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TITLE:  Some other beginning’s end  =  4/4
AUTHOR:  Brianna Devlin
RATING: NC17 (consensual sex, some language, and the usual angst between
those stake-crossed lovers, Buffy & Angel).
SUMMARY:  All episodes through The Zeppo, with references to Surprise,
Beauty and the Beasts, Amends & The Zeppo.  I hate being left in the
dark, so here’s my take on what happened the night after the Scooby Gang
minus Xander saved the world once again.
DISCLAIMER:  All BtVS characters were created by Joss Whedon and his
minions.  I own nothing of significance, so don’t sue me or mine.  You
won’t get a dime.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Did the curse Willow translated from Jenny’s files
exclude the happy clause?  Who knows?  In my insane world, anything
could happen, and a lot of things can’t happen.  Frustrated yet?
Imagine being in Angel’s shoes . . . .
DISTRIBUTION:  If you really want to, that’d be just spiffy!  Just let
me know who and where.
FEEDBACK: This is my first fanfic.  Ever.  Please encourage my virginal
writer’s ego.  But I warn you, be gentle and don’t flame me.  I don’t
take kindly to flaming.  I might just have to vamp out and kill you.
I’m serious.  Really.  I’m not the kidding-vampire type.  Ask Bern, she


"I don’t care," Angel heard the words, but he still could not believe
it. They echoed in his mind repeatedly.  That she was so ready, so
willing to die if that’s what it took, just so they could be together
once more.  They had only been together only once before;  she was still
a virgin for all intents and purposes, so new to love-making.  ‘Or was
she?,’ he thought to himself.  ‘Maybe she and someone else had –‘.  It
was her voice that brought him back, that stopped him from thinking any
further of his love in someone else’s arms.  Someone else unworthy of
her love, her passion.

"Angel?" she said his name softly, almost childlike.  He had become
withdrawn again.  ‘Is he changing his mind?’ she thought to herself.
‘He couldn’t possibly -- not now.  Not after they had finally reached
this point of surrender,’ she wondered, and the thought made her

This was his last chance to know before it was possibly too late.  Too
late for them all.  "Buffy, are you sure?" he needed the re-assurance
one last time.

That re-assurance came as Buffy launched herself toward him with more
force than even she had expected.  Without thought, they were all over
each other – his mouth plundering her lips, her face, her neck with
kisses of  long-quenched passion.  Passion that had built inside of him
to a tumultuous boiling point since he had first seen her after being
been sent back.  Yet as Angel reveled in the glow of her nearness, there
was a place in the back of his mind that wrestled with the insight that
what they were doing was wrong.  Very wrong.

As he carried her in his arms up the stairs to his room, Angel
surrendered to the man inside him that no longer cared.  The man who
lived solely for her, that longed to give in to his lust, his urgency,
and lose himself in her once more.  Even if the consequences thereof
would conceivably be the end of them both.  He didn’t care, and neither
did she.

Buffy looked around the massive room as they entered.  It should have
bothered her that this had been Angelus’ room.  Where he and Drusilla
had more than likely spent countless hours in the same bed that she was
now going to share with Angel.  But it didn’t bother her; for at this
point, nothing mattered, save her and Angel.  She remembered the promise
she had made to herself earlier that evening when Angel had been knocked
unconscious, or worse for all she had known at the time.  She had
resolved that should Angel still be alive, nothing and no one would ever
come between them again.  And they had each affirmed that resolution
this evening.

Angel approached the bed, continuing to ravage her with soft, wet
kisses.  As he placed her upon the bed, he looked down at her, and he
couldn’t help but smile when he saw the amount of lust in her eyes that
he knew she saw reflected in his own eyes.  He bent down and started a
trail of kisses down her face, to her ears, her throat, and then stopped
almost as abruptly as he had started.

Buffy, who was nearly convulsing from the sensations this caused, caught
her breath when she realized he had stopped.  Looking at him through
misty eyes, she ached inside, hoping he hadn’t changed his mind.
"Angel?" she cried out, her voice childlike again.

Their first time had been a harried, ardent union.  The threat of losing
their lives had sent them reeling headfirst into their lovemaking.
Angel did not want to make the same mistake again.  If this were to be
their last time, he was determined to spend the entire evening loving
her, revealing to her the depth of his immortal love.  This way, no
matter what happened, she would never question his intentions again.

"Ssh, love.  It’s all right," he calmed her, smiling down at her.  He
brushed a few strands of hair away from her eyes as the fear on her face
was replaced with a smile.

Buffy sighed, which sounded more like a sob.  "I…I thought you’d changed
your mind."

Angel shook his head, then covered his lips with hers.  "Never," he
whispered, then kissed her again, slipping his tongue into the warmth of
her mouth.  Buffy’s tongue met his, and they began a slow, stimulating
duel as Angel’s hands began to roam over her body.  He took his time,
determined to sear every inch, every curve, and every hidden area of her
body into his mind.  He felt her begin to quiver as he brushed his lips
over her breasts, so very near to her already hardened nipples.

Likewise, Buffy to began to explore on her own.  She ran her fingers
through his thick hair, then down over his shoulders to his waist,
pausing when she reached the hem of his sweater.   As if reading her
mind, Angel pulled away slightly and assisted her by pulling it over his
shoulders and head, then tossing it absent-mindedly to the floor.  Angel
returned his hands to his exploration, and as his hands began to knead
her breasts, Buffy arched toward him, surprised once more at the power
of his touch.  A low, sensual growl from deep within Angel’s chest was
his reply to her response.  Very slowly, he began to undo the buttons of
her sheer sweater.  His hands were shaking as the craving overwhelmed
him, and he began to rip the buttons off one by one with his teeth.
This was too much for Buffy and she bucked against him, anxious for
their naked bodies to touch.  He pulled the sweater from her arms in one
swift movement, then equally as fast pulled her camisole over her head,
tossing it across the room.  He inhaled sharply at the sight of her now
exposed breasts.  He had forgotten just how beautiful she was, then
smiled when he recognized how vivacious she had become in the past few

Buffy felt herself becoming completely lost in the sensations her body
was experiencing, more so as Angel took one of her nipples into his
mouth and began to suck on it as he kneaded the other breast with his
free hand.  She gripped the headboard as she began to convulse, nearing
the point of her climax.  She was amazed at what a simple flick of his
tongue over her firm nipples could do to every inch of her body.  She
had felt her inner thighs moisten when Angel first kissed her, and to
her slight embarrassment, she knew he had smelled her arousal long
before then.  But as his tongue continued to suckle her breast, Buffy
could no longer deny the urgency building inside her, and climaxed.
Arching her hips upward, Buffy nearly came again when she felt his
erection pressing against her aching body.

Angel pulled away from her, trying to hold back his own orgasm as he
felt Buffy’s body push against his hardened cock.  He closed his eyes,
trying to hold back the demon within him, desperate to hold onto his
humanity as long as he could.  He barely heard Buffy as she whispered
his name over, and over again.

She reached up and stroked her hand over his face, smiling to herself as
she felt the ridges on his forehead harden as his features morphed.
Angel turned away from her touch slightly, but she turned him back
toward her.  "Angel, it’s okay.  Let me see you," she whispered, and he
looked down at her with his beastly eyes.  "I love all of you, even
*this* you.  I’m not scared," she assured him, then reached up and
pulled him down to her, kissing him.  She felt a slight sting of pain as
his fangs grazed over her lips and her tongue, but she continued to kiss
him, determined to convince him that all was well.

The taste of her blood on his tongue was enough to do him in.  Within
seconds Angel had stripped them both of the remainder of their clothing,
and once more settled above her.  Angel covered her mouth with his own
to distract her from the pain that she would certainly feel when he tore
the remainder of her virginity as he entered her.  She winced only
slightly, nearly unaware of what had actually happened, her body simply
relishing the feeling of him inside her at long last.  As he thrust for
the first time after entering her, Buffy succumbed once more to the
orgasmic sensations that flooded through her very being.

The feeling of her moist tightness around him nearly caused Angel to go
over the edge.  But he held back, yearning to draw their time out as
much as possible.  As they began to move together, Angel felt his
undead, cursed heart fill with warmth.  He reveled in the radiance of
her body, amazed how her temperature could warm his own cold corpse.  It
was a fire that consumed him beyond his wildest imagination.

Each time she felt Angel move within her, she knew she had to have him,
all of him, as deep within her as possible.  She pushed down upon him
harder, eliciting a groan, then a growl from her vampiric lover.
Quickening the pace, it didn’t take long for Angel to begin his own
climax.  Desiring to bring them to that point together, Angel reached
between her thighs, fingering her clit gently, and just enough to cause
her to come again.

Raising her head from the pillows, Buffy came with a strangled cry,
unknowingly baring her neck to him.  As Angel heard his name on her
lips, he lunged forward, sinking his fangs deep into her neck, then came
himself, spilling his cold, long-dead seed deep within her womb.  He
drank from her, heightening his orgasm with the strength and heat of her
powerful blood.  He pulled away, licking away a few droplets of blood,
healing her wound.  As his face returned to his human appearance, Angel
looked with tear-filled eyes into Buffy’s own pained expression.

"Buffy," he whispered her name, almost inaudible.

"I love you," she said as tears spilled onto her face.  She would never
regret their decision and the time they had spent together once more.
But she still could not keep the fear from entering her heart.

Sensing her fright, Angel leaned down and kissed her gently.  "I love
you.  Never forget, Buffy.  No matter what.  I will always love you."

He pulled away, then lay down beside her, pulling her back against him.
He slipped his arm around her, holding her tightly around her waist.
They both lay quietly, waiting for the inevitable.  But exhaustion from
the evening’s earlier events and from their lovemaking claimed them
both, and the lovers fell into a quiet sleep.


Buffy awoke with a start.  Quickly remembering where she was, and what
had happened, she apprehensively turned onto her side to face Angel.  He
was still sleeping – his chest did not rise nor fall, but Buffy realized
that he had fallen into the sleep of death.  She looked over his
shoulder at the alarm clock on his nightstand.  01:30 am, the red light
flickered back.  'Damn,' she thought. 'Mom will surely be in a fit this
time.  I don’t care,’ Buffy thought, and closed her eyes.  ‘She’ll know
soon enough where I’ve been.’  Buffy opened her eyes to find Angel
watching her.  She tensed briefly, but realized had he lost his soul in
the past minute, she would have known.

She relaxed when she realized that for obvious reasons, nothing had
happened.  She smiled then reached out and brushed her hand across his
face.  "Hi," she said softly, somewhat sensual.

Angel smiled, then kissed the back of her hand.  He leaned over and
brushed his lips softly against hers, then laid back down, pulling her
down to rest her head upon his chest.  He sighed an undead sigh, then
smiled and whispered, "Hello, lover."


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