Willow The Domiatrix: Careful What You Ask For
Author: Todd Manning(manning25@webtv.net)
Rating: NC17
Summary: Plot, we don't need no stinkin' plot.
Content: Willow/Buffy; B/D,Toys,Humor
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Willow The Domiatrix: Careful What You Ask For

I called you brazen
Called you whore right to your face
And watched you silently and publicly disgraced
I didn't notice when you strengthed like a vice
That you were trembling and burned beneath
the ice

    By Skunk Anansie

As Buffy stood there naked and spread eagle, held in place by a rope and
pully system, she wondered what she had gotten herself into. After years
of slaying and being in control she wanted to know what it felt like to
be dominated. After some proding she was able to convince Willow to help
her out, figuring that she could trust Willow not to go to far. Now she
wasn't so sure.

Buffy couldn't believe what Willow was wearing. A latex romper with the
breasts cut out. Buffy made a mental note to ask Willow where she got

Willow having just finished securing Buffy, locking the ropes in place
so that there was no slack, stepped back to observe her handy work. She
smiled as she looked at Buffy struggling against the ropes. Willow spoke
"It's no use slut, you can't get out."

Buffy shot her head up in amazement and said in bewilderment, "Slut?!"

Willow slowly walked up to Buffy and whispered in her ear,"You wanted to
know what it was like to be dominated, well now your going to find out."

"So tell me Buffy, just how many guys have you spread your legs for?"
Willow asked as she went to her closet."Or do you only blow them?"

Buffy craned her neck to try to see what Willow was doing as she
spoke."Willow you know the answer to that."

Willow walked back over to Buffy with a whip in her hand. "What did you
just call me?", Willow demanded, staying in fantasy mode, as she walked
behind Buffy looking at her pert little ass.

Buffy shot back "I called you Willow, that is your name."

"Well, from now on you will refer to me as Mistress." Willow said as she
slowly caressed Buffys ass. She rubbed her index finger over the opening
of Buffys anus. Buffy squealed in suprise.

"I'm not calling you Mistress, Willow. Maybe we shouldn't do this."
Buffy said, trying to hide the fear in her voice.

"We're going to do this, and your going to call me Mistress." Spoke a
now angry Willow. She raised her arm and lashed Buffy on the back with
the whip.

Buffy screamed out in pain and suprise. "I'm not calling you mistress,
it's perverted", Buffy reasoned.

"Oh, but asking me to tie you up, thats just your run of the mill
request?" Willow mocked her.

Buffy sighed, realizing she wasn't going to be able to talk Willow out
of going thruogh with the fantasy."I'm sorry Mistress."

"Sorry isn't going to cut it this time," replied Willow.

Willow the took the whip and began to gently run it over Buffys back and
ass, letting the threads of the whip run between Buffys cheeks. Buffy
let out a sigh. Then, without warning, Willow pulled back the whip, and
lashed out at Buffy.


Buffy cried out for Willow to stop,"please Mistress no more, I'll do
whatever you want."

"Thats better." replied Willow,"I don't like it when I have to hurt you,
but you must be taught to respect your Mistress."

"Yes Mistress, thank you." Buffy said sobbing in relief.

Willow walked around Buffy and faced her. She caressed Buffy's face and
kissed her, long and hard, on her mouth. When Willow released from
Buffy, Buffy was gasping for air, her chest heaving and visibly aroused,
her nipples hard.

Willow lowered her head to Buffy's right breast. She slowly kissed
Buffys right breast spirling from the outer portion to the nipple while
tweaking Buffys left nipple. After what felt like ages to Buffy, Willow
switched breasts.

Buffy, delirious from the simultaneous sensations of pleasure and pain,
couldn't believe it when she felt her pussy begin to moisten.

Buffy groaned in disapointment when Willow backed away from Buffy and
went back to her closet.

Willow walked back to Buffy, with an evil grin on her face, holding a

Buffy, disturbed by this, asked,"What's in the bag?"

Willow, annoyed with Buffys lack of respect, said forcefully,"Don't
speak unless spoken to, and call me Mistress at all times whore! your
going to have to be punished for that."

"Yes Mistress. I'm sorry Mistress." Buffy said with fear in her eyes.

"We'll see just how sorry you are," Willow said as she pulled chain
linked nipple clamps from her bag.

"Wh-what are you g-g-going to do wi-with th-those." Buffy stuttered.

Willow didn't answer, she grabed Buffys left breast and apllied the
nipple clamp. Buffy screamed out in pain.

"Either shut the fuck up, or I'll shut you up," Willow demanded.

Buffy whimpered and then went silent, not wanting to know what Willow
would do to quiet her.

Willow, happy with her control over Buffy, attached the other clamp to
Buffys right nipple.

Buffy winced, but stayed silent. Willow then caressed Buffys, now
heaving, chest and pulled on the chain connected to the nipple clamps.
Buffy writhed in her bonds, yet stayed silent throughout the ordeal.

Impressed by Buffys abiliity to stay silent, Willow decided to reward
her. She slowly lowered herself down Buffys body, kissing her hard
smooth stomach as she went down. Willow, her nipples hard and her pussy
crying out for attention, reached a kneeling position in front of Buffy.
She methodically ran her tongue over Buffys thighs, avoiding any contact
with Buffys nether regions.

Buffy pulled at her bonds trying to postion her pussy in front of
Willows mouth. But it was no use, she couldn't move an inch. Buffy
groaned out in desire, ready to go insane if she didn't orgasm soon.

Willow, her own desire for release growing, brought her index finger up
to Buffys opening. Lightly moving her finger around the edge of Buffys
pussy, Willow lowered her other hand to her own and began to pleasure
herself. Willow let out a moan, making Buffy jealous in need of her own

Willow, fingering herself, finally brought her mouth in front of Buffys
pussy. Buffy sighed, thrilled to feel the heat of Willows breath caress
her aching mound. Willow flicked her tongue at Buffys opening, teasing
her. Buffy groaned in frustration.

Moving her head in closer, Willow poked her tongue into Buffys pussy,
savoring the flavor of Buffys ever flowing juices. Buffy screamed out in
glee,"OH GOD YES!!", as her pussy was finally geting the attention it so
desprately needed.

Willow, close to orgasm, added a second finger to her own pussy. As she
did that she used the thumb of her other had to play with Buffys clit.
Buffys breathing became more rapid. As Willow reached orgasm she
realized Buffy was close to cuming herself. Before Buffy could acheive
orgasm, Willow pulled her hand and mouth away from her. Buffy tried to
move her own hand down, to replace Willows, but it was no use. Buffy
watched on, sobbing in frustration, as Willow brought herself to orgasm.
Willow writhed in ecstasy, the intensity of her orgasm greatened by her
pleasure in depriving Buffy.

After Willow recovered she stood up and said, "I told you not to speak,
you must be punished now." Buffy couldn't belive it, she already had
been punished she thought to herself.

Willow, her back to Buffy, fished a dildo and harness out of her bag of
tricks. She inserted in dildo into the harness and straped it on, making
sure it was secure. At the base of the dildo was a nub to stimulate
Willows clit.

Buffys eyes nearly popped out of her head when Willow turned around. She
couldn't believe the size of the fake cock. She figured it was at least
10 inches long and 2 inches wide, and wondered if Angel had fully
developed before he was turned. She didn't think she would be able to
take it but didn't want to piss off her Mistress by saying so. Oh my
God, she thought, I'm even calling her Mistress in my mind.

Willow walked over to the levers and adjusted Buffys position so that
her upper body was at a 45 degree angle. As Willow moved towards Buffy
she admired how firm Buffys breast were.

Now standing behind Buffy, Willow wraped her arms around Buffy and
caresseed her chest. As Buffy moaned from the pleasure Willow was giving
her, she began to crave the big fake cock that she feared just a few
moments ago.

Willow sensing Buffys need, positioned the dildo in front of Buffys
moist opening. She slowly inserted the head of the cock. Buffy yelped,
never having had anything so big inside her before. Willow continued to
insert the cock until it was completely inside Buffy. Buffy groaned.

Willow, her own desire growing, slowly pulled back until just an inch of
the dildo was left inside Buffys steaming hole. She then thrust forward,
slaming into Buffy.

Buffy moaned out, "Oh God, so good!"

Willow, an evil grin on her face, continued to thrust in and out of
Buffy as she moved her hands up to Buffys breasts. She began to massage
Buffys chest. Buffy overflowed with pleasure. Willow then suddenly
pinched Buffys nipples, driving her thumb nails into Buffys skin. Buffy
screamed out, "Yes Mistress, make me your slut!"

Willow, rubbing her clit up agaiinst the nub on the dildo quickened her
movement. Buffys head rolled back as she closed in on the ultimate

"Yes, harder, harder!" Buffy screamed

Willow again increased her pace, closing in on her own orgasm.

Buffy writhed as she finaly reached orgasm. "Oh, Ohhhh!! Yes Mistress,
fuck me! Make me cum!" She yelled as she tried to buck back towards
Willow, trying to make the artifical cock go deeper inside her.

Willow, still pumping in a now exhausted Buffy, came. "Yes slut, make me
cum!" She moaned in Buffys ear as her orgasm subsided. Willow embraced
Buffy, the artifical cock still inside her.

After a few minutes, Willow pulled out. She walked around to face Buffy.
They kissed both completely satisfied from the expirience. When they
broke apart Buffy whispered,"Thank you."

Willow replied "I'd do anything for you Buffy"

As Willow released Buffy from her bonds she wondered what Xander was
  The End?

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