Title: The Study Break
Author: Cydney Williams,
Summary: Willow wants to study, Oz wants her attention.  Smuttiness ensues.
Rating: NC-17
Distribution:  E-mail me first.  This is only a rough draft.
Disclaimer: Joss is God. I merely worship at his altar.
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The Study Break By Cydney Williams

Willow was splayed out on her stomach in Oz's bed reading, while he strummed his
guitar.  She was trying to discover how to do more sophistcated telekinesis spells.
Staking a vamp with a pencil was one thing, but being able to obliterate one with a look,
seemed more ... efficient.  The good news was that the book was in English, the bad news
was that it was old and boring.  And that damned aimless strumming was beginning to
annoy her.

She shot him a look over her shoulder. "Oz, I'm *trying* to read here.  Do you mind?"

The minute the words were out of her mouth she regretted saying them.  In respon
se, Oz
merely set down his guitar and turned away from her, but she could tell he was alittle

"Oz, sweetie, I'm sorry.  This is just so frustrating."

"It's okay.  I understand.  I sort of noticed that you've been on the same page for like an

"Make that *two* hours.  This guy makes our Chem prof seem like Jerry

Oz smiled at that.  A smile from him was like a full belly laugh from someone else.

"May I make a suggestion?  Why don't you read it aloud?"

"What and put you asleep, too?"

"I'm game.  Maybe, I'll learn something."

Willow shrugged and began to read the text aloud.  Before she knew it she began to get
into the flow of the words.  The grammar was strange, but understandable.  She was so
immersed in the text, she was startled when she felt Oz's body weight sink down on the
bed behind her.

"What are ou doing?," she asked.

"Getting the best seat in the house," he replied as he settled his cheek on the high curve of
her ass.

< What was he up to > she wondered.  But he just lay there.  The weight of him against
her lower body was warm and comfortable.  She continued reading, "And the measure of
the four humors must not exceed or equal the measure of the..."

Then something damp and hot penetrated through the thin cloth of her skirt in the same
spot where Oz's head had been innocently resting.  The steady drone of her voice was
interrupted by a sharp gasp.

It was his mouth.

"Um, I don't wanna sound like a broken record, but what are you

Oz had begun idly tracing the outline of her bottom and thighs with his fingers.

< OK, stupid question, Rosenberg >

"Oz, I really need to get through this and I can't with you... distracting me."

"What? This?  Just ignore me and keep reading."  The last part sounded like an order.

< What game was he playing? >

She shook her head and decided to play along.

At first she was tense, waiting for the next surprise, but she soon relaxed when none

So, she was startled when Oz's hand slipped beneath her skirt, between her parted thighs.
She held her breath as they slid along that smooth expanse of flesh.

"Keep reading."

< Huh? >  "But, um aren't we, uh having sex? I mean, your hands are..."

"Making you wet?" he finished for her.

"Um, yeah."

"But, I thought you wanted to study," he said, completely straight-faced.

He scooted forward, until he was fully on top of her, straddling her legs, the hardness of
his cock burning her backside and his breath in her ear.

"Um, I think I changed my mind," she sighed. He smiled at that.

"Willow, do you know how sexy you are, how hot you make me on a daily basis?," he
asked conversationally.

She didn't answer.  She couldn't.

He didn't seem to expect a reply.  Oz forged ahead.  He dipped his head and began to
nibble and lick on the sesitive flesh of her neck.  He trailed his tongue up to her ear and
began to trace its delicate curves.

Willow gasped and moaned beneath him.  She alternately sqirmed her ass back against
his cock and ground her clit forward into the mattress..

"Yeah, that's good" she panted.  She tried to turn around to touch him, to make him feel
what she was feeling, but he pushed her down into the bed.

"Let me do the work," he whispered.  Willow was in no position to argue.

He took her lips in a rough kiss.  His tongue swirled around hers, sucking it, making her
moan.  He shoved his hands beneath her fuzzy green sweter and began to massage her
breasts.  He pinched her nipples until they were almost painfully hard.

She was so glad she had opted to go braless today.

Then his hands were gone and she moaned in disappointment.

"Don't worry baby, I got you."

He grabbed a pillow from the head of the bed and shoved it beneath her hips.  Willow
was pliant beneath his hands, knowing her reward would be incredible pleasure.

Oz quickly stripped them of their clothes, then took a  moment to survey his handiwork.
Willow lay on her stomach with her bottom arched enticingly in the air.  Her naked body
was flushed with passion.

Without preamble, he tucked his hands high between her inner
thighs and spread her open.  He grasped her hips and raised her until
she was on her knees.  Oz then ducked his head and slowly ran his
tongue from vagina to her clitoris.  He licked and sucked that little
nubbin until it was hard.  Within moments the redhead was sopping
wet.  She ground herself into Oz's welcoming face.

He licked and sucked for all she was worth.  He teased her outer lips,
stabbed her clit with his tongue, and thrust it into her tight channel.
Then he scraped her teeth across her clit and grinned when the she
screamed his name.

Willow was on the edge now, moaning and begging.  "Please, Oz
please.  Fuck me, do it to me.  Don't stop.  Oh God!"

Oz  renewed his efforts.  He took Willow's clit into his mouth and
began to suck hard.  Then he thrust three fingers into her
juice-slicked cunt.  He sucked and thrust in tandem in a ruthless,
relentless rhythm that made Willow grasp the bed clothes and grind
into his face hard.  Suddenly, she came, screaming and moaning and
crying.  Her tight inner muscles pulsed around Oz's fingers and her
sweet juices drenched his face.

Willow didn't think she had any more energy, but Oz was merciless.
She came again and again under his ministrations.  She thought she
would black out from the pleasure.  He didn't stop licking and
thrusting until he had wrenched every orgasm he could out of her
sweat soaked, trembling body.

She collapsed in a panting, boneless heap.  But Oz wasn't finished
with her yet.

No rest for the wicked.

"Wants some more?," he asked.  His voice was just shy of smug.

She could only gasp in reply as he spread the twin globes of her ass
apart and ran his tongue from the slick folds of her pussy up to the
tight puckered entrance above it.   Willow leaned into it, becoming
aroused again.  She couldn't believe it after the way she'd come, but
she could feel herself getting wet again.

Her body jerked at the hot, wet feel of Oz's mouth.  "Oh God, Oz
yes lickmethere, lickmethere, don't stop!," she panted desperately.
He obliged, stabbing his tongue in her tight hole as far as it would

Oz swirled his tongue around slow then fast, never establishing a
steady rhythm.  He knew how she liked it. She rewarded his efforts
by moaning and bucking and screaming his name.

He was relentless in his efforts to increase her pleasure.  Without
pausing in his tonguing of her anus, his nimble fingers alternately
massaged her clit and thrust into her vagina.

By this time Willow was screaming, "Do it to me!  Fuck me so
good!" and thrusting against both invasions.

He enjoyed doing this to her.  It was the one thing that he had never
done with anyone else.

Oz slipped his fingers from her sopping vagina  and took one wet
digit and slipped it easily into her asshole.  Then he sat back on his
knees and watched fascinated as his index finger disappeared and
reappeared, again and again and again.  He watched as her glowing,
flushed body thrust against his hand.  He listened as his sweet, shy
girlfriend meweled like an animal and begged him to fuck her up the
ass.  He couldn't take much more of this this.  His throbbing erection
was begging for release.

Willow was drowning in a sea of pleasure.  Her tear stained face was
pressed into the pillows and her throat was dry and hoarse from
screaming.  She was overstimulated and oversensitive, yet she still
wanted more.  All she could do in mindlessly give in to the demands
of her body. She wanted his cock in her.  Anywhere.  Everywhere.

She vaguely registered the sound of a package ripping and then his
finger was gone, only to be replaced by his slick latex-encased cock.
She relaxed her body completely, eagerly anticipating the fullness of
him inside her.

"God, oh, God Willow, Willow, it's so...," Oz moaned when the head of his slick cock
slide into the tight passage of her anus.  His fingers dug into her hips and he resisted the
urge to buck forward quickly.

Oz painstakingly pumped back and forth gently until he was fully inside her, until his
balls brushed her ass.  She clenched around him and groaned at the hot, tight feel of him
inside her.

"Don't be shy, baby.  Do it to me," she demanded.  Oz was happy to oblige.

He pulled out and thrust inside her again.  She was so damned tight, he felt like his head
would explode.

He began to pump, hard and fast.

"Do you like it?  Do you like to be fucked up the ass?," he demanded.

"Yeah, yeah, YEAH," she panted out.  Her inner muscles pulsed and clenched around his
cock like a vise.

She *loved* this.  It always amazed her that although he was inside her ass, she could feel
it in her pussy.  The sweet, burning pleasure-pain of it...

Their bodies slammed together forcefully, moving like a well-oiled machine. Oz bit his
lower lip and grunted like an animal. His fingers bit into her flesh bruising her.  For a
long time there were no sounds except that of flesh slapping against flesh and the
occasional strangled exclamation.

< slap >

< slap >


< slap >


< slap >

< slap >


He began to fuck her harder and faster.  She was exhausted, almost unable to keep up
with the speed of his movements. Then, Oz leaned forward until he covered her back and
reached around and to stroke her clit.  Willow came within moments, screaming and
thrusting back against him.  Her entire body spasmed and shook, her vaginal muscles
desperately trying to milk a cock that wasn't there and her asshole clenching around the
cock that was.  She moaned helplessly into her pillow, riding out the contractions that
wracked her body.

Her rectum squeezed his dick so powerfully that Oz thought he would faint from intensity
of it.  A hoarse, feral cry emitted from his throat as his body contorted in a paroxysm of
pleasure.  A sensation close to pain began at the base of his spine and worked its way
through him, making him tremble uncontrollably.  Out of control, he thrust into her
mindlessly, his seed shooting from his cock in seemimgly endless currents.  It was too
much; he felt like he was dying.

An eternity later, he collapsed on top of her, completely drained.  When he recovered, he
rolled to her side and tossed the used condom into the wastebasket next to the bed.

Upon awakening, the first thing Willow saw was Oz facing her on
the pillow next to her. He leaned forward and kissed her deeply.
The man was *not* shy about using his tongue.  Anywhere.

Then they snuggled together, sleepily.

Just before dreamland claimed him, Oz heard her mumble, "Wow,
that was some study break."

Note:   I had never read an Oz-Willow smutfic where they
engaged in anal sex, so I had to write one!  Feedback is appreciated.

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