by Kyra Crown
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RATING:  R or NC-17
SUMMARY:  Buffy's tired, Angel rejuvenates her!
DISCLAIMER:  Would I break your heart if they were mine?  Nope, but Joss would cause they're his and he can!  I am your friend, he is not. I have been desperate for some good Angel/Buffy smut so I gave it a shot.  Hope you enjoy it. (When I say good Angel I mean not Angelus, I'm not patting myself on the back!)


Angel looked around the room to see if he had forgotten anything.  Buffy would be here soon and he wanted to be prepared.  The candles were lit, the champagne was chilling, her dinner was being kept warm by some kind of warmer thingy, he didn't know what it was, he was just thankful someone invented it or else he'd have to buy an oven.  He stood in the center of his apartment looking for something else to do when he heard the click of the door and in came a worn out, beaten up vampire slayer.  Then he remembered the last thing he was supposed to do, finish getting dressed, but smiled when he saw the appreciative looks his naked torso was getting from his tired girlfriend.

Forgoing the dinner and the kissing he had planned for the evening, he told Buffy to wait there and she gratefully dropped onto the bed while he went into the bathroom.  A minute later she heard water running and she wondered for a moment what he was up to, but didn't have to wait long to find out.   He came out of the steaming bathroom and helped her stand up.  She was about to protest, when he placed a finger over her lips to quiet her.  She kissed his hand instead and let him undress her and lead her into the bathroom.  The tub was filling up and he picked her up and eased her into it and she sank willingly into the hot, scented water.  She let her eyes close as he left the room and when she opened them again she noticed he had brought candles in the bathroom and turned out the light.

"No bubbles?"  she asked him in a sleepy, throaty voice that she knew drove Angel crazy.  She felt his eyes on her and some of the tiredness ebbed as her body began to tingle under his careful scrutiny.

"I want to be able to see what I'm washing."  he answered in the same way and made his way over to the tub never taking his eyes from her beautiful body.

The remaining weariness left her as she imagined Angel's hands washing her and rinsing her and drying her and...she tried to wrap her wet arms around his bare neck, but he stopped her with a look.

"Later."  He whispered.

"Party pooper."  Buffy whined but stayed put.

Angel rose from his position next to the tub and got one of her hair clips out of the medicine chest.  He took her hair gently, massaging her scalp as he did and pinned it up on top of her head to avoid soaking it.  She began to relax again as he soaped the wash cloth with vanilla scented soap and she closed her eyes, giving in to fatigue and his loving minstrations.  He began washing her neck slowly, rubbing the cloth from her hair line to her neck and she moaned softly with each touch.  He leaned her forward to wash her back and as she eased back into the tub he went to work on her breasts and stomach.  He decided to forgo the wash cloth and instead lathered up his hands and she gasped as she felt his cool skin touch her heaving breasts.  His soapy hands played with her nipples and they hardened eagerly awaiting more loving.  He washed his way down her stomach to the tight thatch of curls resting just above her burning center.  Buffy wanted to grab him and drag him into the tub with her, but waited anxiously to see what was coming next.  She didn't have long to wait.  Angel took the soap in his hand and placed it between her quivering legs and moved it slowly.  The hot, slippery soap felt wonderful against her aching core and if it was possible, she got even hotter.  He continued to rub her with the soap, letting one finger slide up inside and she came up out of the tub causing water to splash over the sides and all over Angel.

"Looks like I have to join you."  Angel said huskily and stopped to undress quickly and then slid into the tub with Buffy making more water run onto the floor.

Grabbing the soap from its shelf he attempted to wash Buffy's feet and legs, but was unsuccessful.  She had regained some strength and before he could blink she was on his lap kissing him, her hot breasts rubbing against his chest.  She stood for a moment, beckoned him to move to the center of the tub, and lowered herself onto his throbbing cock wrapping her arms and legs around him as she did.  She moved once and came screaming his name as she did.  She continued to move up and down, mindlessly, and he kissed and bit her hot, wet neck and breasts until she was crying out in orgasm again and this time he joined her.

The both leaned back, completely sated, and relaxed for a few more minutes.  Without a word, Angel got out of the tub, wrapping himself in a towel and wondering how he had gotten in there in the first place.  He smiled when he saw his water logged bathroom.  Grabbing a robe from behind the door he picked Buffy up and wrapped her in the robe, carried her to his bed and continued his TLC.

The End.

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