Untitled Smut
Author: Jill <iago90@swbell.net>
Joss is God. I don't own any of the mentioned characters. Buffy and Angel will be
put back when I'm done. Maybe. I'm not making any money off of this, so don't sue.
Wouldn't do you any good anyway, I'm broke.
Subject: B/A PWP, a little blood play.
Spoilers: none; Angelus doesn't exist in this one, there is no loophole in the gypsy
curse, he still has his soul.
Feedback would be appreciated.
Title: couldn't think of one so Untitled for now.

 Untitled Smut

 Buffy groaned as she lowered her aching body onto the sofa. Angel sat down next to
her slowly, and he was not in as good a shape. It had been a long, hard fight, and
one that they had almost lost. Dawn was rapidly approaching, and he felt the pull of
sleep. With the last remaining ounce of strength, he stood up, gathered her in his
arms, and walked her to the bathroom.

 Gently leaning her against the wall for support, he turned the faucet and started
the shower. As the water began to heat and steam filled the room, he removed her
torn and dirty clothes. He quickly stripped out of his own and stepped into the
shower, drawing her with him.

 When the water hit her she hissed in pain as it washed out her injuries. He looked
down at her small body, for the first time this evening cataloging her injuries. She
was going to be bruised tomorrow, and she had several nasty cuts on her arms and
legs. He knew he had a few of his own, but she looked like she had been hit by a
mack truck.  He took the soap and gently washed away the dirt and grime, carefully
cleaning the cuts and bruises. Done, he washed her hair, checking for any injuries,
and thankfully not finding any. Turning her around and looking down at her face, he
realized with a small grin that she was quite literally asleep on her feet.

He quickly washed himself, then turned off the water and stepped out of the bathtub. He
quickly dried her off and then himself. He picked her up and carried her to the bed,
turning off the lights as he went. He placed her on the bed, slipped in beside her,
drew the blanket over them both and let the sleep overtake him...

 She woke slowly, wondering what in the world was making so much noise. Insistent,
shrill..the phone. She lifted her head from the very comfortable spot on his chest
and glared at the offending machine. She sighed in resignation, and reached for
it..."What?" she growled.

 "Buffy, thank god. We have...um...been worried. When you didn't return last
night...but it seems that you are alright..." Giles asked.

 "Yeah, we're both fine, but we need some sleep. We didn't get back here until just
before dawn."

 "I'm sorry. Didn't mean to wake you. Just wanted to make sure that...um...you were
alright. I'll cover for you with Snyder. We can get together...um...perhaps this
evening? For a debriefing..."

 "I'll call you later," she said, yawning. "Thanks for covering for me..."she said,
her voice trailing off as she barely got the receiver back onto the cradle. She was
asleep before her head met Angel's chest.

 Angel woke slowly. He became aware of a soft, warm body draped over him like a
blanket. He raised his head to look down at her. She was still sleeping soundly, her
breath whispering against his skin. He looked toward the nightstand to confirm the
time, although he didn't need to. Almost 5. He wrapped his arms around her, and went
back to sleep.

 Buffy was alone in the large bed. She heard running water...the shower. She slowly
stretched her arms and legs, preparing to move. He had left the bathroom door open,
and she could she his body through the curtain of steam. "Damn but he's
gorgeous..."she said to herself. Grinning wickedly, she made her way to the
bathroom. Opening the door, she stepped in behind him, pressing up against his back
and wrapping her arms around his waist.

 They stood like that for a second, letting the hot water soothe the last of the
aches away. He turned slowly in her arms, bending down to place a kiss on her lips.
It started out as a gentle kiss, but quickly developed into a blatantly sensual one.
She pulled him to her, pressing her breasts into his chest. She felt him harden
against her stomach, and when she broke the kiss for some much needed air, he
grinned sheepishly.

 Answering his grin with one of her own, she placed small kisses on his chest, her
tongue darting out to tease his nipples. She worked her way down his stomach, and
soon she was on her knees in front of him. She loved doing this to him. She looked
up at his face; his eyes were closed,  and he had braced himself by placing his
hands against the tile. She lightly touched the insides of his strong thighs,
rubbing her hands against his skin. She heard him groan and chuckled softly to
herself. She teased him, rubbing his stomach, his thighs, his hips...everywhere but
where he wanted.

 He growled low in his throat in response to her teasing. She took pity on him and
fastened her lips around him, sucking gently. His hips bucked in response, wanting
to feel more of her hot, wet mouth. She pulled her head back, until just the tip was
in her mouth, and swirled her tongue around it. Over and over, she repeated the
action until he couldn't take anymore. He grabbed her arms and drew her up his body.
He spun her around quickly, pressing her up against the back of the shower. She
tried to turn around, but he held her in place with a hand on her back. "OK - this
is new..."she thought to herself, but decided to go along and see where it led. She
loved everything he did to her, so this should be no different.

 He couldn't wait. They could play later, but he needed to be inside of her now. He
drew her hips back a little, and pressed into her. She was ready for him, and
feeling him begin to enter her, she pushed back, taking more of him into her. She
moaned as his cock slid deep inside her and she felt him press against her ass. He
held her still with a hand on her hip as he pumped in and out slowly. His other hand
snaked around her body and played with her breasts, rubbing and pinching the nipples

 She didn't want him to go slow. Looking over her shoulder, she saw his face shift
in his passion. Pushing back her hips demandingly, she moved his hand down her body
to where she wanted his strong fingers. He began to thrust harder and faster, his
fingers rubbing over her swollen, slippery clit, sending electric tingles through
her body. His fingers pushed her over the edge, and she came hard, clenching around
him tightly, crying out his name. She raised herself towards him, reaching up behind
her to pull his head down to her neck. Feeling his tongue gently trace the vein and
the slight prick of his fangs as he gently bit down, she shivered. As her blood
flooded his mouth he exploded in her tight warmth with a hard push and a growl deep
in his throat. She trembled and writhed in his arms as he sipped from her.

 He held her tightly as she drifted back to reality. His tongue caught the stray
drops of blood from the small wound in her neck, her head lolling against his
shoulder. Gathering her strength, she turned in his arms and looked up into his
face. He hadn't calmed down enough to shift back to his human visage, and all of a
sudden she giggled, remembering Willow's term for when he vamped out on her. Taking
his face in her hands, she brought him to her lips for a kiss. Just before his lips
touched hers he swore he heard a chuckle and a "Grrr..."

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