TLC - Aromatherapy

by Kyra Crown
SUMMARY:  Angel's hurt and Buffy tries her hand at healing him with some interesting results
DISCLAIMER:  Would I break your heart if they were mine?  Nope, they'd be doing nothing but having great sex and being happy if I did.  They belong to Joss and Co.  I am your friend, he is not!

TLC - Aromatherapy

Angel lay deep in The Sleep as Buffy entered his apartment before sunset.  Their latest encounter with Spike and Drusilla had left him battered, bruised and completely exhausted.  Although she too was tired, she knew Angel had bore the brunt of the battle and she was going to do her best to help him recuperate as quickly as possible.  She knew his healing powers were already in full effect but still she wanted to do something special for him, especially after the night he bathed her.  She blushed as she remembered how bold she had been.

After doing a little research with Willow, Buffy knew what she needed and had done some shopping on the way to Angel's.  Carrying her treasures to the night stand she got organized, then slipped out of her clothes, slid under the covers and waited for him to awaken.

Angel was beginning to stir, the scent of roses and jasmine mixed with the unmistakable scent of Buffy was slowly waking him.   Buffy was trying to make him feel better, but the little vixen had chosen the wrong aroma for healing and relaxation.  The mixture of the jasmine and rose was working as it was supposed to, making him tense and harden instead of relax. He felt her warm body pressed against him and reached for her painfully.  He opened an eye and saw that she had candles lit on the night stand and his arousal grew to epic proportions at the memories that the candles and Buffy naked and in bed with him brought forth.

Buffy knew Angel was waking up and she sat up next to him before he could stop her.  She brushed a lock of hair from his forehead and whispered in his ear for him to roll over onto his back, which he did without hesitation.  The tone in her voice could have led him to his death and he'd have gone willingly.

Gently she straddled his hips as he laid on his stomach.  The feel of her on top of him and the silk sheets rubbing his erection was almost too much.  He couldn't see what she was doing, but felt her reaching across to the night stand for something as he lay under her, fighting to control the sudden urge to flip back over and bury himself deep within her.  Pain and her tender hands resting on his back, stopped him.  The erotic smells again invaded his senses and lust surged through him as he felt her begin to kneed his shoulders.  He wondered briefly where she had gotten her supplies and if she knew what they would do to him, but decided he didn't really care, just didn't want this to stop, ever.

Pouring some of the oils into her hands she rubbed them together to warm it.  Gently, she pressed her hands into his shoulders working her way up and down his spine.  Despite the aromas he felt himself begin to relax and enjoy her soothing caresses. The tension and pain were again leaving him and he was quickly being lulled to sleep when her next touch caused him to jump and again fatigue was outweighed by desire.

Buffy  poured more oil into her hands and worked her way down Angel's back just above his buttocks.  She could feel him tense then relax as she slowly glided her hands down to caress his bottom.  Her goal was to help him feel better in anyway she could, but she didn't want him to over do it, so she moved back up above the waistline and went back to working out his strained muscles.   He almost whined when her hands left his buttocks and she smiled proudly at the power she felt at having him at her mercy.  Rubbing her way past his rock hard bottom, she moved on to his thighs, giving him tender kisses along the way then did the same on the way back up.

Feeling the wetness between her legs intensify with his growls and moans, she felt compelled to lean down to kiss and bite his ear, rubbing her breasts across his slippery back intending to tease and not expecting it when he flipped her over and had her underneath him before she could bat an eyelash.

"Angel.  I'm supposed to be helping you heal.  You're going to hurt yourself."

"Then you shouldn't have picked aphrodisiacs and love oils to *heal* me.  Or gotten naked to do it."  His words were heated and husky and she made one last feeble attempt to stop him from hurting himself further.

"Willow said they were massage oils, not aphro whatever.  And they're gonna ruin your silk sheets if they get all over..."  Buffy blushed to her roots, realizing she had not really read the list Willow had given her, only chosen scents that she liked and made her think of Angel.  <No wonder we're both feeling like this.  Not that being with Angel everyday doesn't make me feel this way.>
Embarrassed, but liking the possibilities she felt rising against her stomach, she looked up to meet his powerful gaze and any more thoughts of protest were washed away by the love and unbidden desire she saw there.  With no preamble he entered her swiftly, rubbing his strong chest against her oil slick breasts.  Liking the feel of it, he reached blindly for the night stand and poured the remainder of the oil onto her belly and breasts, then thrust soundly into her again.

The heat of the oils between them and Angel's coldness inside her steaming body was too much.  Buffy screamed and came hard as he continued to grind into her hot, tight, wetness, his own release soon following and he fell on top of her exhausted.  He rubbed his face on her soft, slippery breasts and desire surged through her again, but she fought it feeling guilty for having made Angel tired, until another idea came to her.

With a wicked grin she pushed him aside and strode to the bathroom naked, closing the door behind her.  Grumbling at her exit from the bed, he watched her walk away, and the sway of her hips caused him to lengthen and harden against the oil stained silk sheets.

Standing shakily and knowing he'd regret it, Angel followed Buffy to the shower, silently praying her TLC wouldn't be the death of him.

The End 

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