AUTHOR-Sarah Heart

RATING- NC 17 ( I think, I’m English so we have a different rating scale
from you )

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sooo sweet but be careful he bites !!!

TIMELINE- in my world of denial B + A have been screwing like rabbits since
her birthday.

DISCLAIMER- I don’t own them, they aren’t mine, they never will be mine.
They belong to Joss etc., etc. However any time they fuck, that’s mine since I
doubt Joss will ever let them do that again !!!.


" Angel take them off "

Willingly he obliged, pushing them off his trim hips and stepping out of them.
Proudly he stood, letting her drink in his aroused beauty. He had always
known that he had a body women liked, he had used it many times to his
advantage in his distant past. But he had never been as grateful for his looks as
when he saw the admiration and desire reflected in his loves gaze. " Now you "
he ordered.

Still standing by the door, she gathered the hem of her dress and vigorously
pulled it over her head, flinging it aside. Naked she stood before him, she had
stopped wearing underwear at the weekends to save time (and to stop the
items from being shredded ). Her skin a contrast of shadows in the lamp light,
her rounded, full breast heaving, the soft triangle between her softly rounded
thighs beckoning him like a moth to a flame. His eyes darkened at her
breathtaking beauty, and his erection grew even harder.

" Come here " he crocked.

" Show me " she breathed " that position you were telling me about. Show me
now ".

Needing no further encouragement, he fell forward onto his hands and pressed
into a handstand. Buffys slayer athletic abilities combined with his vampiric
ones meant that they had no trouble exploring positions that other lovers
wouldn’t be able to get in to, let alone sustain. He walked towards her on his
hands, straight to her feet. Opening wide his legs, he placed one on either side
of her, his feet against the closed door, well above her shoulders.

She reached between his legs, grabbing his stiffness, pulling it towards her
mouth. She only needed to bend her legs slightly, the huge differences in their
sizes allowing them to achieve this position with a minimum of effort. Slowly
she lowered the center of herself to his waiting upturned head. As his tongue
slipped into the already wet lips, she sucked on the head of his engorged penis,
tracing the hard ridges expertly with her tongue. His own tongue was working
pure magic, jabbing at her clit so well that finally her knees buckled with the
pleasure. This in turn upset his balance and they fell as one onto the bedroom
floor. Laughing together, they kissed lightly, exploring the taste of themselves
on each others tongues.

Rolling her over on to her back, he fell between her upraised knees, and
plunged deep within her. With a deep sigh of contentment, she locked her legs
around his waist and pressed his firm chest into her soft mounds " Ahh Angel "
she groaned " fuck me, fuck me, fuck me….".

Angels vampiric stamina and endurance never failed to amaze her. Although
she suspected he had been able to go on for hours even when he had still been
human. He teased her, alternating between slow, easy strokes and powerful
lunges that reached deep into her innermost core. The previous night he had
rammed into her for two and half hours straight before her climaxes had
ceased and her sore centre had ceased to drip in lust. She knew however that it
would be over much quicker tonight, both to aroused to prolong the inevitable.

Quickly she began to peak, an exquisite anguish rising within her to almost
unbearable heights. Like a sudden clap of thunder she came, drenching him in
a shower of her fluids. Her scream of release muffled as she bit sharply into
his neck.

Still pulsing within her with inhuman speed, Angel raised his head from the
hollow of her neck and grinned in satisfaction " Score one for you, yeah "

" yes, yes " she groaned

" I play hard when I’m behind " he growled and lowering his head, raced to
catch up by shifting his hips into an even higher gear. Buffy could only cling to
his taut frame and ride out the strokes. With a loud growl he bit into her , his
gentleness a direct contrast to the fierce thrusting of the lower half of his body.
She crested again as a wave of pleasure crashed through her from his double
invasion as he finally climaxed, filling her body with his dead seed.

They clung to each other, murmuring endearments, each relishing the other
and the feeling of contentment and belonging they found in their embrace. As
her breathing returned to normal, Buffy could feel his cock, still buried to the
hilt within her, thickening and growing again. Slowly his hips began to move. "
Angel enough for now " she admonished playfully, and, with a shove, managed
to push him off her. Scooting out from under him, she weakly scrambled on
her knees towards the essay left on her desk

He followed, also crawling. Like a dog in heat, he pressed his nose against the
softness between her legs. Using his long tongue to lick away the combined
juices that were smeared there. With a sigh, she pulled herself up onto the
chair, reaching for pen and paper.

She glanced at him. He had sunk back onto his haunches beside the chair, his
brown eyes locked on her intently, his hard member standing proud.

" you are too much " she sighed in appreciation, and with a flirtatious smile slid
of the chair and into his waiting lap….


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