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Author: Xiola911
Title: Experiences (1/???)
Rating: NC-17
Content:  Sex
Spoilers: Xander and Buffy
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters. They all belong to Joss
Whedon and Mutant Enemy.
Note: This takes place after Diaries of a Group 1&2 If you haven’t read
it, ask someone for a copy.

Buffy walked over to Xander’s house. She knocked on the door. Xander
answered," Hey Buffy." "I have horrible news." Buffy said. "Angel ran
away. I can’t find him. Who will take care of me? Will you?"  Xander
said, "Of course." They sat down on the couch in Xander’s basement and
started watching TV. "Look, Buffy the Vampire Layer is on." He said
jokingly not really wanting to watch it. Buffy said,"Ok, it will put us
in the right mood." She starts kissing Xander passionately. She is
playing with the buttons of his shirt."Xander, you don’t know how much I
want you." She mumbles. She then takes off his shirt and looks at him in
his white undershirt. "God, you are so sexy!" She takes off his
undershirt. Xander says," Let me do some stuff too. " He then reaches
under her skirt and goes up. "Buffy! Why aren’t you wearing underwear? I
have to look under your skirt every day now to check. Or at least feel
you" He says. Buffy replies, "Baby you wont need to with you taking care
of me every day." His pants drop to the ground and he is left in his
warm cotton boxers. Buffy’s tank top slides off her body and takes her
skirt with it. Buffy is sitting there nude and lays Xander down. She
brings her hands to his side and yanks his boxers down. She looks at his
cock and says, "I am awfully hungry. Can Papa give me some dessert?"She
then licks her lips and goes to his cock. She sucks it very hard
nibbling it kinda.  Xander brings her tits up to his mouth and sucks on
them one at a time. "Ride me Buffy."Buffy evens herself out on him so
that she can fully ride him. He then slides his cock in and out of her
very quickly. He then slides his cock and leaves it in her. "Xander,
cum!!!" He comes and leaves her in an estactic orgasm. Xander rolls over
and falls asleep. Buffy gets up and gets dressed. She gets her bag and
puts on her new Victoria Secret under wear with some other clothes and
heads to........

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