.

"You and your bright ideas.  I'd say we're more than even, luv!"  Spinning on her heels she grabbed Xander and ran from the mansion.

Part VI

Buffy and Xander walked home silently.  He was seething with anger at what he had witnessed and after putting two and two together he had realized what she had done and with who.  She left him at his door wordlessly, too embarrassed to apologize again.  She hoped he would find a way to get past this and forgive her, again. 

Angel entered his empty bedroom and cursed himself a fool for leaving Buffy alone for any length of time regardless of Drusilla's temper tantrum.  He had made her pay though, and for that he would be satisfied.  For now.  The next time he saw her it would be in battle and he would kill her.  That was enough. 

Spike chuckled to himself at his good fortune.  Angelus was again pissed off, Drusilla was still sleeping in his room and although he was a bit jealous of the noises he heard coming from Angelus' room, he had to give the slayer credit.  She always managed to land on her feet, even if she did get a little help from an enemy once in a while.  He couldn't wait to get well and see what she had in store for him next.

The End (for now)

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