Barbie Girl
Author: Azziel Savament
Disclaimer: I their not mine, they belong to an evil acid trip taking Joss, and the wonderful WB. Aqua owns the lyrics, and their record company.
Rating: NC-17
Content: Yes there is sex, because I could
Summary: Angel is less then fresh when he is seen.
Author's Note: I have made it a series, 'Batteries Not Included Series.' I have to thank Pamela because If not for her I would be lyric less, and a week behind on my fic writing.  Thanks a bunch!;-)

 Barbie Girl
Buffy awoke first, rapped comfortably in his arms.  Her mind swimming with thoughts of the night before, she still couldn't believe that her mom caught her having sex with Angel. <I know I should have told her that I was dating Angel, maybe she would have handled it better. > She could not help but ask herself the age-old question of 'What if?' but all it did was add to her questions.  A few moments of contemplating pasted until she realized that Angel was awake.

He pulled her in closer, and gave her a small squeeze.  "Good morning, my love."  As he spoke the words they seemed not to reach her, and she remained silent.    "What's wrong?"

After the words finally sank in she responded, "O.  It's nothing.  It's just after what happened I don't how I can face my mother."

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do fine.  Besides, I'm sure you can convince her that you are responsible, and can take care of yourself."  At this point they got up from bed to prepare, both still hoping that things were going to be easier then they seemed, but prays are not always answered.

 Angel was dressed first, it was right before dawn, and if she took any longer he would not be able to go with her.  After a few encouraging words from Angel, she picked up the pace.  About 10 minutes later, she was done, dressed with make-up.  This speed amazed Angel and caused him to wonder, <Why does it always take her so long to get ready? >

"You ready?"


He made one final remake before they left, "Great, we're off like a prom dress." Buffy glanced at him with an unsettling grin.  Angel soon motioned towards the open door, and she quickly stepped threw it.  Once they were out he closed and locked the door.

When they had reached the house it was minutes before dawn, and Angel was bolting towards the window.  Quietly they entered her room to ensure not to wake her mother.  Both were prepared at any moment for Miss Summers to bust in screaming. But rather then hearing that or anything, all there was, was silence.

Instead of waiting till later in the morning Buffy decided to see why it was so quiet.  "Angel you stay here, and I'll be back in a few minutes."  She left Angel sitting on the Bed, and ventured out to answer their question.  First, checking her mother's room, then the rest of the upstairs, and finally down to the living room.  The strange part of her quest threw the house was that no one was there.  Finally she reached the last place that her mother could be, the kitchen.

She slowly opened the door as she had done many times before, but the difference this time was that the room was bare.  "Where could she be?"  She asked herself aloud.  Until she noticed a note on the counter, she could see that her mother wrote it.

 Dear Buffy,
 Had to go to the Gallery, I'll be back later this morning so we can
 have our little talk.

As soon as she read this she ran upstairs to tell Angel that they would have the house all to themselves.  She threw open the door, and startled him. Angel nearly fell off the bed, when she yelled his name to what see to him at the top of her lungs.


With supernatural speed he went to her, and stopped short right before he ran into her.  "What Happened?"  He asked with concern.

"She's not here, and we have all morning till she gets back!"  She went over to the stereo and mimicked the action that Angel had done the night before.

"What are you doing?"  With a quick thought to himself, he remembered what she had told him the night before, and cursed himself for asking such a stupid question.  Also another thought came into his head <Hum, I wonder, how limber a slayer really is.  I hope she does that Gum-be trick she promised…. >

Ken: Hi ya Barbie!
Barbie: Hi Ken!
Ken:  You wanna go for a ride?
Barbie:  Sure Ken!

Angel's thoughts were interrupted by the music she had chosen.  He was in a state of shock at the song, < It's that damn Barbie girl song! > "Buffy, I really don't want to…"

Before Angel could finish he was cut off.  "No, we always listen to the music you choose.  Right now we are going to listen to what I want." All he did was look at her then back to the stereo.  He did this for a few more moments, and with his contemplation he started to listen to the lyrics.

I'm a Barbie girl
 In a Barbie world
 Wrapped in plastic
 It's fantastic
 You can brush my hair
 Undress me everywhere.
 That is your creation.

"Buffy, can't you choose something a bit more meaning full?"  She looked at him with a surprised look then replied.

"O.  Like your music has so much meaning. Does the song 'Transylvanian Concubine,' ring a bell.  Are you telling me that, that song has meaning?"  By then she crossed her arms, and gave him a firm look.  His only reaction was to point at the stereo, and shake his head.

 I'm a blonde, single girl
 In a fantasy world
 Dress me up,
 Make it tight
 I'm your dolly.
 Ken:  You're my doll.
 Rock and roll
 Feel the glamour and pain.
 Kiss me here,
 Touch me there,
 Hanky panky

"You didn't answer my question!"  She shouted, she was getting a little fed up with his refusal.

"Yes, a matter a fact it does have a meaning, Its' means…" She stop him in  mid sentence, and finished his thought for him.

"It means that I belong to you, and it has to do with you being a vampire." He turned away at the mention of the word 'vampire.'  She realized her comment hurt him, and began to soften her approach. "I'm sorry, It's just, all I ask is for one little song."  When he turn back he smiled.

"Ok, but only one."

 Ken:  Come on Barbie,
 Let's go party!
 Ooh oh ooh, ooh oh ooh
 Ken:  Come on Barbie,
 Let's go party!
 Ah ah ah, yeah!

Angel stared at her for a moment, and then took her by the hand.  By the time he reached the bed all he wore was his pants. With each 'Come on Barbie, let's go party!' he removed a piece of her clothing.  In a matter of no time she was nude lying on the bed.

 He slowly started to lower himself to her core, leaving light kisses on his way down.   When he reached her warmth he found her wet, hot, and waiting for him.  He slowly inserted his index finger into her, and kissed her clit, this sent shivers down her spin.  As he started to push deeper, he got a loud moan out of her, and she seemed to become breathless.

"Angel…" She managed to moan before he removed him hand, and nearly rip off his pants.

 Barbie:  Oh, I'm having so much fun!
 Ken:  Well, Barbie, we're just getting stared.
 Barbie:  Oh I love you Ken!

He moved on top of her, entering her warm place that he craved to be every moment of the day.  As he entered her she orgasmed, and screamed out. "KEN!!!!!!" When she looked up at him, Angel was desperately fighting to keep hips still, but he still couldn't help but laugh.  When she nodded at him to move, he answered her request, and started to off slowly.  Soon he lost control, and began to thrust hard long and fast, with the fury only a vampire could possess. The room filled with their screams, each grunting the others name in such an animalistic way that was only understandable to one another. Each giving the other their release and their bodies cure. Angel sinking his teeth into her flushed breast, and drained just enough to add to each other's pleasure.  Giving each other the ultimate orgasm, and rest for the day.

 After he removed himself, Buffy got up off the bed and went to the door. "Buff, where are you going?"  Angel asked with a confused look.

"I'm going to go take a shower. Remember I still have to go to school today. I'll be done in no time."  He smirked at her, but still questioned.

"I thought you got ready before?"

"That when I had to just face my mother, that's why I was ready do soon. Plus I wasn't expecting to have sex." He really didn't feel like arguing over something so trivial, and so he let it drop.

"Ok.  I'll be here waiting."  With that she kissed him on the check and went to take a shower.

Angel waited for about a half an hour; he had come to a decision not to get dressed until she was done.  His logic told him that things would go faster that way.  Finally when the door opened he was not greeted by Buffy, but by a very shocked Miss Summer finding a very nude Angel lying on her daughters bed.

"Hi, Miss Summers."

The End

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