Hi, Your In Hell!
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RATING: NC-17 Consensual M/F sex [Angelus/Zeal]
SUMMARY: Angelus is in hell, and makes a little deal.
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CONTENT: SEX<SEX<SEX, and well you guessed it SEX!
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 Hi, Your In Hell!
Location:  Hell

Time:  Dawn

Now it was dawn, and in Hell that meat rather then the demons fleeing to hide from the light, now they flocked at the sound of it.  The sun does not rise in Hell. It was a daily ritual to roam Hell during the day if you were a demon, but if you were a human soul that was a totally different story.

After being sucked into the vortex, Angel was ripped away from his body, and thrown into the shadows of Hell to suffer.  Angelus on the other hand was now in full control of Angel's body.  All Angel could do was sit there and watch as Angelus went around Hell to get himself reacquainted with a few old friends.

When Angelus started his journey he met Zeal to be a guide of sorts.  At first she looked plain, but at the second glance he saw something more. She wore her hair to her shoulders, and it was a deep crimson red.  Her skin was paler then his and she had dark gray eyes.  The only way to really describe her was a hauntingly beautiful.  The only thing about her that made her seem weak was
that she was a bit short, she didn't even reach his shoulders.

"Welcome Angelus."  Zeal spoke softly with an accent that he couldn't quiet place.  "Welcome home."  She said as she took him by the hand, and led him past the screaming souls.  All were praying for freedom of their souls, but they would never get it.

"Where are we going?"  Angelus asked questioningly as Zeal led him throw the depths of Hell.

"No more questions about where, we're already here."  She opened a near by door and they entered.  It was a nightclub that looked exactly like the Bronze.

"What's this?"  Angelus said a he scanned the room.

"Well, down here, Hell is what you make of it.  I thought you would enjoy getting to see some old friends before we have our little discussion."

"Ya, I guess."  Angelus said a bit unsure as he noticed Darla walking towards them.  But when Darla reached the two, Zeal growled angrily, and sent her in the other direction.  "What was that all about?"  That caused Zeal to grin as she led him to the back room.

"I think we'll have our little talk now rather then later."  She said as they enter the small room.  All that was in there was a desk and two chairs.  It appeared to be an office.  "Sit, please."  Zeal's kindness and manors were started to get on his nerves, but he knew better then to act on his emotions, at least not now.

 "What is this all about?"  He looked at her with one eye brown raised, and crossed his legs as he spoke.

"We're here to strike a little deal.  All you have to do is perform unspeakable acts of sex, and you get your freedom in return.

He looked at her with a mischievous look on his face, and then spoke.  "That's all?"

"That's all." <If you serve. >

"I agre…"

 Before Angelus was able to finish his sentence Zeal already had his pants unzipped, and her lips were tightly wrapped around his cold hard cock.  She suckled lightly at first, but with each lick and blow she became more and more aggressive.  Biting and suckling on his shaft, sending shivers down his spin. He was getting to the point that he could no longer control himself; he quickly grabbed her by her hair, slamming her face into his crotch.  She didn't even squirm or gasp for air. < She must not need to breathe. >   Were his last thoughts until she grabbed his balls and crushed the lightly in her
hand, causing him to moan and come into her mouth.  Zeal drank it like water, and feed from his penis until there were no more to give.

"You're mine."  Was all Zeal said as she pulled him on top, so he could straddle her.

He slowly lowered himself to her right nipple, licking and nipping at it until it became a hard nub in his mouth.  At his attentions she arched her back, and dug her nails into his scalp, drawing the smallest bit a blood, but just enough to send Angelus into over drive.  The pleasure was becoming too much
for him, he could take it no longer, and grabbed her by the waist, flipping her on top.  He quickly sank deep within her, and began to rock.

When he looked into her eyes he saw that they were no longer gray, but blood red.  Her face was starting to contort into her own personal demon visage. Rather then just baring fangs, two small horns grew from her forehead, and she went from hauntingly beautiful to a hideous demon. <O shit, she's the devil. > Was his last thought, as her newly drawn fangs sank into his neck, and he
screamed.  Not in pleasure, but in pain.

Zeal slowed her hips to cause him even more pain, and prevented him his release.  The more Angelus screamed in pain to more pleasure Zeal got out of it.  She didn't even contemplate releasing her fangs from his neck, and it became very clear to Angelus that this was not as easy as he thought.

When she finally seemed to have her fill of his blood she released her fangs, and sped up her hips.  They were a blur to him as she thrusted onto him, and even with his vampire stamina, he could not keep up with her.  Finally, he was given a painful release, and when he tried to feed from her to be fully sated, she refused him.  Soon, he found himself siting in the chair in front of the desk with his pants around his ankles, and a confused look on his face.

She straightened her clothing then spoke. "Well now if you wish you can leave here, or maybe you would like to stay?"

When Angelus looked at her she looked, as she did when she first met him.  "I want…" He stopped for a moment to catch his breath.  "I want to go home."  He answered as if she was a small child.

"So be it."  She helped him up, helped his pull pants back up, and led him back to where he came.  Finally, they returned to the spot that he entered, and she opened the portal.  "One more thing."  Zeal said as she grabbed him by the shirt, kissing him passionately.  This simple acted of lust returned his
Angelus fought to stay in control, but was only suppressed by Angel's sprit. "NNNOOOO!"  Was all Angelus could say as he lost control, and Zeal quickly threw him into the portal, soul and all.

When he awoke he was in his apartment, and lying naked in his bed with Buffy sleeping quietly next to him.  It was still her Birthday, and they had just made love for the first time. He was a bit perplexed by the dream, but just shrugged it off, pulled her closer, and returned to sleep.

The End

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