AUTHOR-Sarah Heart

RATING- NC 17 ( I think, I’m English so we have a different rating scale
from you )

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TIMELINE- in my world of denial B + A have been screwing like rabbits since
her birthday.

DISCLAIMER- I don’t own them, they aren’t mine, they never will be mine.
They belong to Joss etc., etc. However any time they fuck, that’s mine since I
doubt Joss will ever let them do that again !!!.


Buffy sighed with relief, hitting print on the computer, she stretched muscles
tense from the hours she had spent typing up her history paper. Unaware that
Angel sat quietly outside her open window. He had never, in all his dammed
existence encountered a more beautiful or unconsciously erotic woman. While
diminutive- around five-three- her luscious body belied her size, consisting of
soft curves and voluptuous endowments. Her smooth unblemished skin was
the color of honey. Her breast were full, rounded peaks that strained at the
material of her dress.. As her exquisite profile stretched her golden hair
gleamed, like his memories of morning sun, radiant even in this artificial light.
As he watched her he could feel himself thickening in the light blue jeans she
had bought him. She had recently renovated his wardrobe with something
close to ecstasy, adding splashes of color to the dark hues he usually wore.

He was amazed as he realized that he could not remember the faces or bodies
of any of his previous lovers, and in his time walking the earth there had been
many. She had erased all previous memories, filling his mind with images of
her. The mere thought of her enthusiastic performances in his bed caused his
cock to blossom into a full-blown erection. He wanted her desperately, right
then, right there.

With a graceful movement he jumped through the window and had shedded
most of his clothing before she had even turned around to see what the noise
was. Turning her beautiful hazel eyes on him, she smiled at the bulge
contained within his boxers. " Want something ? "

" yeah, you "

" Later, I just have to recheck my essay for mistakes "

He rubbed the persistent throbbing between his legs. " No, now " he
demanded, a hint of a growl beneath the tone.

" No way, Angel " she murmured. Buffy returned to the printer, grabbing a
pen she began to make corrections on the essay.

With studied nonchalance he moved behind her chair, peering over her
shoulders and down the front of her red dress. Sometimes the height difference
definitely had its advantages. As she breathed, the soft swell of her breast filled
him with new urgings. With the lightening speed of a striking vampire, he
shoved a hand down between her warm breasts, relishing their fullness.

" Angel " she complained , still reading " you promised you’d let me finish my

" You work to much " he said softly and cupped one full breast, loving its
weight in his cold palm. Bending down to nuzzle her neck, he inhaled her
sweet aroma- like a garden of roses on a summers day. It reminded him of her
core, making his borrowed blood simmer.

Still reading, she arched her head back " I have to do this. Just like I have to
slay vampires "

" yes, but all work and no play….. " With a fingernail he flicked at one of her
nipples, pleased to feel it hardening at his touch. He pressed the hard bulge
contained within his boxers onto the back of her head and demanded " How
long ?"

" About nine inches , if I recall correctly " She said crisply and continued to
make the final corrections to her work. He jerked his hand free of her breasts
and spun her chair round to face him. Standing directly in front of her, he
began tracing the length of his erection with his fingertips.

Buffys attention caught, she ceased reading, staring at him with wide eyes. He
yanked free his hard on and pulled back the skin from its glistening head. He
bobbed it at her, a lustful sly grin on his darkly handsome features. Buffy eyed
the end of his pointing dick, noticing the small drop of moisture which gathered
at the tip. It was that speck of fluid that sent her resolve crumbling. She
bounced out of her chair, flew to the door and closed it, before turning off the
main light. Leaving only the bedside lamp and desk lamp to provide
illumination. She turned leaning against the door " Angel, take them off ".


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