The Second Time Is Always Better
By Pamela Thompson
CONTENT: M/F consensual sex (Buffy/Angel)
SUMMARY: In response to the Angel the Aggresor challenge
DISCLAIMER: Say it with me "I own none of these characters.  They belong to Joss Whedon, the WB, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar, and Fox."  If they were mine, Becoming would have never happened.  I'll put them back where they belong, promise!
NOTES:  This is my first feeble attempt at fanfic, please don't make me cry, I'm a sensitive child.  Big huge thatnks to Diane, cuz now, thanks to her proofreading, I won't look quite as dumb.  Also, thanks to Lady Sirona and Mistress Angel, who have totally inspired me!  Here goes:
// marks character internal thoughts//

The Second Time Is Always Better
The Bronze was packed.  It was Friday night, after the first week of school, and Everclear was performing.  Buffy Summers was having a grand  time dancing with her best bud, Xander Harris.  She had a night off!   //This couldn’t get much better!//  she smiled to herself.  //Well, actually, it could.  If Angel was here it would be a LOT better!//  That, however, was highly unlikely.  //Because if he came here, then he might actually have fun!  Couldn’t have that!//  He was even human again, so they could do all kinds of fun stuff like go out for picnics  in the middle of the day, but Angel still felt guilt.  She glanced back at the table where her other best friend, Willow Rosenberg, was sitting
at with her boyfriend, Oz.  //Oz is a werewolf. Three nights a month he has to chain himself up so he doesn’t go on a killing spree!  And he doesn’t brood!//  Oh well, Angel was cute enough that he made up for it.

The song ended.  The new one had a slower beat.  Xander and Buffy moved close together and Xander grabbed her hips.  It was funny how if Angel had been doing this, it would have been so sexy, but it was only Xander it was just fun.  //Does Xander feel the same about me and Cordelia?//  She wondered with a shudder.  It had been almost eight months since everyone found out that the two of them had that whole hateful passion thing  going, and it still was weird.  Cordelia was spending the weekend shopping in LA, so  at least Buffy wasn’t the only dateless one.
Here is the money that I owe you,
Yes you can pay the bills.
I will give you more when I get paid again.
Buffy turned around so that her back was to Xander, and he grabbed her hips again.  They swayed to the beat sexily.  //Might as well.  It’s not like Angel is going to see us and get jealous anyway.//
Yeah, guess I’m doing okay,
moved in with the strangest guy.
Would you believe he actually thinks that I am really alive?
Xander felt a tap on his shoulder and released Buffy’s hips as he turned around to see her boyfriend behind him.  When he stopped dancing, Buffy turned around to see what was going on and was more than a little surprised, as well as excited, to see Angel, with a look on his face that didn’t tell her if he was angry, hurt, or just not caring.
“May I cut in?”  he said in a very deep and sexy voice.

Xander rolled his eyes, knowing if he refused he’d end up in lots of pain.  “Whatever.”
Angel grabbed Buffy shoulders and pulled her to him.  He slowly ran his hands down to her hips, and they began to sway to the beat of the music.
Ooh, I will buy you a garden,
where your flowers can bloom.
I will buy you a new car,
perfect, shiny and new.
I will buy you a new house,
way up in the west hills.
I will buy you a new life.
Yes I will.
“I didn’t think you were gonna show.”  Buffy said coyly.
“I could tell.”  Angel answered teasingly.
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“It means I saw you pretending Xander was me.”
“I know, Xander really is a poor substitute, isn’t he?”  He continued, “I should be really offended, Honey.”
“Why would I want to pretend Xander was you?”  Buffy asked.  She knew he was baiting her, but she didn’t care.
“Oh, you didn’t want to, but you were desperate!”  He replied, chuckling at Buffy’s scoff.  “You really, really need me.  And I wasn’t here. That’s why I’m not mad.  I’m not fulfilling my boyfriendly duties.”
//”Boyfriendly duties?”  Where is he getting this crap?//  But still, as retarded as it sounded, his voice was so sexy that it worked.
“I have been telling you that for months!  Why are you starting to listen now?  Are you possessed?”  She asked, not completely kidding.
He laughed.  Then leaned down and claimed her mouth as his in a searing kiss.  Luckily, he was human now, and also had to breathe, so it only lasted a few minutes.
“Oh wow!  You must be possessed!  But who even cares!”  smiled Buffy. //Now if only I could get him to do more than kiss!//
He leaned over and whispered in her ear.  His hot breath tickled her, and sent chills down her spine, as he whispered,  “By the way, I really like your dress.”

Buffy smiled.  She had worn it especially for him, in hopes that he would be making an appearance that night.  It was navy blue, nothing  more really than a piece of fabric tightly wrapped around her body.   It ended at about mid thigh, but was even shorter when she sat down.  All she had to do was get him to the damn table and get in his lap.  //Yeah, that’ll happen.//

He smiled down at her and said “Aren’t you a little young to be wearing that?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but what would your mother say?  I can’t believe she let you out wearing that tiny little thing!”

She narrowed her eyes.  “She didn’t.  Mom is in LA, some convention about owning small galleries.  I told you last week.”

He looked very casual, too casual.  “Oh, it must have slipped my mind.”
“I’ll bet.”  Buffy replied, playing it cool, although her heart was beating 100 times faster than normal.
Suddenly, he pulled away from her.  “Well, you better go home.”

“Excuse me?!”

“It’s almost eleven-thirty.  You’re only 17.”

“Kiss my ass.”
He smiled, seductively.  “Ooh, don’t say things like that to a guy unless you plan on making good on it.”

//Two can play this game//  She smiled equally seductively as she pressed her body against his.  “Who said I  didn’t?”
He grabbed her hand and softly rubbed circles into the back of it with his thumb.  “How about I walk you home?”
Buffy found that she was liking this idea more and more.  “Hmmm, okay. Just give me a sec.”
She walked back to the table where Willow, Oz and Xander were engaged in some sort of trivia game.  She grabbed her purse and said, “Well, it’s late, I better get to bed -- uh, go home.”
Willow gave her a confused look and Xander gave her his “yeah right” look.  She shrugged and hurried off.  She had to move fast before the spell on Angel wore off and he remembered he was Caution Man.
“Bed?  It’s not even midnight.”  Willow wondered as she stared at her friend’s retreating form.
“Yeah, it would be early to go to sleep.  But I seriously doubt that her plans include sleep.”  Xander informed her as they watched Buffy grab Angel’s hand and they headed toward the door together.
“Oh!”  Willow said, as realization hit.
As much as Buffy wanted to get Angel in her bed, she did enjoy these walks with him.  So peaceful, so relaxing.  Just the two of them.  They didn’t have to talk.  It was just nice knowing he was there.  She felt safe.  Buffy knew it was ridiculous -- she was the slayer.  But Angel could protect her from something she couldn’t.  Sure, she could fight  vampires or any other demons the Hellmouth could spew out, but she couldn’t fight loneliness.  Only he could help her with that.  In those months that her Angel had been gone, when Angelus had been there, she was so lonely.  Even when she was in the library with Giles and all the rest of the gang, she felt alone.  Angel was the only one who could
begin to understand her.  Even now that he was human, he wasn’t really what you could call normal.  How many humans had fed off blood for two hundred and some odd years, had not been able to go out in the sun, had been sent to hell, then had left hell after a demon had been ripped from their body?  Not very many, that’s for sure.
They arrived at the her house.  This was usually the part she hated, the part where they said goodbye.  But not tonight.  Tonight belonged to them.  They could make love all night long, like they should have done the first time.  And when she woke up the next morning, he would be
there.  They could do whatever they wanted the next day.  Go to the park, watch TV, stay in bed.  //Hmm, that sounds nice!//  Buffy smiled to herself.
“Well, take care, make sure you lock the door behind you.”  Angel said, as if he were about to leave her at the door.  As if Buffy would let him.
“Excuse me?  I don’t think so.”  Buffy dared him.
“Are you suggesting that I go into your mother’s home with you when she is out of town?  How un-gentlemanlike!”  Angel said, feigning offense.
“Oh, but it is gentlemanlike to allow a young girl to go into a big empty house alone, without checking for dangers that may lurk inside, without tucking her in, or allow her to awake from nightmares all alone with nobody to comfort her?”  reasoned Buffy.
Angel pretended to consider it a moment.  “Oh, I guess you’re right.”

“As usual.”  Buffy smiled triumphantly as she opened the door and flicked on the light.
Angel walked in behind her and picked her up in his arms and kicked the door closed with his foot.  He turned around so that she could bolt the door, then he moved his head from side to side.  “Well, I don’t see any dangerous criminals down here.  We should check your room!”
Buffy smiled at him mischievously.  “Sounds like a plan to me!”

As he carried her through her bedroom door, he began to kiss her passionately.  He decided that the dim light radiated by the small lamp she had left on was perfect.  He gently laid her on the bed.  He thought she looked so beautiful.  Her lips were slightly swollen and red from their kissing, her eyes were dark with desire.  He laid on his side next to her and gently ran his finger down the side of her face.
“Buffy, I want tonight to be special.  I want it to be like how it should have been the first time.”
She looked at him and smiled sweetly.  “As long as you’re here when I wake up.”
“Oh, I will, my Love, I will,” he promised as he leaned down and resumed their kissing.

He moved on top of her, with one of his legs in between hers.  She moved her hands under his jacket and he helped her push it off, followed by his silk shirt.  Thinking ahead, he kicked off his shoes and pulled off his socks.  Then he started moving down her body, leaving her mouth and
moving to her jaw, then neck, then over to her shoulder and down her arm.  When he got down to her hand he sucked on her index finger.  He wanted to taste every bitof her.  After that he moved down to kiss her thigh, and her knee.  He lifted her leg up and licked the under side of her knee.  It drove her wild with desire.
//Who knew that spot was so erotic?  Well, obviously Angel.//  Buffy wondered what else Angel was planning on teaching her. //Hmm, a couple hundred years of experience...  I bet there are a lot of fun things for him to teach me!  I’ve never been so eager to learn!//
Angel went on, kissing her shin and sliding both her heels off, licking and sucking her toes.  How she loved that tongue!  But he had his own plans.  She had to be patient and trust Angel.  That was no problem. She knew that Angel, more than anyone else, would make sure she was satisfied.
Suddenly, he moved back up to her mouth, and their tongues wrestled savagely.  He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her so that she was on her side.  He pulled the zipper at the back of her dress down, then got up on his knees and reached for the hem and pulled it down. Her breasts were even more beautiful than he remembered.  He took one of her taut nipples in his mouth and gently sucked, while rubbing the twin with his thumb.  Buffy moaned deeply.  Angel seemed to know more about what her body liked than she did.  He grabbed the waistband of her silk black thong and she lifted her hips to aid him in pulling them down.  He pushed her lips apart using two fingers and rubbed her entrance.
“Ohh, Angel!”  She moaned.

He loved the way she said his name; it was so full of need, of raw desire.
She looked up at him, slightly confused.  “I don’t get it.”
Now it was his turn to be confused.  “What?”
Buffy grinned.  “Why am I completely naked and you’re only half naked? That doesn’t seem fair!”
A matching grin appeared on his face.  “I’m sorry my Love.  You are absolutely right.”
He moved his hands down to the button of his pants.
“I’ll help Lover!”  she offered seductively.

Angel allowed Buffy to unbutton his pants and pull down his zipper. Then he pulled them down and kicked them off the rest off the way. Buffy, patience not being one of her virtues, put her hand inside his underwear and encircled him as best she could with her tiny hand.  He quickly pulled down his underwear as well.  He was already hard as a rock and he knew he had to have her soon!
“Now, Angel?”  Buffy begged.
“Anything  you want.”  He smiled as he spread her thighs further apart and covered her with his body.
Buffy could hardly stand it.  She had waited so long.
He entered her slowly, allowing for her to adjust to his size.  It took every bit of self control he could muster not to start pumping into her as fast as he could, but she was still quite virginal.
After a moment, he pulled about halfway out, then thrust back in.  Buffy moaned with pleasure.  He continued to pump, faster and harder.  Buffy came, thrashing about and screaming his name.  That turned him on even more.  He kept pumping into her harder and harder, faster and faster. He was so close and he could tell she was as well.  After a few more thrusts he screamed her name and came inside her.  Buffy joined him. Exhausted, he fell atop her.  She wrapped her arms around him and
smiled, content.
After a few moments, Angel still rather breathlessly teased, “God, Buffy, I’m a mere mortal, that could kill me.”

Buffy laughed.  “Oh really?”  She gave him a playful shove.  “Then get the hell off of me and sleep on the couch.  I’ll go call Xander.”
“Oh great, I’m completely exhausted after the best night of lovemaking in my life!  Now you’re gonna make me fight Xander?”
“Of course not, Lover!  I couldn’t stop loving you if I tried!”  She smiled sweetly and kissed him.
“Good!  Now shut up and go to sleep!”  He grinned and gave her another kiss.
And with that, the slayer and her love fell asleep in each others' arms, the happiest place they could dream of being.

Okay, I hope that didn't suck too much!  That was quite possibly the
scariest thing ever!

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