The End, Chapter Eight ~ The Battle

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Author: Little Slayer
Title:  The End
Distribution:  Anyone can have it.  Just ask.
Rating: PG – 13.  Lots of fighting and killing stuff.  Plus, there’s
violence between Buffy and Mya.  He-he-he.
Author’s Note:  Yes I do realize that there have been and still are a
lot of beginning of Season Three fanfics out there.  I’m posting it
anyway.  Oh, and I’m a total die-hard B/A fan.  So don’t worry,
everything’s going to be fine for him and Buffy.  Well, maybe.
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I’ll sick Angelus on you.  Oooh, that’d be really nice.  No, actually I
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and everyone else.  They’re all in here.  I don’t even own Angel’s
nickname of Peaches.  That’s some other author’s and I don’t remember
their name.  The only thing I own is Mya.  She’s mine.  I created her.
That and the plot.  That’s mine too.  All the Buffyverse people belong
to Joss Whedon and anyone else who legally owns them.

Chapter Eight, The Battle

        Buffy paced in the library while Giles and Whistler poured over
incantations in a book.  Willow and Oz were carefully pouring white and
blue sand around the library for protection and Cordelia was spreading
some herbs.  *God those things smell awful,* Buffy thought.  *Is that
how I’m going to kill this thing?  Make it gag to death?*
        “Giles!” Xander called as he and Mya burst into the library holding a
few more books.  “We found them!”
        “And I got what I was sent for,” Angel said quietly as he walked in
carrying two swords that had been polished with holy water.
        “Good, good.  Angel, set those down on the table there and you can help
us with the spells,” Giles said.  He looked at Buffy and frowned.  “Are
you alright Buffy?”
        “Yeah, I’m just…you guys haven’t told me how to kill this big ugly
baddy that’s going to show in less than an hour,” Buffy said.  “I’m
nervous.  How the hell am I supposed to kill something if I don’t know
        “Calm down Buffy, we’re working on it,” Whistler said.  “Have I ever
let you down?”
        “No,” Buffy said slowly.
        “Okay then, just, relax.  You need your energy,” Whistler said and
began to page through another book.  Buffy sighed and sat down at the
table, fingering one of the swords Angel had placed on the table.  Angel
ran his fingers across her back for a moment then stood next to Giles,
waiting to get a book.  Buffy sat at the table, tapping her fingers on
the wood, then stood up and walked over to the cage.  She searched
through a box then opened a drawer.  Smiling, she pulled out a sharp
dagger and held it up.
        “Hey Giles?” she called out.  The watcher looked up a the
dagger-holding Slayer.
        “Yes, Buffy?” he asked.
        “Is this for anything in particular?”
        “No Buffy.  You may have it if you wish,” Giles said.  Buffy smiled and
put the dagger between her skin and her boot.
        “Thanks,” Buffy said.  She moved out of the cage and went over to her
bag.  She pulled out a hair clip and pulled her hair up around her neck,
noticing it was almost a half hour after sundown.  “Hey Dru,” she said.
        “How’d you know?” Drusilla asked.
        “Slayer sense.  Hey Sit N’ Spin,” Buffy said.  Spike narrowed his eyes
then let out a long breath.  He stepped further into the library and
jumped slightly when Whistler let out a loud cry.
        “Found it!” the little demon exclaimed.
        “Sheesh Whistler, hyper much?” Buffy asked.  Whistler rolled his eyes
and held out the book for the others to see.
        “This is it,” he said.  “The demon.”  Buffy took a step forward and
looked at the picture in the book.  The demon was long and snakelike,
with six half-arm, half-tentacle like things sprouting out from it’s
chest.  It had about eight eyes and one giant stalk-like eye that was
emitted from it’s forehead.  The sketch showed a slight, shiny slime
dripping down from it’s skin and onto the floor.  A large round mouth
was accented by many sharp little teeth.  A smaller circular picture
showed what it looked like from the top.  An odd oval was drawn into
it’s slick skin as if it were tattooed in, right behind the stalk-eye.
        “EEEWW,” Buffy muttered.  “That is gross.”
        “Yeah,” Whistler agreed.  “That’s the place where you have to skewer
it,” he said indicating the small oval behind it’s eye.
        “How the hell am I supposed to do that?” Buffy asked.
        “Well, that’s where our spells come in.  Hopefully, they’ll confuse the
demon and make it easier for one of you two climb up on it’s back and
kill it,” Giles said.
        “How deep does the sword have to go in?” Mya asked.
        “Not very, just enough to break the outside lines from the oval,”
Whistler said.  Buffy nodded then glanced around the library.
        “Okay, are you guys done setting up in here?” she asked.
        “Yes, we’re starting in the hall now,” Giles said.  Buffy looked at her
friends then sighed.
        “Okay, well, you all go, and Mya and I’ll stay in here.  When the demon
gets here, whichever one of us is closest to the door will open it and
tell you,” Buffy said quietly.  The room fell silent for a moment and
Drusilla moved next to Buffy.
        “Good luck, Buffy,” Dru said quietly and threw her arms around Buffy.
Giving her a soft hug, Dru held back her tears.  Spike did the same and
so did Whistler.  After Buffy was done giving hugs to the others and
they had given one to Mya, they left.  Buffy grabbed onto Angel’s hand
and pulled him towards Giles’s office where they could have a little
        “Good luck, Buffy,” Angel choked out.  Buffy put her arms around him
and pulled his body as close to hers as she could possibly manage.
        “Hey, don’t do that,” Buffy said as he started to cry into her
shoulder.  “I’m not gone yet.  Remember?  It takes more than this to get
rid of me.  I’ll be fine,” she whispered to him.  The sudden image of
Buffy falling into an open grave put a smile on Angel’s lips and he
lifted her chin up towards him.
        “Don’t get dead Buffy.  I just got you back.”  Before she could say
anything, his lips pressed against hers and her fear was swept away.
She knew she could and would kill the demon.  The earth rumbled and
shook, then as soon as they parted, stopped.
        “That was interesting,” Buffy said.
        “BUFFY!” Mya screamed.  “IT’S HERE!”  Buffy’s eyes widened and she
pulled Angel out of the office and into the library.  She gasped in
horror as the demon, much larger than she imagined, emerged from the
floor.  It was an unnatural shade of green and the yellow slime dripped
off of it’s body, mixing with the sand on the floor.
        “Go Angel!” Buffy yelled and shoved him towards the door.  The demon
saw Angel escape through the doors and let out a hideous wail/groan that
caused the wall and door flicker, then melt into one solid wall.  Buffy
flung herself towards the demon, catching the sword that Mya had tossed
to her.  She ducked as one tentacle reached for her then swung up,
cutting it off.  Howling in pain, the demon reached three towards her
then reached for Mya.  It easily evaded their attacks and flung Mya back
against the cage.  Buffy twisted up to swing at the demon, but it
knocked the sword from her hands.  Caught slightly off-guard, Buffy
glanced at her fallen sword.  The demon grabbed both of Buffy’s arms and
legs, pinning her to the floor.  As it lowered it’s mouth down to devour
her, a crossbow bolt shrieked through the air and hit it right in the
eyes.  Buffy looked and saw Mya standing, holding the crossbow.
        “Now Buffy!” Mya yelled.  Buffy grabbed the sword she had dropped and
jumped up onto the table.  Using the demon’s distraction with the bolt,
she flung herself up onto it’s head and brought the sword up to execute
it.  All of a sudden, a tentacle whipped through the air and again
disarmed Buffy.  She saw another near and remembered the dagger in her
boot.  She pulled it out, took quick aim, and thrust the dagger into the
oval behind the demon’s stalk-eye.  A high-pitched siren rang through
the air and Buffy tumbled forward as the demon collapsed to the floor,
dead.  She stood up, covered in slime, and watched as two vortex’s
opened at each end of the stairs.  Amazed, Buffy stood as one of the
vortex’s sucked the dead demon’s carcass into hell.  Carefully and
momentarily forgetting about Mya, Buffy crossed the room to the other
vortex.  It was a perfect circle, five feet high and the same wide.  She
watched as the colors of orange and blue swirled around, noticing that
this seemed very familiar.  *My god, my dream,* Buffy thought in horror
as she spun around.  Mya looked at her with an evil grin then gave Buffy
a hard shove into the vortex.  Buffy flailed out her arms to catch the
table but missed and fell into the deep beyond.  Mya smiled as the
vortex disappeared and the door returned to the library.  Quickly, she
dropped the smile and walked out into the hallway.
        “Well?” Whistler asked.  Mya looked sadly at the others and took in a
deep breath.
        “It’s dead,” she said after a while.
        “Where’s Buffy?” Spike and Angel asked at the same time.
        “It killed her before she could kill it,” Mya said slowly.  Angel
blinked and took in what Mya just said.  Grief filled, he sunk down to
the floor, leaning his head on his knees.  The others stood silently,
then Drusilla burst into tears.  Spike pulled her into his arms and soon
Xander and Oz were comforting Cordelia and Willow in the same way.

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